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Ugh. My creative writing muse is in a deep, dark sleep, and it seems unwilling to give me much. But FFIV gave me this, so, for what it's worth:

Title: Skyclad
Rating: G
Wordcount: 488
Characters: Rosa, Rydia, Cecil
Spoilers: Final Fantasy IV, ascent of Mt. Hobs (road to Fabul)
Notes: I'm playing Final Fantasy IV for the first time, and I'm puzzling over Ms. Fanservice vs. Mr. Armor-Plated Batman. I like the characters, I like the ship, but their costuming is throwing me. Also, I like Rosa's interactions with Rydia.

Skyclad )
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Have you ever stumbled across something in an old folder you really don't remember writing or drawing? This is clearly my clumsy drawing, and it's a scene I am sure I wrote at some point, but I'd completely forgotten I tried to illustrate it.

So. Doodle. Set about a year prior to FFX, Lulu and Luzzu.

Title: "Message"

(If you've not played the game in a while, it's the moment when Lulu learned what had happened to Chappu.)

I've always liked Luzzu, partly because of his rueful "she hit me, too" comment about Lulu (direct Japanese translation: "She has furious fists!"), and partly because he's trying so hard to keep the cadets from getting themselves redshirted. 

The following ficbit is a backstory bridge picking up with the moment when Luzzu got on Lulu's bad side, segueing to the "Lulu's Contempt" FMV in which she rips Wakka a new one, and indirectly providing backstory for the "Kimahri Pounces* Tidus" FMV the next morning. Not all that exciting, but, character stuff, which used to be my forte. 


She Hit Me, Too... )


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These were posted for various comms and challenges semi-recently, and I didn't get around to X-posting 'em here.

1. "Just Friends" -- FFXII, Balthier/Fran (sorta), T, double drabble on [ profile] ff_fortnightly . Prompt: "Friendship"
2. "Futility" - FFX, Auron/Lulu, PG, 100-word drabble on [ profile] pyre_flies . Prompt: "Anything/Nothing"
3. "Under Her Wing" -- FFX, Lulu/Rikku (kinda), PG, 400-word flashfic on [ profile] ff_yuri_drabble . Prompt: "Precious"

4. Full headers since the OP doesn't have 'em:

Title: "Never Do This
Fandom: FFX
Characters: Lulu, Ginnem, Shiva
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1250
Prompt: "Lulu/Shiva: Inferno" from [ profile] muggy_mountain on [ profile] ff_kissbattle .


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Well, well. This hardly qualifies as a drabble, but I found myself totally incapable of limiting these two fascinating characters to 100 words.

Title: MYST: Age of Spira
Fandom: Final Fantasy X-2/MYST (Crossover)
Characters: Lulu, Catherine
Rating: G
Warning: Spoilers to both games to help orient readers who may only be familiar with one of 'em.
Word Count: 2700
Prompt written for:[ profile] wired_lizard

A/N: The best part of this? It explains why that cave with the combination lock on the door showed up on Besaid in the sequel!

A meeting of minds... )

P.S. I'm going to put this short trailer here from the Y2K remake of MYST just because EVERYONE must hear Catherine's voice. Oh, Catherine....

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Yet another X-post. Written for [ profile] ff_kissbattle , original post here.

Title: "The Goddess Inside"
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Characters: Braska/Shiva
Rating: T
Word Count: 750
Prompt: "Braska/any aeon, a covenant involves trust" (OK, so I totally diverted from the prompt)

In Macalania Temple... )
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Written for [ profile] ff_kissbattle  (original post here)

Title: One Moment
Final Fantasy X
Rating: M
Word Count: 1370
Prompt: "Auron/Lulu, Sunlight on cold skin"

A/N This ficlet is inspired by and picks up where Lynnxlady's wonderful story Grieve left off. Except I don't write them half as well as she did.

One Moment... )
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Title: Going Somewhere
Fandom: Final Fantasy X / VII: OGC
Characters: Auron, Aeris
Rating: G
Word Count: 900
Spoilers: end of FFX

A/N: I'm not quite satisfied with this snippet, which came to me in the midst of a migraine. However, the idea captured my attention. It was vaguely inspired by the Ellone & Auron piece I recommended recently, plus a replay of Kingdom Hearts. (Also, apologies for old-game spelling; I'm still not used to "Aerith").

Auron marched through flowers )
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Fandom: FFX/FFVIII Crossover
Rating: G
Characters: Quistis, Xu, Lulu
Word Count: 700
A/N: Sloppy, unpolished idea fart.

Field Exam )
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Posted on [ profile] pyre_flies.

Title: Child of Legends
Game: FFX
Theme + Number: What might have been (59)
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Rating: G
Word Count: ~ 1400... whoops!
Summary: A glimpse of a different life, had Auron had survived Yunalesca, and of a son who must bear the weight of legends on his shoulders.

(Fake cut...)
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I nearly titled it "Driving Miss Lulu." Yikes.

I just stumbled across this gap-filling snippet in my writings file. I don't think I ever posted it, because it seems a little unfinished, but I feel like sharing it.

Title: Rikku & Lulu Snowmobile Ride.
Final Fantasy X
Characters: Lulu, Rikku
Rating: G
Summary: Reconstructing the convo between Lulu and Rikku, if the player gets the Auron & Tidus snowmobile sequence.

Clickie )

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Title: Too Stubborn For Words
FFX-2, very AU
Rating: R
Word Count: 500 (Drabble? Dribble.)
A/N: In response to an AU challenge by [ profile] cupcakemonster

SPOILER WARNING to end of game.

Too Stubborn For Words )

Characters: Yuna/Lulu, Wakka/Rikku


Feb. 17th, 2007 04:04 pm
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(which is longer than a drabble.)

Cross-posted on [ profile] pyre_flies and [ profile] aulu:

Title: Piecemeal
Setting: FFX, somewhere in the Calm Lands
Theme + Number: Slow and Steady (47)
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Rating: K
Summary: The pilgrimage is a process for Guardians as much as for Summoners.

(...fake cut...)
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Whee. Little dribble that came into my head. Unpolished, stream of thought.

Title: Tilting the Tide
Final Fantasy X
Characters: Lucil/Elma implied, Clasko
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1225

Last Charge of the Chocobo Knights... )

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Bah, a fragment of this has been flopping around in my writings folder for several months. I can't seem to get a tidy stopping point, but I think I'm just going to post it.

Final Fantasy X
Title: Purifico
Characters: Yuna, Lulu
Rating: G

Via Purifico )

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My sinus infection and my cat are both rather obvious here! It's a recording of my previous entry, a retelling/reworking of FFX for my bards' guild get-together.

audio recording of 'Dragon of Zanarkand' story )
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Title: The Dragon of Zanarkand
Characters: Auron, Braska, Yuna...sort of.
Rating: G
Word count: 1478
Note: Extremely AU

Edit: Okay, it's really meant to be heard not read, so if you prefer, check out my Voice Post version!

A creative revisioning of Auron's story and FFX )
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Bah. My muse is all rusty and blah. Trying to shake it awake again. This piece is a little flaccid, but I suppose it's worth posting.

Title: Separate Ways
Characters: Kimahri, Lulu
Rating: G
Word Count: 892

Spoilers to end of FFX... )

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