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(Princess Lenna Tycoon, Concept Art, Yoshitaka Amano)

The Princess and the Pirate
Ch. 4: "Chosen"
Final Fantasy V
Characters: Faris, Hydra, Lenna, Bartz, Galuf.
Rating: PG
 Our would-be heroes scale the Wind Shrine and pick up a pocket of trouble. The pirate discovers a madness to the princess' method. Also, snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?
Word Count: ~2700

Current Chapter: "Chosen" (AO3) (FF.Net)

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AO3: Ch1 | Ch 2 | Ch3 Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3

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I haven't ever joined NaNoMo, because I've never had the time and immediately explode when I have deadlines. However, I've been pecking at writing again in November. It's as difficult as ever— how I miss being a young, naive writer who never saw my flaws, who just wrote for writing's sake— but at least it's happening. Unfortunately, the mundane writing I've been doing for the last year seems to drive my creative muse out of my skull. So it's one or the other, and I cannot afford to play for too long.

Yes, I'm still pecking away at LHAD. I believe that story is the best thing I have written, and I want it finished, for me, and for mugs, and for everyone who's ever given me good fic or feedback and might enjoy it, although it's taken much too long. 

Right now, however, I'm being self-indulgent, letting a lightweight FF5 story take me wherever it wills.  After LHAD's ten thousand plot threads and original character arcs, I feel a twinge of embarrassment in falling back on a "replay a game from one character's POV and throw in a romance."  However, FF5 is such a delightfully simple and undeveloped story that it begs for all kinds of embellishment.  Alas, "romance" isn't exactly the term for a disaster waiting to happen. I'm waiting to find out whether it remains a farce or turns into a Greek tragedy.

Unfortunately, I set myself an impossible task by writing the first chapter in an idiom which is foreign to my nature. It's one part Dorothy Sayers and one part ellnyx's "They Call This Progress," an FFXII western Victorian AU. (Sorry, link is flocked, but anyone who's read ellnyx's more mannered Balthier stories will have some idea what I'm mimicking, clumsily.) Final Fantasy has its own recurring archetypes, and Faris is obviously some distant and Fangish antecedent of Balthier.

Also, as this is relevant: George Lucas. Luke/Leia. Did he intend them to be siblings from the start, or did he tweak their relationship and execute a 3-point-turn halfway through writing Empire? And was it bungled, or a brilliant way to invoke a classic tragic-mythic archetype without letting it go too far? (cf: Splinter of the Mind's Eye; Lucas really should've warned that author what was coming in the third film.) As I tiptoe gingerly along the same hoary archetype, I can't help pondering. Also, how might that saga have ended if Han had turned out to be the long-lost sibling? 
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Yo ho yo ho and a bottle of ship. I knew it was going to be hard to hang onto that Dorothy Sayers voice. (I had inhaled Peter Wimsey for several days before writing the first two chapters.) 

"The Princess and the Pirate" Ch. 3
Final Fantasy V
Characters: Faris, Hydra, Lenna, Bartz, Galuf.
Rating: PG
 Petitioned by Princess Lenna for safe passage, Captain Faris agrees to deliver the headstrong princess to the Wind Shrine in one piece... the better to reap a reward.
Word Count: ~2600
Note: This story assumes you haven't ever played the game and probably aren't going to if you haven't already. However:

Current Chapter
:  "Fair Sailing" (AO3) (FF.Net)

Back Issues

Ch1 / Prologue
 (AO3)  (FF.Net) | Ch 2 (AO3) (FF.Net)


Again, that reference pic from cumulus_castle: 

Faris and Hydra
 by ~cumuluscastle on deviantART

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I was going to try to save this for some future Megaflare, in the hopes that I'd actually have the story finished so I could finish it. (What?) I'm tempted to throw in all kinds of disclaimers, but this will suffice: I'm writing for the fun of it. (Note new Faris icon. Shiny.) 

"The Princess and the Pirate"
Final Fantasy V
Characters: Faris, Hydra, Lenna, Bartz, Galuf.
Rating: PG
A gallant pirate, a headstrong princess... haven't we been down this archetypal garden path before? Er, wait... uh...erk? 
Word Count (So far): ~5900
Note: This story is Amano's fault. Well, no, this subtext was jiggling at me during the first hour or so of gameplay. But still, I blame Amano.

Chapter 1 / Prologue (AO3)  (FF.Net)

Chapter 2 (AO3) (FF.Net)

P.S. I didn't draw this; cumulus_castle did. Recommend you take a gander at the original:

Faris and Hydra
by ~cumuluscastle on deviantART

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