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Here, have a clip from the yummy part of the curate's egg:

[ETA: Hope at 0:05: snerk. I never noticed that before.]

I've always had a hunch that there was a hint of Utena inspiration for the character. Someone at Squeenix evidently has watched the series, considering the sword-drawn-out-of-heart move in FFX (done by Jecht's Final Aeon, of all things.)

What really put me in mind of Utena was all of Lightning's rose petal imagery, which seems a little incongruous for such a badass. I noticed that Lightning's brand and her rose-shaped summons crystal appear just over the spot where Utena / Anthy draw their sword:

Of course, if the resemblance is not a coincidence, it's only superficial: Lightning is a heck of a lot more aware of the BS around her and is, on the surface at least, a cold cynic. She acts more like Juri than Utena.

I love the fact that Lightning takes Odin's sword and that she performs his Zantetsuken ("iron-cutting sword") finishing move used by that summons in previous FF games. And, hey, just noticed: Odin's horse-form has multiple eyes to make up for not having multiple legs in this iteration. Ah, FF and your creative mythology...

Also: does anyone have an animated gif userpic of Lightning kicking butt / smacking Snow?* I feel a need for a Lightning Smackdown icon to use when venting. (There's this old saying in chess: "When in doubt, push [a pawn]." I think Lightning's adapted it to, "when in doubt, punch the nearest blockhead.")

ETA: Goodness, what a rambling post.
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 OH. EM. GEE. From <user=filkertom>: 

This is a full hour and twenty minutes, and it takes about 5 minutes to set up and introduce the voice actors (including John DiMaggio -- Bender/Wakka/Kimahri/Migelo -- and Tara Strong, Bubbles/Rikku/Twilight Sparkle). 

Various well-known voice actors read the script of Star Wars using their characters. No, Tara Strong is NOT playing Leia. I'm not going to spoil it, but pan forward to about 7:00 to have your brain explode.

I will be watching the whole thing tomorrow. With an inhaler ready. 

[[EDIT: mostly hilarious, but I did not find the black jokes funny. whisky tango heliotrope?!]]
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...the worst science fiction show ever made. I loved it very much when I was six years old.

I had a lousy 24 hours, and I need me some Goldar. This episode is missing a monster in a rubber suit [MOLE-A-SAURUS!] but I guess it'll suffice.

Scarily, I can't tell that this was a thirty minute episode chopped down to 3.

Okay, that's enough stupid. I feel better now.
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Signal boost from [personal profile] thene .

Author David Gaider judges fanfic based on Dragon Age and has some helpful concrit based on reading those submissions.

I'm not sure I agree with all of them, but I must reconsider my own Tolkienesque habit of starting with description.
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HC and akycha were kind enough to feed my gamer sweet tooth with Persona3 and SuikodenV. I haven't had a chance to dive into P3 yet; I tried it while visiting parents but found Mom to be a less-than-ideal spectator. Now I've jumped into Suikoden. I was thoroughly schlorped over the weekend.

I completely understand why you two like this game. Competent female characters galore! Visual and cultural bits of Japan buried in a fantasy world -- that was one of the things that hooked me on FFX -- complex plots, complex characters, magic meta and derring-do, angst hammer, and some eccentric humor to keep it from getting too heavy.

Alas, I have a hunch that the reason why I especially like this game, the plethora of competent women in authority and on the field, may be why its sales weren't great.

I've picked up Lucretia (who reminds me of Anthy) and just fought my first naval battle. Time to get back to RL and work to make up for 3 days of gaming. But thank you!
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 There are many, many, many problems with the late 70s "Buck Rogers in the 25th century" show, starting with the fact that Gil Gerard, the Buck Rogers actor, is an ass. (Although he does manage the "charming doofy rogue" character fairly well.)

 [personal profile] owlmoose's post about [ profile] girlsavesboyfic got me to thinking about the basic plot of the episode I watched last night. FWIW, girl saves boy's butt three or four times in one 2-hour pilot: 


Spoilers... )

And of course, the villain of the piece is a princess who's plotting to conquer the Earth so she can get out from under her father's thumb and depose him. Ardala's plotline is seriously undercut by the fact that she's trying to recruit Buck to be her second-in-command since Kane is not sufficiently manly for her. 

I do not expect this trend to last. I believe the first season received lukewarm reviews, after which the show got hit with a terminal case of Stupid. And I think Wilma will quickly be whittled down into a more typical subservient female role so Buck can get on with being the star. 

 But... day-um. And it was frickin' BUCK ROGERS. 

With heavy nods to Star Wars, which had come out two years before, the plot boils down to: "Princess Leia is a tough-as-nails military officer who keeps having to bail Han Solo out of whatever awful scrape he's gotten himself into, while Han teaches her to loosen up a little."  Which, come to think of it, would've been a rather fun story.


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Netflix has uncovered one of my dark weaknesses: all the bad science fiction shows I watched as a kid. I can hop merrily from Star Trek to Star Blazers to Battlestar Galactica (original) to Flash Gordon (Okay, I never saw that before, but it's oh-so-awful, it's glorious).

Just booted up the pilot episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century to cheer myself up after going nearly a month without my Prius due to an auto accident. Was supposed to be finally fixed today, but it started overheating as soon as I started to drive home, so now I'm marooned without even a rental -- and the next time I see a Jetta I will scream.

Anyway. Assessment of "Buck":

1. I still love it. My taste, it is so bad. There is every kind of -ism imaginable. Apparently getting hooked on this show as a child caused permanent brain damage.
2. It is the only campy SF which doesn't make me wince at the stupid. See above.
3. Colonel Wilma Deering rocks. And now I finally understand why I had her action figure as a kid. Yay!
4. Princess Ardala does not need "a strong man at her side" to help her conquer the universe. She simply needs WILMA to command her fleet. And then the universe will not stand a chance.

Ship Wilma/Adala y/n? Possibly unfair to Wilma. Further research is indicated.

6. Addendum. Twiki's "Bedebedebedebede" was more entertaining when I was 8. 
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Archimage is a fanfiction sequel to the original series which picks up all the loose threads and weaves them in a suitably Utenesque fashion to tell a heck of a yarn. What happened to Utena? Anthy? Juri? Miki? The rest of the messed-up crew? This is one of those fanfiction stories that will become instant head-canon.
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... who said Alice in Wonderland wasn't all that good? I didn't see it in the theater because I was recovering from surgery, then got busy.

OMFG the Jungian powers of weirditude in that thing. I am kicking myself now for not seeing it on the big screen.

The entire whole story is a girl hammering out her identity through a fairly vigorous journey into the land of active imagination, in that wonderful headspace that the Sufis say is real: the third term between solid reality and pure spirit. That place where angels dwell, spirits, totems, and all that. Not real like a toothbrush, but real like love.

So much symbolism, but not intrusive enough to get in the way.

The Cheshire Cat's movements were so perfect: what a creepy yet charming smile. Since I used to draw him rather a lot, this is important to me. (They even got the image I see every time there's a crescent moon -- I always see it as the Cheshire Cat in the fall when it's tipped over slightly).  Also, the Dormouse had a dash of Reepicheep, which is amusing, since I used Dormouse as a handle in middle school, and I switched it to Reepicheep in college.

And the White Queen who is supposed to be the ultimate good good good in the world is so unseelie it ain't funny. Yikes, she's scary. I wasn't entirely sure I liked that on the first watch-through, but it fits.

Love this film. Adore it. I think it's my favorite Tim Burton ever, and I was quite fond of Scissorhands. My dissertation is now a Jabberwocky, and my defense will be the Frabjous Day.

There was even a shout-out to Jefferson Airplane tucked away in the lyrics during the credits: Remember what the Dormouse said.
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Well, well. This hardly qualifies as a drabble, but I found myself totally incapable of limiting these two fascinating characters to 100 words.

Title: MYST: Age of Spira
Fandom: Final Fantasy X-2/MYST (Crossover)
Characters: Lulu, Catherine
Rating: G
Warning: Spoilers to both games to help orient readers who may only be familiar with one of 'em.
Word Count: 2700
Prompt written for:[ profile] wired_lizard

A/N: The best part of this? It explains why that cave with the combination lock on the door showed up on Besaid in the sequel!

A meeting of minds... )

P.S. I'm going to put this short trailer here from the Y2K remake of MYST just because EVERYONE must hear Catherine's voice. Oh, Catherine....

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Trekqueen, I believe you mentioned needing a fail icon. I couldn't find a truly epic fail picture (except maybe to use a clip of Spock with the showercap on his head from the Spock's brain episode), but how's this?

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1) FFX Lulu/Yuna Drabble: "Communion"  (R)
posted on [ profile] ff_yuri_drabble 

2) Cleaning out my old Geocities websites (NOTE: GEOCITIES IS SHUTTING DOWN IN LATE OCTOBER!), I found an old Utena/Anthy fanart I drew while watching Revolutionary Girl Utena for the first time....

"Anthy's Revenge"  (Click for full size)

At the time, it seemed to me that Anthy would drive a sporty little green VW bug. Now I think maybe a Minicooper with flames on the sides.
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Very strange.

I am wistful about the new film, which I saw yesterday. Yet despite being disappointed, I am oddly resigned, even cheerful about the fact that Star Trek has moved on and left Gene Roddenberry's good (though flawed) vision behind. In my opinion --which seems not to be shared by anyone I know O.o -- they've created something new, not Star Trek any more despite the name, by borrowing details of the old Trek myths and stories while losing 90% of the spirit and flavor, the essence of what Trek used to be.

It reminds me of the way Ovid could take the main characters and plot points of classical Greek myths, inventing new episodes, telling them from a completely different perspective, and fundamentally LOSING the heart and soul of what he was rewriting most of the time -- yet his rewrites were just such rollicking good entertainment that you almost forget the original, and don't see what you're missing.

I'm afraid my nitpicks about the film may cause those who enjoyed the film to like it less. Or maybe you'll totally disagree! So... um... caveat lector.

Musings on old Trek and the new movie, with SPOILERS galore )
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Web flotsam picked up off my flist.
Very, very, VERY FUNNY.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.
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Wow. List of Kingdom Hearts Voice Actors Kingdom Hearts II Voice Actors.

Easily-recognizable names: Angela Lansbury, Brian Blessed, James Earl Jones, Christopher Lee, Sean Astin, Bruce Boxleitner, and for the "not on a par with those stars, but we know his name (and his dad)" category, James Patrick Stewart.

I am now officially in awe of Katheryn Beaumont, original voice actor for Alice [in wonderland] and Wendy in Peter Pan. Alice was released in 1951. When she was recorded as Alice and Wendy for Kingdom Hearts, she was over sixty-- yet she sounded exactly the same as when she was ten. Gah.
I am strangely delighted to know she is still living in SoCal, where she has been an elementary school teacher for over 30 years.

Again, yes, I wish to beat Square-enix for getting ONE bad voice actor for Aeris when all the rest are adequate to superstar. (Cid I don't mind so much, but Aeris is dreadful.)
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It's really bizarre to have a game exploiting the voice-acting talents of Brian Blessed, Christopher Lee, Bruce Boxleitner (Tron! Why have I never seen that film!?) and as many of the VAs as possible (Mulan! Aladdin! Pooh Bear! Ariel! Megaira! Jack Skellington!) and then to have Aerith voiced by someone who sounds as bad as some of the worst dubs of FFX. It's a pity, since it's made what might have been an amusing scene with Cloud (now serving as earthquake-proofing by propping up walls with his Angst) unwatchable.

On the other hand, the crack, it is beautiful.

Most of the game is typical self-insert -- ahem, Sora-insert fanfiction, but every now and then, I think the designers locked themselves in the Tiki Room for 24 hours with lots of caffeine and sugar.

Tifa wandering through at random intervals, smashing the walls within a joule of structural failure, scaring the bejeezus out of the party and wandering off with a vague smile is making me cackle. If she ever finds Mr. Angst, will she pound him into a pancake with little spikey yellow bits sticking out? I hope so, because otherwise "Tifa searching for her Man" is not quite so entertaining.

Or, better, I want a Tifa minigame in which one gets to beat clues into various Final Fantasy characters. You could start out with easy characters like Lulu and Zidane and work your way up to the real blockheads. I would consider some of them impossible, except that apparently Tifa's fists are no longer using regular Strength and Agility stats, but have been converted to the Richter Scale.
An incredibly minor moment in an incredibly complex and HUGE game, but, anyway.

So far, I have felt that pretty much all the worlds are engrossing and the storylines in each were fanfiction immersion of the sort I like (even for the two whose films I haven't seen, Tarzan and Tron). The only one that fell flat was Pirates of the Carribbean. It felt to me like what happens when I or many fans attempt fanart: at best, a stiff, flat, and somewhat inadequate attempt to capture something of the original, with no original spark. Odd, because the graphics were quite good. I think excerpting the "best movie quotes" and stringing them together as a synopsis of the movie was a little too restrictive; Mulan, the only other one where they basically recapitulated the film instead of doing a fanfiction set in that universe, also had a bit of the same problem.

Entering the Winnie-the-Pooh world through a pop-up book is pinging my MYST (and Manhole) nostalgia.

The minigames are going to kill me, though. Arthirtis is missing turn-based play. It's a good thing most battles can be won with flailing, because I am simply not quick enough to get off much magic in a system like this.
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I'd been avoiding the Kingdom Hearts series for years because I was pained by the idea of Auron being condemned to the same universe as Disney characters and forced to interact with Donald Duck without beheading him. Not only that, but they took away his jug of alcohol. Poor guy can't get a break.

However, after apparently losing my cat Sunday (after several hours of panicked search, she turned up under a piece of furniture in Hide Mode) I needed something brainless. So I grabbed KH2.

Very mild spoilers, since I'm not that far into the game:

1) The Disney stuff is apparently not quite as appalling as I'd feared, because like so many Americans I was brainwashed by Disney as a child into feeling intense nostalgia whenever familiar Disney film snippets and images pop up. Scary. Truly scary. I didn't realize quite how many Disney films I'd seen.

2) Especially after the slickly-packaged Disney worlds and the Planet of the Old Final Fantasy Characters Retirement Home, I was utterly, totally, and completely slain by the b&w Steamboat Willie world. I was cackling like a goon at the sound effects, visuals, and cartoon physics from a bygone era. All the other worlds pale in comparison to the sheer random WTF?!!! of a good old black-and-white 1930s cartoon. In fact, the designers should have dispensed with any semblance of game-related plot whatsoever and just thrown together a bunch of random head-trippy minigames based on various ancient cartoons.

I'd forgotten how much I liked the sound of manic mice running up and down on harpsichords.

I also like Mickey Mouse better silent. He's charmingly simple, instead of gratingly annoying.

No spoilers, please, past Timeless River, even if I've picked up certain spoilers here and there from fandom.

I'm glad that Square-Enix took a little dig at Disney by sneaking in Auron's jug o' firewater as a tiny charm on one of Sora's weapons.
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I haven't played Kingdom Hearts, so this person's obsessive parodies have spoiled me forever because repeated reuse of various clips gives away a good portion of the game, but good GRIEF these fanvids are funny.

Their creator goes to great pains to lip synch to everything from rap to Mary Poppins to Animaniacs to Budweiser commercials.

Kingdom Hearts Random Crap: reams of silliness.

My favorite is Kingdom Hearts done as an Invader Zim episode, but for those who appreciate extreme potty humor, having Squall and friends singing the Mr. Hanky Christmas song from South Park probably deserves honorable mention.

Spoiler warning. Also volume warning: the main flaw of these things is some are loud, some are quiet, and one tends to have to reach for the volume control.

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I'm sick today-- donno what it is, maybe a cold or something -- so I went hunting up "Axel's Hips Don't Lie" to amuse myself. For some reason that thing entertains me even though I've never played the game.

I happened to notice another Kingdom Hearts fanvid in the sidebar.

[Error: unknown template video]

URL in case that didn't work: Kingdom Hearts Random Crap: The Musical (Spoiler warning)

Some bits are better than others, and they need to fix the volume of some songs to match the rest, but there are parts of it that had me hooting for oxygen.

My favorite is Demyx. The Clueless Trio saying "Hello nurse!" to Auron is O.o ;;

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