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... So Sev wrote an Arc/Alus with a side helping of mad sky pirate Refia partly for my birthday (THANK YOU) and partly because Final Fantasy IV was begging for the ship. It's perfect. Go read.

Fanfic: "Calligraphy"
Final Fantasy III
Characters: pre-Arc/Alus, Refia, Luneth, Sara/Ingus
Word Count: 7000something
Rating: G
By: [personal profile] seventhe

And it inspired me to make this doodle, which is...well. Not fine art, but I'm happy that I've started drawing again after nearly ceasing to draw about ten years ago.
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(I finished FFIII two days ago, but a snarky write-up can't be rushed.)

Before we finish off Final Fantasy III's endgame, here's a rare video: the original Japanese FFIII in its entirety.

Note that whoever did this somehow replaced Luneth's sprite with one of the Four Old Men sprites, and a couple battle sprites are scrambled. Nevertheless, it shows the NPC storylines are all here, except for the individual friendships with particular party members.

As with Final Fantasy I, it seems that original FFIII presented the party as a blank slate upon which we could project our own character development, dialog and proficiencies, while the world and NPCs were at least somewhat fleshed out. Again, this mimics old tabletop RPGs and D&D, in which the game master provided the story, world, and npcs, while the players were in charge of their characters' histories and development.

We've gotten so accustomed to games that create the player characters for us that we've quite forgotten the original strong distinction between PCs and NPCs.

Now, back to our playthrough... )
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Where the heck ARE we? I'm going to shamelessly screencap the maps and add captions so we can find our way around. Here, belatedly, is the Floating Continent. The Fairy Forest isn't marked because the Elder Tree has put up a You-Can't-Go-Here-Now barrier, but it was just west of Castle Argus, and before that it was floating around in the desert southwest of Tokkul.

Map of Floating Continent:

FFIII: Map of Floating Continent

And here's where we are now, on the surface world now that it's been resurfaced:

Map of Final Fantasy III

Onward! )
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Apologies for repeating this, but my playthrough just caught up with the Final Fantasy III prologue video from the DS version. So let's review...

The ruined castle is the Tower of Owen, I suppose, while the Impossibly Tall Tower (yet another FF trope) is the endgame's penultimate dungeon. Aeris Aria hasn't yet appeared in my playthrough, but we'll be meeting her shortly. And Refia's default costume (the blue vest with the poofy poet's shirt) is still one I covet.

Which reminds me, you have GOT to see Twinklebat's FF cosplays: Refia, Cloud-in-a-dress, Mjrn, Red XIII, FFI White Mage, and a Moogle wearing Lulu's dress. (Also Twilight Sparkle. She wins so many internetz, this cosplayer.)

Okay! Enough futzing around. Time to leave the Floating Continent for the greater world beyond!

It's just a jump to the left )
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Aside: I was tempted to call this episode "Oh. Okay." in honor of Sev's recurring response to all the WTF incidents during her playthrough of Final Fantasy III.

However, it turns out there is a supreme moment of WTFery involving a sheep in this episode, so... just keep Sev's Mantra in mind.

Off we go with Desch the Fifth Party Member (uh oh, we know where THIS is going) to find the Gnomish Village! Poor Arc is hoping he won't have to use the Mini Spell...

Arc protests Mini Spell

Now let us roam as sheep. )
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I'm still sloooooowly digging my way through FFIII again and still need to create write-ups for what I've done so far.

But in the meantime. Sev and Rina have posted their playthroughs (both hilarious as usual) on [community profile] moogle_university, plus some thoughtful meta and commentary about FFIII and the early FFs in genera.

Here's all their posts on FFIII. I left a loooong rambling comment on Sev's post about early FFs, for what it's worth. We're discussing story and characterization and early job / character classes and the oddities of black and white magic.

Which all sounds boring, but is anything but. Go look! And be amused by their zany summaries of the games!
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After two months of discovering the joys of FF games I've never played before, it's back to one of my recent favorites, Final Fantasy III. I and my iPad fell in love with this game last year, thanks to the remaster graphics that melted my cynical Grinch heart and won me over with the Power of Cute.

This doesn't happen often. I was deeply suspicious of Mr. Rogers as a child, for Valefor's sake, just because he was a little too saccharine. However, something about this band of heroic superdeformed polygon people managed to win me over to the point that...

Final fantasy trading arts mini figures

*hangs head*

Once you start down the chibi path, forever will it dominate your destiny.

Anyway, I have never seen any particular fandom with this game, before today, when I discovered this:

by ~satsuyurami on deviantART

Which is awesome, because I always approve of obscure characters getting cosplay love. It's obviously based on the opening FMV added to the Nintendo DS remaster a few years back:

I have to say: Luneth, Ingus, WTF? I don't recall any particular friction between these two characters in the actual game. Guess I'd better pay more attention.

Nonetheless, I love this FMV for all the Final Fantasy Nostalgasm imagery rendered so magnficently: airship, chocobos, characters who like each other (this makes me happy), Behemoth, Aerith praying, the crystal, some of Uematsu's glorious music,* and for once some actual costume changes, thanks to the Job System, giving us updated 3D renderings of some of FF's original character classes: white mage, red mage, black mage, fighter. Most of all I love Arc with his nose buried in his books, studying, and that simple image of the party doing party things in camp, which FF games seldom show.

(I will, however, boo Squeenix for giving the White Mage job to the girl. Really? Don't you ever get tired of that? Oh, right, you finally wised up with Lightning and Fang. Sigh.)

*As a matter of fact, I first saw this FMV projected behind a live Distant Worlds concert performed by the San Diego Orchestra. Yay!

All right. I'm starting to get into recap mode when I haven't got my recap together. Hang on, we're in for an ADORKABLE journey!

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