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There's been a lot of genderbending cosplay lately, and while that makes me happy, I'm even happier to see someone making the costume design work as is instead of transposing it into the key of sexy.

I Am Your Opponent
by ~BeautifulDragon on deviantART

...even her Anthy occasionally can't resist striking a pose. (Although she also plays Anthy more traditionally).

En Garde
by ~BeautifulDragon on deviantART

Go. Browse her gallery. The Auron gallery is fantastic, and there's an Utena for her Anthy as well. (Also, she's got an older Laguna cosplay).
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I strongly recommend reading: “Oh, You Sexy Geek!”: “Geek Girls” and the Problem of Self-Objectification by Courtney Stoker (found via [community profile] metanews)

I'm particularly taken with Olivia Waite's interpretation of Leia's "I will strangle you for making me wear this" slave costume.

Rambling thoughts in response to the essay... or just my own vague thoughts about cosplay.

I've always had ambivalence about cosplay: I rejected Barbie as a child, because I recognized the poisonous apple, and when I encountered cosplay, I thought (a) "Ugh, dress-up ... I hate clothes" and (b) "self-Barbiezation, double ugh."

I gradually overcame that because I learned that good cosplay is an art that takes great craftsmanship, it's fun, and it's creative. Also, I have a totemic relationship with fictional characters: I enjoy and feel satisfied when I see excellent representations of them, in the way that traditional cultures like seeing their gods or cultural symbols represented. There's something viscerally appealing about "Oh my gosh, there's Lulu FOR REELZ!" that still hits me when I come across a good cosplay photo, even though I've seen a gazillion good Lulu cosplays.

Which is fine: in that case, I'm just appreciating cosplay as a craft and as an activity. However, because I'm bi, there's also a part of me that responds to fanservice -- usually designed by and for guys, but it often intersects with my own tastes. (My self-chagrin being represented by userpic above.) In my case it's non-heteronormative, but still, I like looking at Teh Sexy. So I'm buying into and perpetuating fanservice by favoring female cosplayers with The Sexy bodytype, except that I have a slightly broader definition of that bodytype than some

Also, if a character is too visibly objectified and stripped of strength/intelligence/personality, I recognize the poisonous apple and recoil from what is my personal Uncanny Valley: a recognizable female character sapped of her soul for titillation purposes. Hentai does this in spades. Sometimes cosplay does it, mostly by body language and gestures that telegraph meanings which don't seem to me to fit the characters at all.

So anyway. Good essay, and that's my rambling response.
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...chooses unusual costume themes, then carries them off so well:
  • cross-dressing Cloud
  • a fantastic Refia (last pic matching the full-render pose)
  • Fran's little sister Mjrn (I think?)
  • Donno what the white mage is
  • But I DO know that's a Mog wearing Lulu's dress. In white. Gah.

all of them here, but commenting is disabled. Feh.

I was looking for a Refia cosplay and found this page. As I suspected, Refia's default character outfit translates into garb that's actually comfortable, plausible, and provides coverage, unlike most female RPG character designs. (Upscaling the featureless gold medallions over the pockets was a miss, but that could be fixed.) I covet Refia's boots.

ETA: Her Lulu-Moogle has a Lulu-doll and mog wing tattoos. THIS. THIS:

No Comment.

Jul. 9th, 2012 04:42 pm
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Cloud Strife - Anime Expo 2012

-- from Anime Expo 2012 photo album by jeriaska@Flickr
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I have never been entirely reconciled to the dolls, but I have to admit, this amuses me greatly. (Several other good cosplay photos in album.)

Lulu Cosplay (Final Fantasy X)
by ~IsilielCosplay on deviantART

(see full-sized photo on DA)
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When did I go and get hooked on cosplay?

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It's really hard to top this Final Fantasy VII cosplay.

However, I now expect several of you to try.
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 General Beatrix done right.

Really right.

(I really need to add some icons to my DW account.)
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Your semi-weekly "see what Auronlu has found" post...

Best. SHIVA Cosplay. EVER.

(Note visual pun: she twice freezes in the "Shiva Nataraja" pose seen in statues of the god Shiva.)

I would also note that Cactuar + Tonberry are a very cute dance couple.
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Somebody could do gorgeous art from either of these:

Auron - Promotionphoto 6
by ~JPMovies on deviantART

Auron - Promotionphoto 1
by ~JPMovies on deviantART

I don't think anyone could do much with this, however...

Captions welcome. But I already discarded, "Mom, you are such a DORK" because it covered up part of Auron's head.
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1) While searching for the Yevon glyph to use as an art reference, I happened across this cosplay of Baralai.

[[ ETA because I don't want to post 3 times today! ]]

2) MERDA SACRA. One-Winged Angel's lyrics are quotes from the CARMINA BURANA:

   Estuans interius, ira vehementi       "Burning inside, violent wrath"     1st couplet of C.B. 11.
   Sors immanis, et inanis                "tremendous/terrible and empty fate"
                                                         Couplet from O Fortunata, most well-known chunk of C.B.
   Veni, veni, venias;                    "come, come, may you come / do not let me die"
   ne me mori facias                     First couplet of C.B. 20.

Latin vocals start at 1:10:

Why the HECK did I never notice this before?

Although in Advent Children I kinda picked up on "veni veni" something or other, but the lyrics in AC are new, original Latin.

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Dresspheres in X-2 make me cringe, but I adore this...


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