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I seem unable to get my DW icons to appear on LJ cross-posts without manually editing after the fact. Here's a test to determine if it was my bad, or if that function doesn't work.

Also, gratuitous icon post.

I saw this on, and decided it needed to be turned into an icon. Feel free to gank.

Edit: Icon cross-post worked. Evidently I have failed to name any of the icons I've uploaded on DW exactly the same way as on LJ. *facepalm* 

Oh, and while I'm at it, have another, adapted from this T-shirt:

I think that one's sweet.


Now I remember why I used to keep up with How else can I be informed of emerging technology like this?!

 Cat ears you control with your mind.  

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...since the pun from the kitten drabble jumped out at people.

(I've accused Sam of using this spell for years.)

ETA: This is another one of those cases where my LJ theme adds amusing emphasis. If you view this post by itself, Lulu's hand appears to be assisting the spellcasting.
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Haven't been doing many in months, but I've got this little pile that's built up. Also a few not seen by larger community, only flist, so please pardon repeats.

Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket 

16 icons:
[12] FFX

Feel free to take with credit! ( <lj user=auronlu> ) 

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All right, folks! Thanks to our gormless erstwhile literary critic, we have a new slogan! 

"Final Fantasy Fanfiction: Steamy & Ridiculous"

I challenge you to make an icon with this theme!

Here was my humble attempt. I know you can do better!

However, I did get a few good icons while trying to create the above montage.


But... WAIT! There's MORE!

[ profile] sissyhiyah, this one's for you.

The Instructor Trepe PINUP POSTER! )



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I started to reply to this nice little Fran/Balthier drabble by [ profile] heaven_monument.

Then I got the urge to make an FFXII icon, since I didn't have one.

Then I was going to change the userpic on my last LJ post to the new icon.

Then I noticed something when I viewed the entry on its own page, in conjunction with my LJ's header:


It even gave us a prompt: "Sin". See?

Now I want someone to write it.

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Trekqueen, I believe you mentioned needing a fail icon. I couldn't find a truly epic fail picture (except maybe to use a clip of Spock with the showercap on his head from the Spock's brain episode), but how's this?

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FINAL FANTASY X ~ NPCs Total Icon Count: 33

Teasers: TEASER! Icon 002 TEASER! Icon 011 TEASER! Icon 024 There's No Small Parts, Only Mediocre Voice Acting... )
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I've updated and reorganized my Final Fantasy icons page, now better divided into categories.

(Final Fanasy Icon Depot)

Please browse and enjoy! If you find any worth taking, please credit <lj user=auronlu> and drop me a note in this post. Thanks!

(Also note that I'm done updating my fanfic list, new LJ layout and tags. Is pretty?)
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Oops. I did this meme without realizing quite how self-explanatory my icons are, which makes it more boring. But that won't be true of those who reply.

Taken from [personal profile] dagas_isa:

Comment with the word "ICONS" and I'll select six of yours for you to talk about in your journal.

Babbling about the Icons dagas_isa picked from my userpics )
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Ergh. Watching hired hands work on my garden for the stuff I can't do myself is nervewracking.

Since I can't think until they are gone...ICONS BACKLOG!

45 Final Fantasy X Icons
[29] Mage / Summoner / Aeons Icons
[16] Auron/Lulu Icons for [ profile] 100variations
(mostly "Photoshop Filters" challenge and "Not 100x100" challenge)


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...but I suddenly noticed a visual pun.

Icon (feel free to take with credit):

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Still puttering away at my [ profile] 100variations claim.

Some are for the "Coloring Only" challenge, some for "Flip/Rotate", and a few whatevers.


A. searchlight.png B. combat.png

16 More Auron/Lulu Icons... )
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Only trouble with the [ profile] 100variations challenge is that I wind up repeating icons I've already posted, since we have to keep the whole set together. Sooorry!

So for

[ profile] ff_press purposes, this is
15 NEW Final Fantasy X icons, all Auron/Lulu.





However, there's 65 total icons...



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Still pecking away at icons, in lieu of knitting, while watching my silly baseball.

11 14 new FFX (Auron/Lulu only) icons for my intermittent [ profile] 100variations claim.

Teasers:  1. strength.jpg2. crest.jpg

Clickie here for the rest o' the batch )
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I should just save these for my next batch-of-icons post, but I am PLEASED.

Exhibit A: Userpic, which is Lulu as Yuna's Final Aeon. 'Shopped with Shiva, of course.

Exhibit B:
Mom took some digital camera movies of a thunderstorm from her deck.

So of course, I had to extract a few frames and see what would happen if I used them as "color burn" layer masks:

Interesting effect. A little random, but I think I like it.

Okay, back to housework.
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Ah, you can tell It's baseball season again. I make icons while watching TV, when others would do knitting.

A few random Lucil icons, because I've been trying to get good screencaps of her and Elma:


IV. V.


And here's a bunch of Auron/Lulu Icons for the 100 Variations community )





Please feel free to take with credit! Comments are greatly appreciated.
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For [ profile] 100variations

Fandom/Characters: Final Fantasy X- Auron and/or Lulu
# of icons in post: 42 (35 new)
# of icons completed total: 34/100
Credits: textures/brushes
Note: Replaced most of the first ten with better ones. ;)



ETA: [ profile] zooozy, I added one more, #29!

Swordsman and Sorceress )


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10 Final Fantasy X icons:

For various contests, two of them a "circus" theme (except I missed the fact that we had to use their provided screencaps, so these were disqualified, whoops!)

leap.jpg image by auronlu       trapeeze.gif image by auronlu       muchtosay.jpg image by auronlu

Resource credits: [ profile] cdg , [ profile] david_lucena , [ profile] meleada , [ profile] fabi7  @ [ profile] rockmyworld .

Plus 7 Auron/Lulu (or Auron) icons, the start of a series for [ profile] 100variations:

Auron/Lulu looking spiff... )


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40 FFX icons!

Yay! [ profile] ff_eye_candy has posted this week's winners, so now I can post all the icons I've done these last few weeks, including contest submissions.



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