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Someone has proposed a February is for Shitposting challenge, partly to reassure Tumblr refugees that Dreamwidth is not just serious posts, and it's ok to post short, random, and ridiculous! Or anything.

i'm terrible at shitposting, but I'm fairly good at absurd icon making, so I'm going to unearth some of my ancient icons from Livejournal days of yore.

Also I'd like to give a shout out to FFX's Blitzball Kid, because he is a walking shitpost.

Plus it gives me a chance to share this adorable fanart by SwankyShadow @ DeviantArt (follow the link to the animated version):

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I've set up the game room for tonight here:

pick a username that will appear in chat, and then you'll need the password: moogle

Come on in if you'd like to test out a silly Final Fantasy card game!

ETA: We're all done. Here's screencaps of the best rounds; click them for full-sized. :)

We'll play again sometime.

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The official cards in CAH tend to be ghastly and offensive, but the game concept is sound.

With contributions from Mintywolf, I've created a large Final Fantasy themed deck. I've also created a smaller "mundane" deck because sometimes mixing fandom and real life can be entertaining. Both are PG, about the same rating as Final Fantasy games: no sex, no swear words, no offensive humor-at-the-expense-of-marginalized-groups jokes.

We tried to beta test them Saturday, but the third-party server that hosts custom games was overloaded with too many players and kept timing out.

So we're going to try again Monday afternoon. Not quite sure of the time yet, but I'll try to post a half hour warning here and elsewhere before I post the link to the room.

More suggestions for cards welcome. I don't suppose there's a limit, although I haven't checked.
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Apologies for spamming; I just want to keep a record of what my amusing flist looks like right now so that I'll have a copy when it sorts itself out later. Pretty much every entry on my flist has this somewhere, as y'all use a lot of cuts.

Random iPad screencap, untrimmed or edited or etc (apologies also to [personal profile] renay  for being guinea pig): 

([personal profile] heavenscalyx , I don't think I mentioned that this icon of yours happens to be one of my FAVORITE userpics ever). 
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I don't know whether it's Dreamwidth or my ipad or just one of those random glitches that never appears again. I don't care.

Right now, when I view my reading list, the following userpic from [personal profile] heavenscalyx  appears instead of the triangle icon to indicate cut text:

In every post. Vieralynn, pixelnyx, thene, all of you are sporting this.

Thank you, gods of serendipity.
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I was just checking to see why some Russian fanblog was linking to some of my Squidoo pages, and I found this, obviously not by the blogger.

Spoilers, except it's so incomprehensible that I don't think it matters...

I'm on a horse. )

Yes, I realize everyone else has probably seen this meme already. I'm always late to the fandom party.
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It's California's turn to wash wash in torrential floods.

As my patio fills up with water, it's time to pull out a famous old Bill Cosby routine (alas it's missing the other two segments; Noah's rant about the pregnant elephant is well worth hearing):

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Please to be moving drinks away from the computer. Mr. Vin Scully himself just interrupted his silver tongued sportscasting to recommend this...

ETA: The weird thing?

I was born practically across the street from this racetrack.
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Title: Sir Elma, Legendary Hero
Final Fantasy X
Characters: Lucil/Elma, Rikku
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1430

Step Right Up, Step Right Up... )
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I started to reply to this nice little Fran/Balthier drabble by [ profile] heaven_monument.

Then I got the urge to make an FFXII icon, since I didn't have one.

Then I was going to change the userpic on my last LJ post to the new icon.

Then I noticed something when I viewed the entry on its own page, in conjunction with my LJ's header:


It even gave us a prompt: "Sin". See?

Now I want someone to write it.

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Oh, this is evil. Ganked from [ profile] trekqueen

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining John McCain and Harry Potter. The story should use an ancient prophecy as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Scooby Doo and Chronicles of Narnia.
The story should use brainwashing as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Invader Zim and Seinfeld.
The story should use unplanned pregnancies as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Star Trek and Dance Dance Revolution.
The story should use a zombie attack as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

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Art reference -- FF2 Bomb concept art + bits of FFVII, FFVIII, FFX bombs from Final Fantasy Compendium's Bomb Gallery.

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Okay. So I finally gave in and got a functional TV with functional TV stations, after about 8 years of living in a non-TV state. For the most part, I don't see that changing.

But I have gotten hooked on Mythbusters. Mad scientists. (In fact they are mostly engineers who used to work as special FX creators. Clever of them to find a new way to repackage their skills, as so many blowing-things-up FX are now digital.)

Every show, they test popular myths with various wacky science experiments, whenever possible to the point of catastrophic (and spectacular) failure.

This one is unusual in that it's not testing a myth and nothing explodes (live audience, bad idea), but it appeals to me for geeky computer nerd reasons. Here, they built a couple robots for a live demo of the difference between traditional processors and parallel processors.

Tonight's TV episode was devoted to testing the properties of duct tape, from Jamie taping Adam to a piece of plywood and testing to see if he'd hang upside down -- a process both seemed to enjoy very much -- to creating a fully functional black powder cannon made out of duct tape, to picking up a car with duct tape (only 100 pieces were needed -- who knew?) to creating and sailing a two-man sailboat made out of duct tape in San Francisco's bay. (A steel frame for the latter: basically a duct tape version of the old "hide stretched over wood" method.)

And Adam? (beard)
So very gay. I thought it was my imagination until this episode, when he was hamming up enjoying a rubber suit (again). Then one of the other team members working on the cannon joked that they had to remember Adam's favorite piece of wisdom and apply lots of lube. Okay, okay, I'm not imagining it.

I'm not sure if Jamie (hat) is his RL partner or only his TV partner, but the more I watch, the more I am beginning to suspect they're slipping things past the TV execs. Jamie normally maintains a macho deadpan through the entire show, yet he paused a split second to leer at the camera before he began taping up Adam. AHEM.

Coincidentally, they live in SF.

So, in short, the Mythbusters are GAY MAD SCIENTISTS WHO BLOW THINGS UP.

With some demented sidekicks playing the part of graduate student interns.
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Trekqueen, I believe you mentioned needing a fail icon. I couldn't find a truly epic fail picture (except maybe to use a clip of Spock with the showercap on his head from the Spock's brain episode), but how's this?

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Sissyhiyah has discovered the Incredibly Bored at Work muse and is producing some popcorn ficlets that are good (un)clean fun:

Final Fantasy VIII Fanfiction Recommendations:

All works by: [ profile] sissyhiyah
Buddies, Quistis, Xu (PG)

The Diary of Quistis Trepe (Oct 5), Quistis, (NC-17)
The Diary of Quistis Trepe (Oct 12), Quistis, Xu (NC-17)
The Diary of Quistis Trepe (Oct 20), Quistis, Seifer (NC-17)

And one serious one:

Fairest,Quistis, Edea (G)

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So I was glancing through the [ profile] springkink promptings because ellnyx was discussing a few of them, and my cat just woke me at 6am.

First impressions:

1. Where is the yuri? I see a Talia/Susan tucked away in there, and a very few FFs, but that's it.

2. Why did Sulu/Checkov become the OTP of the new Trek movie?  Not that I object to the pairing, but it always puzzles me how a fandom seems to circle the wagons around one particular non-canon ship. (Then again, my fandom latched onto Aurikku. Damn you, fandom.)

3. This prompt? (Nov. 10) 

- Final Fantasy X - any/all - drunken antics/karaoke - "and she's buying a stairway to Yevon..."

I just got unintentional revenge on the cat by howling with laughter. It was a refreshing change from all the serious prompts.

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