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this is NSFW. But I'm sure you'll get more out of it than I have since you can read the captions, whereas I only know the lyrics of the original zany song. (Yatta!)

I'm tickled by all the obscure cameos from FFI-V near the end, (Maria! Minwu! Faris! Lenna! Desch!) plus more recent folks like Sazh.

And Mr. Chupon. O.o
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I have no idea if this will work. On the YouTube copy of this video, the icons let you hop to that game's battle theme. Also, here's the victory fanfares.

I really love all the music in III.
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Wow, these guys are great THIS GUY are sick. Rina, this one's for you:


They've He's also done "epic medleys" for FFV and FFIX, plus shorter vids for FFX and FFVII.

His Final Fantasy playlist

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Here, have a clip from the yummy part of the curate's egg:

[ETA: Hope at 0:05: snerk. I never noticed that before.]

I've always had a hunch that there was a hint of Utena inspiration for the character. Someone at Squeenix evidently has watched the series, considering the sword-drawn-out-of-heart move in FFX (done by Jecht's Final Aeon, of all things.)

What really put me in mind of Utena was all of Lightning's rose petal imagery, which seems a little incongruous for such a badass. I noticed that Lightning's brand and her rose-shaped summons crystal appear just over the spot where Utena / Anthy draw their sword:

Of course, if the resemblance is not a coincidence, it's only superficial: Lightning is a heck of a lot more aware of the BS around her and is, on the surface at least, a cold cynic. She acts more like Juri than Utena.

I love the fact that Lightning takes Odin's sword and that she performs his Zantetsuken ("iron-cutting sword") finishing move used by that summons in previous FF games. And, hey, just noticed: Odin's horse-form has multiple eyes to make up for not having multiple legs in this iteration. Ah, FF and your creative mythology...

Also: does anyone have an animated gif userpic of Lightning kicking butt / smacking Snow?* I feel a need for a Lightning Smackdown icon to use when venting. (There's this old saying in chess: "When in doubt, push [a pawn]." I think Lightning's adapted it to, "when in doubt, punch the nearest blockhead.")

ETA: Goodness, what a rambling post.
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 OH. EM. GEE. From <user=filkertom>: 

This is a full hour and twenty minutes, and it takes about 5 minutes to set up and introduce the voice actors (including John DiMaggio -- Bender/Wakka/Kimahri/Migelo -- and Tara Strong, Bubbles/Rikku/Twilight Sparkle). 

Various well-known voice actors read the script of Star Wars using their characters. No, Tara Strong is NOT playing Leia. I'm not going to spoil it, but pan forward to about 7:00 to have your brain explode.

I will be watching the whole thing tomorrow. With an inhaler ready. 

[[EDIT: mostly hilarious, but I did not find the black jokes funny. whisky tango heliotrope?!]]
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...the worst science fiction show ever made. I loved it very much when I was six years old.

I had a lousy 24 hours, and I need me some Goldar. This episode is missing a monster in a rubber suit [MOLE-A-SAURUS!] but I guess it'll suffice.

Scarily, I can't tell that this was a thirty minute episode chopped down to 3.

Okay, that's enough stupid. I feel better now.
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For old fans, a couple tearjerkers. Also, Jecht. Major spoiler warnings on both, of course.

This one reminds me why I got hooked on Auron. Some of the juxtapositions of different clips in this one are heart-wrenching (love the clip of Auron confronting the dragon, confronting himself):

The second one isn't as good, but I like the idea of pyreflies as burning, and the ending makes me smile.

Auron in a nutshell: he gained the ability to laugh at life only after he was dead.
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 Subtitles! Help! I need subtitles! 

Here is Final Fantasy X (HD) producer Shinji Hashimoto telling us... something.  Does he give away anything useful, or is he just saying "We're making it, and it'll be on PS3 and Vita"? 

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Sissy, this is for you. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I thought it would make you smile.

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In honor of Felicia Day, nerd celeb, getting a front-page write-up in the LA Times today...

Although her Do You Wanna Date My Avatar is still the best nerd video ever made.

I love the fact that Day really IS a gamer geek: a working schlub in Hollywood who got hooked on gaming as a break from the thankless world of being an unknown bit actor. Of course, unlike most gamers, she actually looks like her avatar.
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 Sometimes, when I've just given up approximately 6 hours of my life in 2 days to listening to Mom rant about Dad, and I've sat down to get some work done finally and the power goes out, and I sit down 2 hours later when the power comes back, I need a little catharsis. 

I never get tired of that trick. (Also fun with sand wyrms.) 

Of course, it's even more fun when you hit this rare bug (which doesn't include the soundtrack, alas):

Okay, back to work.

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I don't know why random fandubs appeal to me so much.

PG warning for strong language...

Sephiroth has problems with Scrabble:

I weep.

Jun. 19th, 2011 10:33 am
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It is a small (and hypocritical) complaint in the grand scheme of the universe, but ...

I am sad that someone with almost no writing, plot or dialog skills has the ability to do this:

You have the power to rip hundreds of characters and supply them with an almost unlimited number of props, gestures, settings and animations, and this is all you can think to do?

I mean, not even an opera singing duet with Auron as Siegfriend and Braska as Brunhilde? Come on...

It does rise to the level of marginally funny in a few spots, however (11:50).
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It's California's turn to wash wash in torrential floods.

As my patio fills up with water, it's time to pull out a famous old Bill Cosby routine (alas it's missing the other two segments; Noah's rant about the pregnant elephant is well worth hearing):

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You've heard me pimp Heather Dale before.

Here's a random fanvid of one of her songs, which is about Joan of Arc.

And here's a WTF Final Fantasy Advent Children video that doesn't entirely go with Heather's music, but what the hey.

Here's her website, where you can purchase CDs or download Mp3s.

And here is my new Heather Dale fan page with sound samples, another fanvid, and enough evidence of a crush that she may have to take out a restraining order. But anyway.

She's good people. She's a beautiful singer and a bright soul. I'd like to tell anyone who's remotely interested in Celtic or pagan or indie women musicians to check her out.
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I think the vidder picked the song for the sound of it, without entirely considering its disturbing message-- one I don't think Fran and Balthier would endorse. Nonetheless, while I find the lyrics a little distracting, I love this video for capturing what I most liked in FFXII: Byzantine politics, acknowledgement that Ashe's "crusade" is problematic, and most of all the "formidable partners" relationship between Balthier and Fran. The choice of what scene to juxtapose with "No one knows men like Fran does" makes me grin.

Spoiler warning.

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Your semi-weekly "see what Auronlu has found" post...

Best. SHIVA Cosplay. EVER.

(Note visual pun: she twice freezes in the "Shiva Nataraja" pose seen in statues of the god Shiva.)

I would also note that Cactuar + Tonberry are a very cute dance couple.
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Every now and then I run across one of these videos where someone's broken into a game and hacked it in hilarious ways, usually by swapping one sprite for another or by giving the abilities of one monster to another.

This one takes the cake. Lulu, WHERE ARE YOU GOING with that dingo?!!! The explosive fart at the beginning of her battle move is also...special.

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Please to be moving drinks away from the computer. Mr. Vin Scully himself just interrupted his silver tongued sportscasting to recommend this...

ETA: The weird thing?

I was born practically across the street from this racetrack.
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Most of my flist already knows Takarazuka, I'm sure, but on the off-chance someone (i.e. [ profile] sissihiyah) doesn't...

meet the coolest Death ever. Of course, with the silver hair. (Translation here)

Or, for an even cooler version: this Death makes me fall into a gibbering heap. (Embedding disabled on that one.)

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