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Have you ever stumbled across something in an old folder you really don't remember writing or drawing? This is clearly my clumsy drawing, and it's a scene I am sure I wrote at some point, but I'd completely forgotten I tried to illustrate it.

So. Doodle. Set about a year prior to FFX, Lulu and Luzzu.

Title: "Message"

(If you've not played the game in a while, it's the moment when Lulu learned what had happened to Chappu.)

I've always liked Luzzu, partly because of his rueful "she hit me, too" comment about Lulu (direct Japanese translation: "She has furious fists!"), and partly because he's trying so hard to keep the cadets from getting themselves redshirted. 

The following ficbit is a backstory bridge picking up with the moment when Luzzu got on Lulu's bad side, segueing to the "Lulu's Contempt" FMV in which she rips Wakka a new one, and indirectly providing backstory for the "Kimahri Pounces* Tidus" FMV the next morning. Not all that exciting, but, character stuff, which used to be my forte. 


She Hit Me, Too... )


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For reasons best known to the Imp of the Perverse, [ profile] trekqueen, I, and (?) (Cupcake, was that you?) were seized with insanity on 6/6/06 and spontaneously posted Kimahri pr0n.

We missed the date last year. This year, Trekqueen reminded me in time, and I've just written something all at one sitting that definitely should never see the light of day. However, in the name of tradition (and because that way she has to post hers), I will share it when the time comes.

In the meantime, I issue a challenge to the rest of the loony bin: please honor Kimahri with warm fuzzies on 6/6. Entries may be of any length; content must include Kimahri and sex. Remember to use the LJ adult content flag.

Because Kimahri never gets enough lovin'.

Please leave a link here. (Hopefully LJ isn't as stupid as ficwad, whose filtering system is bypassed if you direct link.)

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Bah, a fragment of this has been flopping around in my writings folder for several months. I can't seem to get a tidy stopping point, but I think I'm just going to post it.

Final Fantasy X
Title: Purifico
Characters: Yuna, Lulu
Rating: G

Via Purifico )

FFX fanfic

Oct. 16th, 2006 05:28 am
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Bah. That gratuitously cheesy AU fanfic I posted a rough draft of ages ago under friendslock refuses to die. I give up. Here. Make of it what you will. A new bit just wrote itself when I was trying to poke at Reurrection again. Some of you know where this is headed; it will be crossposted in the appropriate place when the time comes.

Four chapters should probably get it out of my system. Here's ch. 1.

Title: Till Death Do Us Part
Characters: Lulu and friends
Rating: PG-13 (Violence)
Summary: Six years into the Eternal Calm, all is not well in Spira. Wakka is gone. Now Lulu must avenge him or sacrifice herself to protect all those she holds dear this side of the Farplane.
Link: Chapter I: Sin Unrepentant
Word Count: 1421

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Anyone who's missed [ profile] dagas_isa's Kimahri fics and has the slightest interest in FFX is missing out. The original descriptions and writing quality are right up there with the best fanfic on the web.

I think I may find my muse again reading these pieces. She makes conversations flow so naturally that one doesn't notice the "he nodded... she smiled" skeleton that gives me so much trouble when I'm having an off day.

That is all.
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Bah. My muse is all rusty and blah. Trying to shake it awake again. This piece is a little flaccid, but I suppose it's worth posting.

Title: Separate Ways
Characters: Kimahri, Lulu
Rating: G
Word Count: 892

Spoilers to end of FFX... )

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I'm a little rusty. I decided to start playing FFX again to get my groove back.

Title: Prelude to Pilgrimage
FFX, Besaid, the night before Yuna sets out on her pilgrimage
Characters: Lulu, Luzzu, Kimahri, Wakka
Rating: G
Words: 820

Luzzu writhed against the leaves in stoic silence. Lulu drew her knuckles to her mouth, barely noticing the sting. )

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Of a slightly more serious nature.

I think many of us are fond of Kimahri, one of those often-overlooked characters.

He has a muse! Check out [ profile] dagas_isa's Kimahri ficlets.

She also wrote a "Still Half Alive" Auron/Lulu drabble.

[[edit: Heck, just read everything this author has ever written. It's like cupcakemonster's fic and Polygamy Ale... you can't have just one.]]

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