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In the past I have recommended two different alternatives to, and both times got burned.

The first time, Ficwad, looked like a great archive, but it was buggy, neglected, and may be losing its domain name in March. That will kill links to anything posted there. There are unconfirmed rumors it may shut down altogether. Considering the admin hasn't been seen in years, that seems likely sooner or later.

The second time was Fanlib, and I nixed my recommendation after everyone pointed out why it sucked raw eggs.

So my track record isn't exactly super. But third time's the cure?

I want to recommend that Everyone who has stories on Ficwad take the time to download them, upload 'em on Archive of Our Own.

If you've checked my Index to All My Fanfiction page lately, you'll notice I've been doing exactly that. I was only halfway through, but this is the kick to get me to finish.

[ETA: Aha, Wayback Machine to the Rescue!]

It appears that the Wayback Machine last crawled Ficwad in May 2008. That gets a lot, although not all of the Final Fantasy fanfiction posted there. It's still be better to have it more accessible elsewhere.
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I recently realized that my capitalization instincts have a few glaring gaps. I tend to over-capitalize, thanks to a surfeit of Tolkien and Emily Dickinson at a young age.

While transcribing the script FFX, I finally realized I'd been screwing up capitalization (or lack thereof) of game slang. These quotes are copied right off the screen:

A guardian is someone a summoner can rely on.
"But when a summoner beckons, the souls of the fayth emerge once again. That's what we call an aeon."
"Maester Seymour. Let me show you to the command center."
"I am Seymour Guado. I am honored to receive the title of maester."
"And I, Seymour Guado -- the person, not the maester of Yevon... As a denizen of Spira, I wish them well in their endeavor."
"The teachings of Yevon must be upheld."

Game terms like fayth are capitalizated only when used in room names, before personal names as titles, and for names of official organizations. Titles of address have always confused me, because of a few exceptions.

"That's Wen Kinoc, one of the Four Maesters of Yevon."
"Bevelle Palace is temple. Yuna go to one place only." "The Chamber of the Fayth!"
"Excuse me...Maester Seymour? Why is your Lordship... presently...present here...sir?"
"Yes, Your Grace?"
"Yes, ma'am! Apologies, ma'am!"
"It is an honor, my lady."

I've double-checked the above examples against a a good online manual of style. I've found the subtitles of FFX are amazingly well-edited.

Last note to self:
USS Enterprise

I may now re-don my society badge. I was a founding member, but my credentials have sometimes been called into question.
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Xoa just uploaded another "undub" with the English-language-version subtitles over the Japanese playthrough:

-- Isaaru, Maroda, Pacce, Dona, Barthello, Gatta, and everybody in the party getting into conversation.

Someday I really need to take Japanese. It's so familiar to the ear after watching even a modest amount of anime, but all I've picked up is a few short words and phrases. (And I'm not sure when I'll ever have cause to say, "My name is Kiki, and this is my black cat Gigi!")
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Someone finally did it: a Japanese playthrough of the original game synched to the English-language version, so the game's English subtitles go with the Japanese voices.

Of course in some places the translation is inaccurate (the biggest one being Yuna's "I love you" in the English and "arigato" in the Japanese), but at least now it's possible to watch the story with the original voices.

Here's the aftermath of Operation Mi'ihen, with the usual suspects plus Kinoc, Seymour, and the Chocobo Knights.

Lucil's voice = hawt. And Elma reminds me of Utena! Poor Elma; I want to strangle her American VA every play-through.

Links to all videos, posted by one Xoa : (1 was just the credits before you start a new game; since it's the same I've skipped it)

2- Listen to My Story/Intro
3- Zanarkand through tournament FMV
4- Zanarkand: "Auron, what are you doing here?" through "This Is It" FMV
5- Tidus at Baaj Ruins
6- Rikku arrives, Tidus' stay with Al Bhed (Hey, Rikku says "Sorry" in English!)
7- Rikku and Tidus discuss Sin; T. washed overboard; meeting Wakka on beach
8- Besaid from beach to village (Luzzu and Gatta)
9- Besaid - Tidus' flashback to Mom & childhood; meeting Yuna, Lulu; summoning Valefor
10- Besaid: evening w/Yuna; Lulu's Contempt; leaving village
11- leaving Besaid
12- Ferry- horsing around, Sin's attack
13- Battle with Sin at sea; arriving at Kilika
14- Kilika - The Sending; into jungle (including battle chatter)
15- Kilika - Ochu; Ohalland's stairs; Lulu bawling out Wakka; Luca Goers
16- Kilika Temple; Dona; ferry to Luca; O'aka
17- Ferry; Lulu and Wakka's strategy meeting; Jecht shot; arrival in Luca
18- Luca - Seymour and Mika grand entrance; Searching for Auron
19- Luca - Biran and Yenke; Yuna kidnapped
20- Luca - Reunited with Yuna; Tournament thru halftime
21- Luca - end of tournament; attack on stadium
22- Luca - Tidus and Auron on docks; laughing scene
23- Highroad - Maechen; Lucil & Elma; Belgemine; Luzzu & Gatta (Belgemine very different!)
24- Highroad - Shelinda; Sunset at Agency
25- Agency - Rin; Chocobo Eater; Seymour at checkpoint (Seymour MUCH more charismatic)
26- Mushroom Rock Road - Seymour's pep talk to Crusaders; Clasko; O'aka; Lucil; Luzzu and Wakka
27- Operation Mi'hen HQ; first half of operation
28- Operation Mi'hen - Seymour vs. ugly caterpillar; Tidus on beach
29 -Mi'ihen aftermath; Seymour talks up Yuna; Kimahri speaks; heading for Djose Temple
30 - Djose Temple - Isaaru and brothers, Dona and Barthello thru "Once Lady Yuna fixes her hair..." scene

That's as far as it goes for now.
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DONE. Done, done, done.

In version 2.0, I added all the "alternate" scenes (e.g. Luzzu surviving instead of Gatta and what he says for the rest of the game), and double-checked my transcript against Shotgunnova's complete script to help me identify mistakes.

In version 3.0 I fixed remaining glitches and added dialog for sidequests including the Celestial Weapons, Monster Arena quotes, and Scans of all characters.

I may someday add the "goodbye, nice knowing you" quotes you get when releasing blitzball players from the Aurochs, but for now, I call this project FINISHED!

final fantasy X complete script Final Fantasy X: The Complete Script Browse by chapter...
To Spira | Besaid | Kikia | Luca | Operation Mi'ihen/Djose Temple | Moonflow | Guadosalam, Thunder Plains | Macalania | Bikanel | Bevell | Calm Lands | Mt. Gagazet | Zanarkand | Maester Mika, re-visiting Fayth, Baaj, Remiem, and Omega Dungeon | Final Showdown with Sin | Sidequests (Monster Arena, Celestial Weapons, "scans" of PCs) | Combat Quotes | Jecht Spheres Quick Reference


Master Script (Everything on one page... excludes ffx battle quotes)
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Woot, nearly there. I've double-checked and corrected my script up through Zanarkand. I should hopefully get to the post-Zanarkand scenes with Luzzu, Dona, and Clasko tomorrow, at which point I'll have covered all the alternate story arcs/possibilities I can think of. I've only found a few NPC quotes I missed the first time through.

I've added a Battle Quotes page (that will never be complete, since every time I think I've heard every possible comment, someone says something new) and plan to move the Jecht Spheres and sidequests (Remiem temple, the Fayth conversations, Omega Dungeon) to "appendices" pages.

The one thing I may be missing at the end of all this is quotes from the Celestial Weapons quests and the Monster Arena, and who knows, I may get to those sooner or later.

Here's all the sections divided into pages for ease of use:

Into Spira | Besaid | Kilika | Luca | Mi'ihen/Djose | Moonflow | Guadosalam, Thunder Plains | Macalania | Bikanel | Bevelle (Rescue) | Calm Lands | Gagazet | Zanarkand | Sin (Still need to tidy this chapter)

Master Script | Battle Quotes

I've also been poking away at my unfinished fanfics, but I shouldn't say much about that until I have a real chunk to post again, since I'm so scatterbrained!

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Fanfic writers, this be for ye.

AuronLu's FFX script: The Whole Shebang.

There's always more backstory to be mined, even tucked away in NPCs' comments. But who wants to go all the way back through the game to find them all?

An obsessive compulsive, that's who.

This is version 1.0 -- it needs spit 'n polish, and there are still a few gaps, like Clasko's alternate fate, what Luzzu says inside Djose temple before returing to Besaid, and NPC responses to Gatta's death or the Aurochs' losing.

Other than that, it's more complete than any script I've found.

P.S. I hereby challenge somebody to write a short fic explaining what happened to Keepa on the S.S. Winno.
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I've heard this writer's tip before, and recently hit a term for the sin: "said bookisms." That is, using verbs like shouted, whined, mumbled, etc. instead of the humble "said." The theory seems to be that "said" disappears from readers' attention like "the," and it's the mark of an amateur writer to try and fluff up weak dialogue by using stronger verbs.

I resist. I resist with grouchy mistrust. I like conveying tone of voice, volume, mood and so on through my verb choices. I am a poet before I am a writer, much like Tolkien, and sound matters to me as much as content.

That said, I've felt rather hacklike lately. It's partly just a dry spell; looking back at my writing last spring I see more original technique in all areas. Nevertheless, I am a devotee of "said bookisms," and I'm wondering whether it's a habit people find irritating.

In a similar vein, I stumbled across a web page collecting bad habits of SF writers which is probably worth a read by everyone.

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Ah, thanks to [ profile] muggy_mountain for pointing this out. It includes a lot of the optional and side comments of characters that aren't necessary to the main plot, and therefore get missed by other scripts.

A casual scan found that it includes Lulu's calling Wakka and the rest of them "Kids!" and her "no matter how dark the night" quotes, which I've not found in any other script online.

FFX Complete Game Script by Shotgunnova.

Still not complete. It is missing some sidequests like Baaj temple and Omega ruins. For even more, check out this multi-page FFX script. See especially the Jecht spheres page and the Maechen Speeches page under "Extras".

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... I learn that I have been using the wrong form of an idiom since childhood. I'm guessing that my mostly-southern family says "all of the sudden" for the same reason that we use "y'all" as second person plural. Either way, it's a very peculiar idiom, since "sudden" is not usually a noun.

[ profile] mneme_forgets pointed out my error. Being a stubborn little wench, I had to go and research the matter to assure myself that she was correct.

I found an amusing blog entry on the subject which I'm preserving for future reference. I like the way this person writes.

Note to self: sooner or later, I need to hammer out my use of "which" and "that" once and for all, and decide whether I'm going to follow MLA or APA format for quoted phrase + comma/period.

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I stumbled across them in the prose of three different good fanfic writers this morning.

This page on comma splices and run-ons may help! It's short, quick, clear.

Yes, I make tons of grammar mistakes myself. Those are just ones I happen to notice, because I once had a teacher who dropped our grades a full letter for each comma splice.

[[edit: *finds comma splice in "Lulu Sutra" and commits seppuku* ]]
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So, I've added the links that [ profile] nidrig gave us on [ profile] aulu. These are translations from an official guide to FFX put out by Square, so they are canon.

Spiran Timeline
Auron's story
Lulu's story

I notice that both characters' official backstory are under the influence of the Broken Inside archetype.

That contrasts slightly with their in-game manner: Auron's "are you going to sit here listening to her regrets?' and Lulu's "it's sad and pointless to think about it" (dwelling on past losses). I'm having trouble putting it into words, but in a way, I felt that these two characters differed from Wakka and Tidus in that they didn't angst so much about what couldn't be changed. Auron is very complicated, mind you; he certainly does show regrets in Zanarkand. Lulu takes a deep breath before they enter Ginnem's cave but finds that she is "getting used to goodbyes." She seems fairly unflappable-- "so together", as Rikku observes jealously.

One of my ongoing flaws as a writer is that I tend to put people in incredibly vulnerable situations and make them seem vulnerable and a little too fragile. It is a bad habit, allowing me to work out my own fears/issues in a sort of lab experiment, but I'm always concerned that I'm doing injustice to the characters. It's fun because it lets us have "hurt/comfort" scenes where we go "awwww" and mentally comfort these characters we like. And yet. It's... better as fanfiction than as canon. I'm doubtful about this official guidebook, which seems to emphasize their uncertainty, and makes their aura of authority and self-control out to be nothing but a false front, bravado. This is both intriguing and... disappointing, especially for Lulu. I complained about this on [ profile] aulu. Why is it so hard for game designers and writers to have female characters who are strong-willed and/or sharp-tongued just because that is who they are?

If female characters are strong and sharp-tongued, designers seem to have to have it due to past trauma or some inner difficulty. Apparently it can't just be because they are self-confident and powerful. Furthermore, these traits, which are presented as endearing in characters like Cid (I'm thinking more VII than X) or Auron, tend to be "ice bitch" traits for women, a slightly negative trait. "Scaaary." "Grumpy."

I'm preaching to the crowd here, but gosh, isn't it ingrained? Lara Croft was the one exception, and then the film designers had to go and turn her into "daddy's girl" and make out that the whole reason that she's tough, independent, and cocky is she misses her daddy? That was very odd. :)

[[EDIT: Hmmmm. I may have argued this case too strongly. It is a nuanced issue. I like Lulu's slight vulnerability, and I really like the portrait of Auron as a tortured soul determined to win a battle he already lost. The Auron chapter is especially insightful. The Lulu chapter also confirms my suspicions that Lulu started her career as Guardian hoping to protect Yuna by getting another Summoner to Zanarkand first. That's neat. There are many things about this guide that are good. I just have mixed feelings about some of it. ]]

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I finally found something from canon that untangles the time sequence for Chappu's death and Lulu's two prior pilgrimages, a constant source of puzzlement in writing these fanfics.

Spiran Timeline )

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For the obsessive compulsives. I've been having to write a lot of combat scenes lately, and one way to keep them interesting is to have a good feel for some of the weird things critters can do. However, one then has to remember that most readers don't care about the details, and won't remember all the names.

Many years ago, before he forgot his wizardry, George Lucas explained that he included a lot of logical wear and tear like oil drips and scrape marks on his ship models, even though the conscious eye can't see that level of detail when the Millenium Falcon screams past. But the unconscious sees it, and registers the scene as far more real. The mistake movie makers before him made (he said, and apparently forgot when he made Episode I) is that they'd make a fairly decent model with what FX were available for the day, and then have the camera sit there and show off every detail. 5 years later, it looks hokey. Moral: use a jeweller's engraving tool to flesh out the details of one's descriptions.

I adapted this principle to online GMing about 12 years ago. When writing RP combat, rather than clinging too closely to dice, statistics, or abilities (which I can never keep track of anyway), I use stats and abilities simply as inspiration to help me vary what might otherwise boil down to "bash, bash, bash, zap, and bash". If I were to write, "The Valaha sent out a fira spell for 460 points of damage", then I'd lose the reader. However, "the ponderous creature hunkered down, and a gout of flame erupted from its maw" is a little different from "whatever it was, it had three heads, and the middle one let out a lusty roar before it punched the air and hurled a fistful of living fire."

Anyway, have at.

Images of all the arena monsters here on one page [ETA: DEAD!]

Complete directory of FFX monsters, stats, abilities here

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It's rather lame dialogue -- Auron's enigmatic, but this exchange is pretty random even for him! His second quote's a good one though.

(This is for all the folks who, like me, have the habit of talking to Lulu all the time so that we never get to see any of the alternative ones.)


The delightfully scathing game synopsis on pointed out by [ profile] nancy2004 has figured out what Auron was up to here:

Speaking of our favorite guardian, he rides his snowmobile next to Tightass, pondering whether or not he should run Tightass off the nearby cliff. Tightass whines, "You're no fun to ride with at all." Auron doesn't give two shits what Tightass thinks, and tells him, "Just don't do anything rash." Tightass, unsurprisingly, is confused. "I'm saying you should not complicate matters. [sez Auron] Or you'll find yourself trapped, understand?" "I don't need you to tell me that!" Tightass wanks, as if he even has half a clue what Auron is talking about. A little while later, Tightass admits that Auron makes sense. "Make mistakes," Auron replies. "That's what youth is for after all. Do not waste it." "So which is it!?" Tightass whines. I laugh when I realize that Auron is just fucking with Tightass's head.

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