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 I try not to post many of my Squidoo pages, because there's nothing more frustrating than having a formerly interesting LJ turn into Plugzilla.

Nevertheless, I think a few of you might be interested in my Auron: A Fan's Ultimate Guide page. I poked about in translations of the Ultimania Guides to supplement the game script and pull in a few more details on Mr. GrouchyPants.

This follows my Lulu and Anima geeking pages, which i did first. 
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I know that, in theory, something like 7% of all net users still use IE6 -- and it's dropping.[Poll #1607763]
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I've updated and reorganized my Final Fantasy icons page, now better divided into categories.

(Final Fanasy Icon Depot)

Please browse and enjoy! If you find any worth taking, please credit <lj user=auronlu> and drop me a note in this post. Thanks!

(Also note that I'm done updating my fanfic list, new LJ layout and tags. Is pretty?)
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I found that browsing [ profile] ellnyx's LJ was fun and easy because of her tagging system. So I'm shamelessly imitating it.*

In order to put tags in the sidebar, I had to change to a new LJ theme. I've attempted to throw one together.

  1. Does anything look broken? If so, what browser / OS are you using?
  2. Is the font in post entries too huge?
My vision varies from day to day -- ocular migraines, blepharitis, corneal ulcers -- so I prefer large type. But I'm using a laptop with limited screen space, so I shrink everything else to leave more room for content.

Alas, I like serif fonts for body text. It looks more booklike.

*I still have to go back and re-tag a lot of entries. This will happen tomorrow eve over baseball. (There IS a rhyme and reason to the order of pairings... I'm trying to put my favorites and those I write the most towards the top.)
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Today I was going to hash out the Council of Elrond Lucil Yevon chapter of Love Her and Despair, with my usual starting point of spamming [ profile] owlmoose, [profile] muggy_mountain or [ profile] trekqueen with my inchoate ideas. In these incoherent letters, I babble at length and ask for advice, and have usually solved about 3/4ths of my questions by the time I hit Send.

But first, a glance at [ profile] ff_press reminded me that GEOCITIES IS SHUTTING DOWN IN OCTOBER OHFUCK and I'd only archived one of my three Geocities websites (personal website). The AuronLu Shrine and an old MUSH website still need(ed) to be archived. The ff_press announcement led me to fanlore which I think I've heard of but forgotten, a Wiki which attempts to document all fandom.

So here is what I did today:
  • Asked n00b questions of Fanlore's maintainers, including whether to avail myself of OTW's offer to host soon-to-expire Geocities fansites on their own service (but they're only going to archive fanfiction, not whole websites)
  • Asked "what should I do?" questions of the [info]aulu Community, which, much like my brainstorming questions to my friends, were largely solved in the course of my figuring out how to frame the questions and explain my thinking
  • created a new subdomain on my labyrinthine website with a totally lame top level:
  • Moved The Auron/Lulu Shrine from its home on Geocities to *drumroll*
  • Downloaded the long-abandoned AuLu site on Geocities, which hosts a lot of funny, early fanart
  • Learned how to make screencaps of entire browser windows
  • Learned how to make Wiki entries
  • Created half-assed Fanlore entries for:  Auron/Lulu as a pairing; The old AuLu site, The Auron/Lulu Shrine

Meanwhile, the Dodgers clinched a playoff berth by pounding the lowly Pirates in an incredibly half-assed manner.

In other words, it was a day to feel immensely accomplishful about things which actually are not all that important!
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This has needed a drastic overhaul for over a year.

I give you the new, improved and expanded:

The Auron/Lulu FFX Shrine

Including an updated index of fanfiction and fanart, plus icons, photomanips, fanvids, cosplay, and more.

Please let me know if there's any glitches, broken links, or if I'm missing any work of yours. I tried to go back through this community plus a few other places where fanwork is found, but I'm sure I've missed something!


Dec. 9th, 2008 11:30 pm
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Ah, to heck with CSS grid layouts and trying to have the frame hug the screen on all 4 sides. I think this works:

Auronlu Shrine -- New Skin (only one page done so far).

Of course, this gets me no closer to doing something I haven't done in a year: compile links to all the new fanart, fics and icons people have made, including moi.

But the frames on the old shrine were SO UGLY. Every time I went to work on it I cringed.

and THANK YOU THANK YOU to my guinea pigs and helpers. I learned a lot peering at all the weird bugs you showed me!
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Mwah. Unimportant, but I feel accomplishful.

I have gone back to the beginning of my LJ and fixed links to smut and tucked those entries behind the new (or not so new) Explicit Stuff filter.

I have also reviewed/reorganized all my tags and consolidated them into something less Byzantine. E.G. just a "Lulu/Rikku" tag instead of having some labelled "Rikku/Lulu" instead.

Now I just need to clean out and prettify my userpics, since this isn't a paid account, and I'm close to my limit.

I almost wish I'd kept paying for it, but it's not quite worth it (I have another paid account as a non-fandom LJ) just to fix one glitch in the layout... there's no blank space between the the entry and the tags, so I have to remember to insert a <P> manually.

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I've finally started writing Aulu again. Need to catch up on what everyone ELSE has written.

However, I'm inordinately pleased with how this looks. It's a livejournal blog that's serving as a companion to my Ancient Greece website. On the blog, I'm posting a new entry -- a few sentences plus a photo -- linking to each new section of the website as it gets built.

This is a little like what we do with fanfic, posting a note in our LJs and a link whenever we upload a new chapter.

If anyone's interested in classics, Greek art and archaeology, or mythology, you might bookmark it and check it now and again!

I'm inordinately pleased because I think my web design is better than Squidoo's. The trouble is, Squidoo lets embed different kinds of content better than LJ does, plus -- says my greedy side -- it earns me a few pennies for the ads.

And also, the blog format with earliest content at the bottom and most recent at the top doesn't work well for something that reads like a book. Good for announcing updates, not so great for reading the finished product.

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Title: Memories of a Guardian (18)
Final Fantasy X
Characters: Lulu, Ginnem
Rating: G
Word Count: 520
(Includes illustration)

( Day 52, 8th Year of Braska's Calm: Macalania Forest )

Announcement: In a fit of perfectionism, I have created a website for Lulu's Journal with all the journal entries on separate pages and a nice interface to flip back and forth through the whole "book." So if you miss any entries or get behind, it should now be much easier to follow along. The link above pops you to the last page. Or...

Old Entries:

Day 1:  Choices
Day 20: Lady Ginnem?
Day 25: Chappu's Reaction
Day 26: Ginnem's Arrival
Day 27: Besaid Cloister
Day 29: Chappu's Goodbye
Day 30: To Kilika
Day 32: Kilika Island
Day 33: Concering Sin

Day 34: Luca
Day 35: Mi'hen Highroad
Day 39: Mushroom Rocks
Day 41: Djose Shore
Day 42: Djose Cloister
Day 43: Concerning Magic
Day 44: Bevelle Festival
Day 50: Still in Bevelle
Day 52: Macalania Forest

I'm all excited because I just figured out how to code a table of contents that will appear on the right side of every page, so I only have to update one line of code to have a new link appear on every page when I add a chapter. NOT using frames. Bwah.

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Whew. I was behind!

I have now (I hope) added links to all the Auron/Lulu fanfiction and fanart posted in the last several months to The Auronlu Shrine.

That includes mine and everybody else's. A bit sloppy -- sooner or later, I think i need to start a separate section for icons (and I'm pretty sure all of my Auron/lulu icons aren't there.) But I do at least have a link to all icon-tagged entries on [ profile] aulu, plus a separate link for [ profile] sahara_snow's wonderful collection.

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It's about TIME.

I have updated every page of The AuronLu Shrine to include all the Auron and Lulu fanart and fanfic created in the last two months.

For those unfamiliar with The AuronLu Shrine, it's the site that this blog accompanies. It is the biggest, most exhaustive English-language fansite for Auron/Lulu, covering all fanfic and fanart on the web (except, I confess, the infamous "Auron's Meat" sex scene), with my teensy one-liner reviews. It also includes separate pages for my own fanart and fanfic, because, well, it's my site and you have to put up with me. :)

The AuronLu Shrine started on 3/6/06 after I finished FFX. It was originally my personal homage to Auron/Lulu. I then realized the need for a general-purpose site for the fandom and added all the pages on Aulu stuff Out There.

Please let me know if you have run across any Aulus that I have not yet discovered!

I found two more of my drabbles I hadn't linked to anywhere. Whoops! That's the nice thing about ficwad: all my work is there in a neat list in my profile. Except the drabbles, because they're so tiny!

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Wow. Time for a bit of celebration, I think.

Back in March I was getting close to finishing FFX, looked around, and realized that the only Auron/Lulu fansites out there were in Japanese, or hadn't been maintained in years. So I decided to start a little shrine for Auron and Lulu. Originally it was just going to be my own scribbles and links to some stuff I'd found that I liked.

It became clear that someone needed to keep track of the Aulu stuff posted out there. So I added a section of "favorite art" (at which point, TastyGraphite, the main Aulu art archive, disappeared) and started scooping up summaries and writing mini-reviews of the Aulu fanfic on I started expanding my search to hunt for Aulu fanfics posted elsewhere. I reviewed every good Aulu fanfic or fanart I could find with encouraging feedback and a breadcrumb trail back to the Shrine. I urged folks to cross-post on Ficwad, since it doesn't have the censorship problems of, its review and upload system is easy, and that way new Aulus would tend to appear in one place.

Then [ profile] muggy_mountain started up the [ profile] aulu community (why didn't I think of that?!) and suddenly we've got this cozy group of writers and readers and artists.

Since March 3, the AuronLu Shrine has collected:

~ Mini-reviews/links to 40 Regular Auron/Lulu fanfics by various authors
~ Mini-reviews/links to 10 Mature-content Auron/Lulu fanfics by carious authors
~ Links to about 20 individual fanarts, plus 4 websites with multiple pieces
~ Links to the Auron/Lulu LJ icons posted on [ profile] aulu
~ Links to a selection of Auron or Lulu shrines, videos, resources
~ Links to 30 of my own fanfics ranging from epic serials to drabbles
~ 8 of my own photomanips, 2 mediocre bits of art, and 43 LJ userpics

Bwah. Procrastination R Us.

Thank you to MANY people who have provided links, suggestions, and supplied the stories and art without which the Shrine wouldn't exist. :)

Oh. Cheesy thing.

Any time you post a link to the AuronLu Shrine or [ profile] aulu community it helps bump them higher in google search, especially if you make the link's text match the search people are most likely to google for, e.g. Auron Lulu Fansite or Auron Lulu fans. It would be nice to keep them on the front page of Google searches for "Auron Lulu" since they're the two largest, most active English-language webpages devoted to our favorite obsession.

EDIT: IMPORTANT! Originally I was using the online nickname "Helluin" and using "AuronLu" for the name of the website/shrine. However, I am a dolt, and got confused about the difference between the username and login name on Livejournal. As a result, everyone now calls me AuronLu (which I like anyway) so I'm changing the Shrine's name to the Auron/Lulu Shrine. But the URL isn't changing, because it would break all the links to it.

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Well, I just shunted the erotica on separate pages with hidden tags to keep out parental blockers. I added a better navigator to the top of the page; that tiny tiny little one was hard to see. I don't understand why one of the rollovers doesn't change color, but the link works, so...good enough!

I have added a few links in every section (mostly those that people have pointed to on [ profile] aulu so we can find 'em easily later). [ profile] saharasnow, do you mind if I include your Au/lu as an illustration to keep the lemon page from being all text?

The AuronLu Shrine: For those of us who are waaaaaaay too obsessed.

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I realized that I've been having so much fun on [ profile] aulu and working on Resurrection that I hadn't updated the AuronLu Shrine in a few weeks. Probably none of it is "new" for all of you, unless you missed [ profile] saharasnow's story recommendation (she found one I missed, hooray!).

I'm trying to be complete with the fanfic listing, a little more selective with the fanart. Argh, I am still frustrated that Tasty Graphite has disappeared!

Speaking of selective, until now, I have always included every piece of Aulu fanfiction I could find, but [ profile] trekqueen just pointed me to one that is so eyegougingly bad that I refuse to list it.

Please, if anyone knows of a piece I've missed, let me know! Except for one that includes the line:




Trust me, it's nooooot good.

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I've started the annoying habit of attempting to lure good FFX and AuronLu writers to the ficwad archive, because it's less restrictive than and speedier than AFF. I can't help thinking a nice critical mass of good writers and readers and reviewers would be fun.

I invited the writers of the following 3 stories to crosspost on ficwad, but they haven't yet.

Call Her Infinity, Call Her Eternity, a very stream-of-thought and vivid expression of Lulu as a Final Aeon. (Every time I contemplate the possibility, I think of Galadriel's "All Shall Love Me And Despair" speech)

A Lesson In Black Magic, which isn't an Aulu at all, it's just a cute scene between Rikku and Lulu with a little Wakka-torture thrown in (sorry, Wakka, why do we keep beating up on you, you poor fellow?)

Black and Red, which is only the first chapter of an Aulu story, but if the writer keeps going, this looks like it could be a very engrossing and insightful saga.

All have been added to the Fanfiction listing on the AuronLu Shrine, although two of them are Lulu-only.

Last but not least, the drabbles I have so far. (The themes are dictated by the [ profile] pyre_flies challenge rules.)


I have a really good 1000 words of the next chapter of Resurrection written, then I've got another of these annoying bifurcated trees with about 5 different scenes in various stages of creation, and I can only use one of them. Meh.

BUT the good news is, I wrote the rough draft of one of the three papers I should be writing.

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Tasty Graphite is dead. (The link is boring -- website appears to be hosed.) What is Tasty Graphite? It was a place where three excellent fan artists, Laine, Eisu, and Aimo, used to have a moderate stash of Aulu art. Most of it was just silly cartoons, but there were several very good pieces I'm sorry to see go. Luckily I found Eisu's excellent pieces stashed away on this page. Unluckily, that page has a few Aurikkus, which make me nervous. There are also a few images by Laine and Aimo I'm trying to track down from the original artists. Does anyone know how to find them? In particular, I'm trying to find Aimo's hilarious Master Card picture, and Laine's bondage pic featuring Lulu having far too much fun with a riding crop. Yes, it was cheesy, but it was great. I can't post them on the AuronLu Shrine even if I track down backup copies, though; I need artist permission. I've sent some emails to their deviantArt accounts hoping that will snag them.

At least I still have Kitt's great fanart. (Click the "Other Fanart" button on the shrine if you haven't checked it out already.) And of course nidrig's, which is also saved to my HD forever. *DROOL*


Resurrection III's next chapter is taking shape. It seems like each new chapter is harder to write than the last.

However, I have spent a week dealing with Mom and neglecting the place I moderate, and I now have to crack down on moderating, plus writing papers. Meh. I want to finish this chapter! Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

[[edit: Oh, weird. I realize I must've written at least two different chapters of Resurrection III with Eisu's art in my subconscious, especially the one of Auron hugging Lu and looking quite ready to kill anything that comes near her. That was in chapter 3.]]

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Website update: several new reviews/links added to the "Others' Fanfiction" page of the AuronLu Shrine. There's a fair amount out there, most of it quite good! The catch of the day is Crimson and Amethyst, an Aulu set in canon that is unfortunately unfinished, but runs for three chapters.

However, I can't find two that are listed on the now-defunct AuLu site here: The Sanctity of Being Alone by Ifiria, and In My Dreams by Andromeda. I'm assuming killed them for being too explicit. Has anyone found them posted elsewhere?

I am certain that there are more Aulus out there I haven't found yet. 99% of those I've found so far are on If you know of any Aulu stories that I've missed, please post here!

Also -- woot! I'm second on the google search for "Auron Lulu" now! That's good, because the old Aulu site mentioned above hasn't been updated in several years, and all its fanfic links are broken. Now if only someone could convince the official Auron Lulu Fanlisting to add the AuronLu Shrine to their list of "extras" (sites), since most of their featured sites are broken, years out of date, or not in English!

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I just updated the Links page of the Auronlu Shrine to include the best shrines out there for each character, including one that's got soundclips of Lulu's original Japanes voice actor. Hm. I'm so used to that sultry purr, it's hard to decide which I prefer.

Resurrection III is causing me problems.

I'm going into a dark place. The problem is, when I write erotica, I feel everything the characters feel. I put myself completely into their heads (or at least into one of them; I'm sure you can tell whom). I'm doing this as catharsis and stress release and enjoyment. As soon as I start getting into disturbing, painful, and unpleasant trauma, I have to take it into my own soul, and it pops up in dreams and leaves fingerprints on me for days afterwards. That makes writing N/C very troubling for me. Moreover, I don't really like it when fanfic writers put their favorite characters through hell and break them. Broken, they are no longer the characters one loved.

My muse is headed down a dark path, and yet it's very hard to write this plot without doing serious damage to Lulu. I want her strong. But how strong is she?

I guess I pushed Auron to the limit in the last one, so there's a precedent. I hadn't really expected to be putting them through hell, I'd meant for these to be a joyous celebration of life and pelasure in the teeth of death!

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My directory of Aulu fanfic has been updated: 15 Aulu stories, some of them short vignettes, a few full-length sagas! There's also a couple other good Lulu pieces that I think people might enjoy. Click the "Other Fanfic" tab in The AuronLu Shrine.

I've done a complete scour of and and included every Aulu posted there. if anyone finds an Aulu on those two sites I've missed, let me know! For that matter, if anyone knows of any others I've missed, please post links here.

(fairandcold, I've got yours!)

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