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Okay, so. Rina has just finished Final Fantasy X-2 and posted thoughts about it.

And she quoth:

...Granted, this might be because the thing I want most out of this fandom right now is the Crimson Squad and YRP having fabulous adventures on an airship with side helpings of Rikku/Gippal, Paine/Nooj and Yuna/Baralai (also accepting Paine/Rikku), so if that exists in a way that is good, hook a girl up, mmk?

And I know that stuff is out there. I remember it. I've read it in dribs and drabs over the years. Yet when I review my Final Fantasy X/X-2 recs, I'm not seeing much of that.

Still, I have some pointers, and I hope people who know the fandom better will share more recs in comments.

Owlmoose is the Queen of Final Fantasy X-2 and Nooj/Paine in particular, with a little Baralai/Gippal and Yuna/Baralai on the side, and some Rikku/Gippal in there somewhere.  And since this is my own personal blog I don't feel bad about shilling friends. A lot.

The trouble is, I read most of her amazeballs stuff years ago. There's tons. But these stick in my fuzzy memory.
  • Darkness, Dawn, Gen, Paine POV, 1230 words. Paine's first night aboard the Celsius.
  • Where They Left Off, M, Paine/Nooj, 1500words. Much needed gap-filling convo in which Paine and Nooj have a brief confrontation/convo/angersmooch right before B/N/G deliver their speech at the end.
  • The Cat, M, Paine/Nooj. 4300words. I can't remember exactly why this stuck in my memory except that it was a vivid portrayal of their dynamic
  • Separated, T, Baralai/Yuna one-sided. The final battle from Baralai's perspective.
  • Under the Moon, T, Paine/Rikku, 1400 words. Paine aboard the Celsius (not) dealing with past memories of Nooj. (Nooj/Paine is canon. NOOJ/PAINE IS CANON. Er. Well, it is for us.) 
  • Boundaries, E, Baralai/Yuna with Shuyin/Lenne coloring things, 1400 words.
And then she's done some recent 500-word prompt thingies with a few years' more experience in writing. 

SO. What else. WHERE IS IT. It's odd but I don't recall many well-written Celsius or Crimson Squad things.

So, for example, this isn't Gullwings, but it's good: 
  • Jebus Creiss' The Seeker Files, Barthello/Dona (estranged), T, 22K words, A surprisingly good story from Barthello's POV?! with a lot of the other X-2 cast, set 6 months after FFX-2. Extremely convincing and chewy worldbuilding. 
And in a similar worldbuilding vein, KJ created an excellent bridge story from X to X-2:
  • Aftermath, Beclem-POV, 42000 words, picking up the pieces at the end of X, explaining how Beclem met Nooj and the Youth League began, meta on spheres and sphere hunters.
Oh here's one I'd assume would be good because of the author, but I haven't read it, just spotted it while hunting?
  • The Lost Village, T, by astrangerenters. "When Gippal leads a Machine Faction team to excavate a previously hidden town near Lake Macalania, the Gullwings come along for a little fun and treasure hunting."

Hrm. I could go on but it's useless for me to rec stuff I haven't read; you can hunt, too. So I'm instead going to ask people to post recs in comments to this post. 

I will append some addendums. I haven't specifically covered the Gullwings, but I've written in the X-2 timeframe (or an AU version), pulling out things I like and ignoring the rest. 
  • Firstly a large pile of Lucil/Elma drabbles because prior to FFXIII they were the closest I could find to a canon lesbian couple. Headcanons occur. Also smut. Also crack.
  • An Auron/Lulu badfic, Til Death Do Us Part, T, 13K words, in which I indulged in all! the! clichés!  Swashbuckling and Twue Wuv occurs. It's not my best writing, but I bring it up because I started by trying to imagine what would follow the Gullwings once Paine went off with Nooj, and I wound up with Yuna in charge, Rikku and Tidus as her seconds, in a way that lets Yuna and Rikku be awesome and Tidus not be an ass. 
  • Love Her and Despair - among many other threads, there's Captain Gippal, smuggler distributor of merchandise, and a Paine/Nooj, Baralai/Paine sideplot. 
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This is a Final Fantasy blog. But it's also a fandom blog. So, here's something that's been distracting me, in a good way, for the past several months. The entire rough draft is finished (around 30K words), but later parts need more spit and polish before posting.

Doctor Who (Big Finish) Fanfiction, Team Five
—> Read it on AO3

Title: “Master’s Thesis” (Chapter 1 of Fiveish)
Fifth Doctor, older!Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Lasarti, and *cough* Matt Herse
Word Count: 2600
Summary: When Nyssa all but hijacks the TARDIS to return home, she discovers an old enemy taking a sinister interest in her family. Tiptoeing around temporal paradoxes means she can’t let the Doctor find out. It’s a good thing she has a friend like Tegan to rely on.
Continuity: Between Heroes of Sontar and Kiss of Death, but you don’t have to have listened to any Big Finish audio episodes to follow what’s going on here.

(photomanip mimicking the CD cover art used for Doctor Who audio episodes)

This was one of my favorite TARDIS teams back in 1980, except that the writers back then were clueless about how to write stubborn and/or smart women. Poor scriptwriting and sexism are usually NOT a problem in Big Finish studio's Doctor Who radio plays of the past several years, reuniting classic Who actors and giving their characters more development and respect than the TV series did. 
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Everybody get over to Sev's journal for a glorious Final Fantasy commentfic attack. She had stress today and called for minific prompts, and has been writing brief snippets of fic to everyone's insane prompts, and there's a full-on brainstorming session of Ashelia the Vampire Slayer happening over on one comment, and Auron is giving everyone (even Quistis!) detentions in another comment, and I don't quite know what's happening with that dolphin but I'm not going to ask... Er. Anyway. Go join in. Whatever fandom you love, it's there somewhere in small bite-sized bits. Or just add to the brainstorming and general crack.
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Ugh. My creative writing muse is in a deep, dark sleep, and it seems unwilling to give me much. But FFIV gave me this, so, for what it's worth:

Title: Skyclad
Rating: G
Wordcount: 488
Characters: Rosa, Rydia, Cecil
Spoilers: Final Fantasy IV, ascent of Mt. Hobs (road to Fabul)
Notes: I'm playing Final Fantasy IV for the first time, and I'm puzzling over Ms. Fanservice vs. Mr. Armor-Plated Batman. I like the characters, I like the ship, but their costuming is throwing me. Also, I like Rosa's interactions with Rydia.

Skyclad )
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How on earth had I missed [personal profile] twigcollins ' writing before now?

I've been reading a Fran & Balthier backstory fic and hooting. I don't normally laugh aloud while reading.

The fic is called "A Kind of Integrity".

“Nothing ever really goes right when I’m in lace stockings,” Balthier murmurs thoughtfully.

Except it totally does. Oh, Balthier.

ETA: "all the grandeur of some young, disheveled god of poorly thought out ideas." 

ETA the umpteenth: READ THIS STORY. It starts out as a slapstick comedy and turns into an edge-of-your-seat heartwrenching adventure with some real meat to it. One of those "more canon than canon" fics that fleshes out the world and gives the characters their due.
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[personal profile] mako_lies just drew my attention to this Yuffie (ff7) and Faris (ff5) ficbit:

A ninja and a pirate walk into a bar....

I love crossovers playing on different inflections of the same trope.

And Faris, of course.

ETA: YES I HAVE NO BRAIN and forgot that mako_lies is also the author because I can't remember pseuds sorry facepalm.
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Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 47: War in Abeyance
Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters:Auron/Lulu, Wakka/Rikku
Word Count: 4000
Navigation: Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
Map of Pilgrimage - Links to All Chapters

Our Story So Far: Sin is defeated, Yu Yevon destroyed, and Yuna's old guardians assemble in the city of St. Bevelle for the Calm Festival.

Chapter 47: War in Abeyance )

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Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 46: Points of Departure
Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters:Auron/Lulu, Isaaru, Pacce, Zuke, Cid, and...about half of Spira, okay?
Word Count: 3900
Navigation: Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
Map of Pilgrimage - Links to All Chapters

Our Story So Far: Yu Yevon has been defeated, and Sin's fayth is free at last. Summoner Isaaru, Sir Auron, friends and allies return in battered triumph to Bevelle aboard an Al Bhed airship.

Chapter 46: Points of Departure )

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Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 46: Departures
Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters:Auron/Lulu, Isaaru, Pacce, Zuke, Cid, and...about half of Spira, okay?
Word Count: 3900
Navigation: Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
Map of Pilgrimage - Links to All Chapters

Our Story So Far: Yu Yevon has been defeated, and Sin's fayth is free at last. Summoner Isaaru, Sir Auron, friends and allies return in battered triumph to Bevelle aboard an Al Bhed airship.

Chapter 46: Departures )

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(Princess Lenna Tycoon, Concept Art, Yoshitaka Amano)

The Princess and the Pirate
Ch. 4: "Chosen"
Final Fantasy V
Characters: Faris, Hydra, Lenna, Bartz, Galuf.
Rating: PG
 Our would-be heroes scale the Wind Shrine and pick up a pocket of trouble. The pirate discovers a madness to the princess' method. Also, snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?
Word Count: ~2700

Current Chapter: "Chosen" (AO3) (FF.Net)

Back Issues Archived on:

AO3: Ch1 | Ch 2 | Ch3 Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3

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Yo ho yo ho and a bottle of ship. I knew it was going to be hard to hang onto that Dorothy Sayers voice. (I had inhaled Peter Wimsey for several days before writing the first two chapters.) 

"The Princess and the Pirate" Ch. 3
Final Fantasy V
Characters: Faris, Hydra, Lenna, Bartz, Galuf.
Rating: PG
 Petitioned by Princess Lenna for safe passage, Captain Faris agrees to deliver the headstrong princess to the Wind Shrine in one piece... the better to reap a reward.
Word Count: ~2600
Note: This story assumes you haven't ever played the game and probably aren't going to if you haven't already. However:

Current Chapter
:  "Fair Sailing" (AO3) (FF.Net)

Back Issues

Ch1 / Prologue
 (AO3)  (FF.Net) | Ch 2 (AO3) (FF.Net)


Again, that reference pic from cumulus_castle: 

Faris and Hydra
 by ~cumuluscastle on deviantART

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I was going to try to save this for some future Megaflare, in the hopes that I'd actually have the story finished so I could finish it. (What?) I'm tempted to throw in all kinds of disclaimers, but this will suffice: I'm writing for the fun of it. (Note new Faris icon. Shiny.) 

"The Princess and the Pirate"
Final Fantasy V
Characters: Faris, Hydra, Lenna, Bartz, Galuf.
Rating: PG
A gallant pirate, a headstrong princess... haven't we been down this archetypal garden path before? Er, wait... uh...erk? 
Word Count (So far): ~5900
Note: This story is Amano's fault. Well, no, this subtext was jiggling at me during the first hour or so of gameplay. But still, I blame Amano.

Chapter 1 / Prologue (AO3)  (FF.Net)

Chapter 2 (AO3) (FF.Net)

P.S. I didn't draw this; cumulus_castle did. Recommend you take a gander at the original:

Faris and Hydra
by ~cumuluscastle on deviantART
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Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 45: Sunrise
Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters:Auron/Lulu, OFC
Word Count: 2600
Navigation: Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
Map of Pilgrimage - Links to All Chapters

Our Story So Far: Against all odds, Auron, Isaaru and their allies have not only defeated Sin, but delivered its host from Yu Yevon's bonds. Now they return to Bevelle in triumph on Brother's airship.

A/N: The next chapter is at least half written, so I'll dare to post this one. This chapter is written with the assumption you've forgotten most of the story, by the way, since it's been a while!

Chapter 45: Sunrise )

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While afflicted with major sinus infections, I spend a lot of time communing with a neti pot in the shower and following it up with a cold pack sinus mask that covers my eyes, so I can't do anything for about 30 minutes.

So last fall I listened to my computer's text-to-speech bot read me chunks of Death Shall Have No Dominion (FFX/X2 epic AU) by [ profile] owlmoose . 

Last winter it was Clarion (FFX, Braska's pilgrimage) by [ profile] justira , whose writing style is apparently perfect for reading aloud. It's very rhythmic, with repetitions and dramatic pauses that help even a clueless computer figure out where to breathe and pause. This story grabbed me by the throat and still won't let go.

I have read before, but just had it read me again, These Unending Alchemies of Honor, another one by justira that somehow manages to pull off a believable Vaan/Gabranth (FFXII) story.

I feel entirely too much like Noah; I kept passing out after about a page and a half and having to get the computer to back up and find the paragraph before I keeled over. 

Nonetheless, Fanfiction Story Hour makes this much more enjoyable, as OMFG this is a BAD INFECTION. My entire head hurts as much as right after surgery, which is weird, as it's never done that before. I've turned the corner -- I have a whole KILL THE BUGS regimen to fight these suckers from Neti pots to grape seed extract to yes, antibiotics, but dannnnng, it was bad for a while there. I'm still pretty much going to be bedridden a day or two, so as not to push it. I've tried pushing it before, and it never works. (And yes, I am a wimp; it's not like this is oh, open heart surgery.  But my head is full of goo and I can't stop coughing, yet I'm having to use an inhaler and mucho menthol to keep breathing.) 

Any recommendations on another 25K-50K story for Heather the Robot Storyteller to read me in her soooooooothing and hypnotic voice?    
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Gack. The GA email came while I was buried in RL work, and I never saw it.

Announcement: Winners of the 2009/2010 Genesis Awards for Best FFX Fanfiction

Their shortlist is a fanfiction feast from the familiar ([ profile] ellnyx and [ profile] muggy_mountain; Luc Court) to authors I hadn't discovered before I started hunting for new writers to nominate.

So check out that thread for some excellent Final Fantasy fanfiction!

Thank you very much for nominating my baby way back when. I'm proud to have LHAD named among the works of several writers I look up to. It won best action/adventure. I had better make sure the ending lives up to that, eh?

Finally, [ profile] justira's "Clarion" still wins the "story that ate my brain" award, even if it's not on their list.
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[ profile] owlmoose, have I got a present for you! Unless you've already found it, of course.

Final Fantasy X
Title: The Seeker Files
Author: Jebus Creiss @
Rating: T
Characters: Dona/Barthello, Paine, Rikku, Beclem, Chiapa the Cactuar(!), Baralai, Nooj, Zuke, Tidus/Yuna
Word count: ~ 20,000

Summary: some time after the end of FFX-2, Barthello is once again in Dona's bad graces. As a Warrior Monk guarding Kilika Temple, he assists in a book burning at the direction of the New Yevon high priest. Except -- he saves a book, because he's trying to appease Dona. And she throws him out before he can tell her.
He doesn't know what to do. Then he realizes that Sir Auron is one of the book's co-authors [about the only weak plot point in all], sits down to read it, and... grows up.

Barthello is most definitely the hero of this story. It involves worldbuilding, messy Spiran politics, LOTS of minor NPCs being used well, main characters doing something meaningful after they "live happily ever after," and everyone sounding completely in character from Rikku to Tidus, Dona to Beclem to *stare* the Cactuar.

Happy Hogswach, KJ!
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Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 44: Chrysalis
Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters:Auron/Lulu, Lucil, Nooj, Paine, Baralai, Wakka, Rikku
Word Count: 4500
Navigation: Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
Map of Pilgrimage - Links to All Chapters

Our Story So Far: Against all odds, Auron, Isaaru and their allies have not only defeated Sin, but delivered its fayth from Yu Yevon's bonds. And what now? Friends and comrades regroup on Brother's airship.

A/N: I'm almost afraid to post this until I've written the last chapter. But I still know where it's going, and I have bits and pieces of the rest ready to go. It's just hard to kickstart the action again after the "Battle of the Pelennor Fields" and get onto the final leg of the saga.

Question: would anyone be interested in an .mp3 version? It seems like vanity, but on the other hand, some people like books on tape.

Chapter 44: Chrysalis )

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Archimage is a fanfiction sequel to the original series which picks up all the loose threads and weaves them in a suitably Utenesque fashion to tell a heck of a yarn. What happened to Utena? Anthy? Juri? Miki? The rest of the messed-up crew? This is one of those fanfiction stories that will become instant head-canon.
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I've mucked around with Lulu's Inappropriate Applications of the Dark Arts as a trope ever since I started writing smut. Ice was always the weapon of choice. So when [ profile] ff_yuri_drabble  put up "ice" as a prompt, I had to kick it up a notch. Total PWP.

Title: "Cold Snap" posted on [ profile] ff_yuri_drabble 
Fandom: FFX
Characters: Lulu/Yuna/Shiva
Rating: NC-17 PWP
Word Count:  100 + 100
Prompt: Ice

(Fake cut to Pr0n)
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Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 43: No Matter How Dark the Night
Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters:Auron/Lulu, Isaaru, Elma, Pacce, Rikku
PG-13 for violence.
Word Count: 3600
Navigation: Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
Map of Pilgrimage - Links to All Chapters

Our Story So Far: Thirteen years after Yuna falls in the Final Summoning, Isaaru and his guardians have brought down the Final Aeon. Yu Yevon pounces Auron as a last-ditch substitute.

Chapter 43: No Matter How Dark the Night )

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