Nov. 17th, 2006

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How very odd. More than a year after I built the store, T-shirt expo has finally deigned to add me to their catalog.

I have a small request. Please visit this page and rate my T-shirt design.

Also, because 'tis the season, and it helps me pay for Christmas shopping (I get about 2-3 dollars per item), here is my humble online store, using photos I took in Greece:

Greek To Me store
It's All Greek To Me: T-shirts, mousepads, and other gifts with a classical Greece theme

This is cafepress, so note the fabric thickness on some of the t-shirts! I wub my Athena sweatshirt, though; I wear it all the time.

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D'oh! Why didn't I ever think of that before?

Do you have to take medication? Do you tend to forget whether you've taken a dose? Do you hate those little week/day pillboxes and forget to refill them?

I finally came up with a system that might work, even for a lazy bum like myself.

Take first dose: stick bottle on far left corner of bathroom counter.
Take second dose: stick bottle behind sink.
Take third dose: far right corner of bathroom counter.

Modify as needed.

Maybe now I'll stop missing antibiotics.

My doctor paid me a housecall today to give me a flu shot. (So much love... and when was the last time one ever said that about getting a shot?!) She checked my temperature and said I still have a mild fever and a few signs of sinus infection. She's giving me an anaerobic antibiotic, guessing there's just a little bit lingering way up in there.

That explains why I still feel a bit blah.

Humorous note: Dr. George managed to acquire a traditional doctor's black leather bag to carry her pharmacy database palmpilot, small laptop on which she stores medical records, and portable medical kit. She's missing out on some fun, though: her maiden name is McCoy.

I so have to find her a tricorder on ebay.

I just realized, not only does my doctor make housecalls, but she lives 5 minutes away.
After nearly dying from paralytic ileus two years ago... GODS THAT FEELS SO GOOD to know I'm not alone in an emergency.

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For anyone who happens to have my "Bittersweet Liaison", it has had a glaring spelling mistake for months.

Let me take a chomp of humble pie and fix that. At least I finally noticed it myself (or rather, I noticed the red underline in my text editor)!

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