Sep. 28th, 2009

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Apart from the Lulu-as-Scary-Galadriel conceit, I generally keep my old and deep-seated LOTR fandom separate from my FF fanwork.

However, this particular stretch of the story is batting around a few Tolkienian motifs like a catnip mouse.

So I can't resist batting around a few analogies, even though they don't always map with very close matches.

Lucil - Elrond
Auron - Gandalf
Isaaru - Frodo
Pacce - Pippin
Nooj - Aragorn
Baralai - Boromir
Paine - Glorfindel
Shelinda - Galdor of the Havens
Cid - Gimli
Rikku - Legolas
Elma - Sam

I flipflopped Nooj and Baralai back and forth for a while: each has certain elements of both characters. (But Isaaru is really, in my mind, Tolkien!Faramir.)

Ack. Does this make Lulu Gollum?!

The chapter is nearly all dialog right now. Alas, I didn't get as far as I'd hoped this weekend.
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GLEE! A certain shyly asked if I'd be bothered if she drew a fanart of "Disentanglement", one of my Yuna/Lulu drabbles.

Bothered? BOTHERED?!
Narcissistic writer is tickled pink lavender!

@[ profile] ff_press 1 Fanart Recommendation:
Final Fantasy X, (G)

Yuna + Lulu
by toflytosing@ DeviantArt

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Oops. I did this meme without realizing quite how self-explanatory my icons are, which makes it more boring. But that won't be true of those who reply.

Taken from [personal profile] dagas_isa:

Comment with the word "ICONS" and I'll select six of yours for you to talk about in your journal.

Babbling about the Icons dagas_isa picked from my userpics )

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