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... Is when, out of over a hundred possible player characters, the coup de gras to your former-party-member-turned-betrayer is delivered jointly by (a) that character's lover and (b) best friend. Not because you planned it, but due to a complex series of turn-by-turn battle choices and game mechanics.

I am listening to the "you just won!" victory music and gaping at the screen.

spoilers to Suikoden 5 ending (almost) )
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We've got a lot of vaguely European armor, weapons and fighting styles in Final Fantasy and other JPRGs, but there's also ubiquitous Ninjas, Samurai, and fighting monks who exhibit fantasy variations of eastern hand to hand styles.

I was just puttering my way through Suikoden V again -- SOOOO much easier on a back-compatible PS3 where the load times are speeded up -- and I noticed that one Elf character starts to lift his bow in a Japanese archery style -- but then, no, he drops his hands and draws European style. Fran and everyone in FFXII have western stances as well. Of course, most of them are using shorter bows -- Penelo's is much too short for Zen archery, and the Elf characters in Suikoden have short bows as well. So I suppose that what I think of as a Western draw is really a shortbow draw.

Anyway, just once l'd love to see a kyudo (Zen) archer in a game. I've seen them practicing at my local range a few times, and it's absolutely mesmerizing. This video captures it.

I could've envisioned Fran and her sisters using a variation of it, since they are such meditative warriors who prize stillness and silence (when they aren't being driven into a killing frenzy by the Mist.)

Then again, Kyudo archery is usually reserved for religious ceremonies and Zen meditation, and is normally done so slowly -- maybe it would seem jarring to depict it in a battle or competitive setting?
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I don't know whether it's Dreamwidth or my ipad or just one of those random glitches that never appears again. I don't care.

Right now, when I view my reading list, the following userpic from [personal profile] heavenscalyx  appears instead of the triangle icon to indicate cut text:

In every post. Vieralynn, pixelnyx, thene, all of you are sporting this.

Thank you, gods of serendipity.
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 Oh, my. Not only one from HC (huzzah)! but also, ellnyx played around with the pairing, and explained the white cat seen following Lucretia in her "walk" animation...

Both R-ish.

Fairy Chess

No Greater Flattery

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... Just finished the battle against the Queen's campaign, and what happens right afterwards. I knew that this was too soon for the game to be over, and I figured that SOMEBODY was going to do a major ass-pull about now, but even though I was expecting it...


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I'm still quietly puttering my way through Suikoden V, enjoying all the little detours and side quests.

up through the 'bandit' episode... )
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HC and akycha were kind enough to feed my gamer sweet tooth with Persona3 and SuikodenV. I haven't had a chance to dive into P3 yet; I tried it while visiting parents but found Mom to be a less-than-ideal spectator. Now I've jumped into Suikoden. I was thoroughly schlorped over the weekend.

I completely understand why you two like this game. Competent female characters galore! Visual and cultural bits of Japan buried in a fantasy world -- that was one of the things that hooked me on FFX -- complex plots, complex characters, magic meta and derring-do, angst hammer, and some eccentric humor to keep it from getting too heavy.

Alas, I have a hunch that the reason why I especially like this game, the plethora of competent women in authority and on the field, may be why its sales weren't great.

I've picked up Lucretia (who reminds me of Anthy) and just fought my first naval battle. Time to get back to RL and work to make up for 3 days of gaming. But thank you!

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