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Holy Chocobo! We're in the home stretch of FFV! Let's pause a moment to ogle the closing FMV from the PS1 version.

It's a fine recap of some exciting moments in the game: pyromaniac Exdeath setting the Moogle forest on fire around the Guardian Tree, Galuf's attack on Castle Exdeath thwarted by the barrier and his friends showing up to spoil everything, Krile on her trusty dragon seeking the perpetually lost party, Faris losing her beloved Syldra the Sea Dragon all the way back on Disc One, the shade (?) of King Tycoon playing hide-and-seek with us, the Lonka/Ronka ruins flying up into the sky, and  a couple endgame battles we still have to look forward to (or flee, if we have any sense).

Symbolism ahoy! I've totally lost track of which crystal / element / attribute goes with what in this FF installment, and I don't know why I care, but I'm puzzling over them, particularly hope = fertility? I also marvel at how quickly graphics look dated, and how awesome Faris and Lenna look in trenchcoat and court attire with matching katanas.

All right! Sidequests before saving the world. (But I also save the world, because this is the final installment of my FFV playthrough.)

on with the playthrough )
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Welp! Back in the "Let's Play Final Fantasy" saddle after a real life "ack, the 'rents are visiting!" hiatus.

(This chunk will be a bit short. You don't mind, do you?)

As per Galuf's last wishes, it's time for us to launch his long-delayed assault on Castle ExDeath. I would pretend that this is the endgame, except that I've played FFV before, and cannot help but be aware that this is really the "Let's go to Zanarkand / City of the Ancients / Lunatic Pandora / OOPS there's more plot"  dungeon. Still, here we are.

FFV: Castle Exdeath

Krile, why are you standing in quicksand?

On with the Playthrough )
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Hooray! We've landed in another world to help our friends, and have promptly been captured and imprisoned! Aren't we clever Warriors of Light? We're giving Firion a run for his money!

FFV: Welcome to Castle Exdeath

On with the playthrough )
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All right, that last episode was very trying, so I have to rec this Faris cosplay to make myself feel better. Also this fanart, from Cumuluscastle.

Dragon and Faris

We left our star-crossed pirate in the dark night of the soul.

On with the playthrough )
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Quick recap from the Advance introduction to FFV, to set the mood with zany plunky-plunky-plunky Uematsu music:

So our four heroes have been drafted as the Warriors of Light (WoLlies really need to form a union) and are off to the next Crystal, as soon as we can escape the Kiddie Pool Inner Sea.

On with the playthrough )
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As usual, I'd like to start my Let's Play Final Fantasy with (1) a link to Moogle University's FFV write-ups which inspired my own playthrough and (2) the opening FMV from the PS1 remaster (Final Fantasy Anthology, 2003, which is what hooked me on this game despite the flatter-than-Data's-poetry localization):

  • Dear Squeenix, when you turn Amano's concept art into 3D, you do not have to leave their skin the color of a piece of paper.
  • It's amazing how quickly graphics look dated, isn't it? But Uematsu's music still soars.
  • I adore the outrageous spines and jewels sticking out of everything, especially that pirate ship.
  • Black trenchcoat? Check. Katana? Check. Bishie badassitude? Check. Sephiroth, you are a cheap imitation of the ORIGINAL appearance of this character design. Nyah nyah. 
Okay! Time to break open the iOS remaster, whose retro Amano concept art caricatures clash crazily with stretched chibis.I'll be borrowing some original-game graphics from for commentary, because I love 'em. Note: Boldface is actual game dialog, non-bold is my paraphrase,

On with the playthrough )
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Huzzah! It is time. Originally, Final Fantasy VIII occupied my "favorite FF" slot, then X usurped it, then, within the past year or so -- despite liking XII and XIII a great deal -- I fell in love with V. It won't unseat X in my hierarchy of gamer fannishness, but it's definitely in the "games I'll play again and again just for fun" category.

FFV is goofy, it lacks the depth of recent installments, and I have only ever played the PS1 version with a translation flatter than Mr. Data's poetry, but even so, the charm shone through. I'm looking forward to the iOS version with the infamous madcap translation, even if the chibi sprites have been re-drawn as Gumby & Pokey figures.

I realize that my last few playthroughs have gotten a little too ploddingly detailed? as I play games I haven't played before and share my first reactions to ALL THE THINGS. (Even though I still skipped a lot). I'm not quite sure what people want as far as reading my playthroughs.

I really, really, REALLY want to make this one fun. So tell me what you want to see.

...and this time I'm going to try to take notes for the playthrough AS I play it, so I'm not stuck writing up all my thoughts post-play from ten jillion screencaps after the fact.
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See below for WHY I have this dilemma.

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Which Final Fantasy V should I use for my playthrough?

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Drat. Drat drat drat.

Pros of Final Fantasy V on iOS:
  • It's got the giddy GBA script which I love (a sample of which is in my userpic). The Playstation translation was flatter than Yuna's voice acting. When I played originally, I had a copy of the GBA script next to me to reread all the lines. But it didn't include NPC dialog.
  • It will allow me to screencap, as opposed to sticking a camera in front of my TV.
  • Extra job classes and a bonus boss (this is not so important to me).
  • Paying silly price for old game. (Not really important; birthday is next week.)

Cons of Final Fantasy V on iOS:

I'm not keen on the redrawn graphics... )
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Wow, these guys are great THIS GUY are sick. Rina, this one's for you:


They've He's also done "epic medleys" for FFV and FFIX, plus shorter vids for FFX and FFVII.

His Final Fantasy playlist

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"Dude" in black with long katana, Final Fantasy V concept art:

Dude in black with long katana, Final Fantasy VII concept art:

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[personal profile] mako_lies just drew my attention to this Yuffie (ff7) and Faris (ff5) ficbit:

A ninja and a pirate walk into a bar....

I love crossovers playing on different inflections of the same trope.

And Faris, of course.

ETA: YES I HAVE NO BRAIN and forgot that mako_lies is also the author because I can't remember pseuds sorry facepalm.
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(Princess Lenna Tycoon, Concept Art, Yoshitaka Amano)

The Princess and the Pirate
Ch. 4: "Chosen"
Final Fantasy V
Characters: Faris, Hydra, Lenna, Bartz, Galuf.
Rating: PG
 Our would-be heroes scale the Wind Shrine and pick up a pocket of trouble. The pirate discovers a madness to the princess' method. Also, snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?
Word Count: ~2700

Current Chapter: "Chosen" (AO3) (FF.Net)

Back Issues Archived on:

AO3: Ch1 | Ch 2 | Ch3 Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3

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Yo ho yo ho and a bottle of ship. I knew it was going to be hard to hang onto that Dorothy Sayers voice. (I had inhaled Peter Wimsey for several days before writing the first two chapters.) 

"The Princess and the Pirate" Ch. 3
Final Fantasy V
Characters: Faris, Hydra, Lenna, Bartz, Galuf.
Rating: PG
 Petitioned by Princess Lenna for safe passage, Captain Faris agrees to deliver the headstrong princess to the Wind Shrine in one piece... the better to reap a reward.
Word Count: ~2600
Note: This story assumes you haven't ever played the game and probably aren't going to if you haven't already. However:

Current Chapter
:  "Fair Sailing" (AO3) (FF.Net)

Back Issues

Ch1 / Prologue
 (AO3)  (FF.Net) | Ch 2 (AO3) (FF.Net)


Again, that reference pic from cumulus_castle: 

Faris and Hydra
 by ~cumuluscastle on deviantART

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I was going to try to save this for some future Megaflare, in the hopes that I'd actually have the story finished so I could finish it. (What?) I'm tempted to throw in all kinds of disclaimers, but this will suffice: I'm writing for the fun of it. (Note new Faris icon. Shiny.) 

"The Princess and the Pirate"
Final Fantasy V
Characters: Faris, Hydra, Lenna, Bartz, Galuf.
Rating: PG
A gallant pirate, a headstrong princess... haven't we been down this archetypal garden path before? Er, wait... uh...erk? 
Word Count (So far): ~5900
Note: This story is Amano's fault. Well, no, this subtext was jiggling at me during the first hour or so of gameplay. But still, I blame Amano.

Chapter 1 / Prologue (AO3)  (FF.Net)

Chapter 2 (AO3) (FF.Net)

P.S. I didn't draw this; cumulus_castle did. Recommend you take a gander at the original:

Faris and Hydra
by ~cumuluscastle on deviantART
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I love this game. It makes me giggle. It goes along being a classic old 8-bit D&D spinoff video game, and then suddenly the script writer gets bored and throws in a hint of Terry Pratchett.

I feel compelled to make a userpic with one of the zany villain battle quotes.
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Dangit, Amano, you are SO NOT HELPING.

Faris and Lenna.


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So, keeping with my tradition of being the last person on the planet to play good games, I picked up Final Fantasy Anthology for $10. Of couse, FFVI is the good game of the two on that two-game set.

However, I'm playing FFV first, since this is just something to do while pedalling on an exercise bike. Perfect for that.

Why doesn't Captain Faris have a fan following? I guess the rest of the game is so short on characterization and plot that it's mostly for game mechanics fans, but this character needs more love.

I think Faris was reborn as Lightning Farron. A pity the fake pirate accent disappeared.

Also, Galuf is clearly Captain Basch after getting bashed on the head with a rock.

I'm only partway through the game -- I need to head off to Crescent Island to collect my next plot coupon -- but it's a fun diversion.

I'll play VI when I'm finished so I can finally enjoy the game which so many of my Old School Gamer friends seem to recommend.

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