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Here, have a clip from the yummy part of the curate's egg:

[ETA: Hope at 0:05: snerk. I never noticed that before.]

I've always had a hunch that there was a hint of Utena inspiration for the character. Someone at Squeenix evidently has watched the series, considering the sword-drawn-out-of-heart move in FFX (done by Jecht's Final Aeon, of all things.)

What really put me in mind of Utena was all of Lightning's rose petal imagery, which seems a little incongruous for such a badass. I noticed that Lightning's brand and her rose-shaped summons crystal appear just over the spot where Utena / Anthy draw their sword:

Of course, if the resemblance is not a coincidence, it's only superficial: Lightning is a heck of a lot more aware of the BS around her and is, on the surface at least, a cold cynic. She acts more like Juri than Utena.

I love the fact that Lightning takes Odin's sword and that she performs his Zantetsuken ("iron-cutting sword") finishing move used by that summons in previous FF games. And, hey, just noticed: Odin's horse-form has multiple eyes to make up for not having multiple legs in this iteration. Ah, FF and your creative mythology...

Also: does anyone have an animated gif userpic of Lightning kicking butt / smacking Snow?* I feel a need for a Lightning Smackdown icon to use when venting. (There's this old saying in chess: "When in doubt, push [a pawn]." I think Lightning's adapted it to, "when in doubt, punch the nearest blockhead.")

ETA: Goodness, what a rambling post.

Date: 2012-09-07 05:58 pm (UTC)
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The thing to remember is that Utena has been around for 15 years now, and remains The iconic feminist anime, as well as one of the iconic This Sh*t Is F-d Up anime series, so there's a LOT of things that have an Utena influence. Of course, Utena riffs a lot of earlier influences (particularly the flower imagery, which has been around since the 1920s shoujo precursors), so it's hard to tell when Utena has been directly referenced, and when one of the themes in which Utena partakes is being referenced.

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