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There's been a lot of genderbending cosplay lately, and while that makes me happy, I'm even happier to see someone making the costume design work as is instead of transposing it into the key of sexy.

I Am Your Opponent
by ~BeautifulDragon on deviantART

...even her Anthy occasionally can't resist striking a pose. (Although she also plays Anthy more traditionally).

En Garde
by ~BeautifulDragon on deviantART

Go. Browse her gallery. The Auron gallery is fantastic, and there's an Utena for her Anthy as well. (Also, she's got an older Laguna cosplay).
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This article on Cracked nearly completely ruins its point from the start with an Alzheimer's joke (wtf?!), yet despite that screw-up, it makes a very compelling case for Glinda the Good Witch being Glinda the Evil Mastermind in the original Wizard of Oz movie.

  • Glinda breezes in to ask Dorothy if she's a good witch or a bad witch, since only a witch would've had the power to off the Witch of the East— but wait,  D. has no magic, so just whose magic was steering that house, anyway? HMMM?
  • Glinda helps make sure it's known by all and sundry that Dorothy Did It. She especially makes sure that the Witch of the West believes this.
  • Glinda mockingly uses magic to despoil the corpse and superglue the WotE's ruby slippers to Dorothy's feet right under the nose of the Witch of the West, who is next of kin. This is fair? 
  • Glinda taunts the WotW that she can't harm Dorothy in Munchkinland because REASONS.
  • After goading the WotW into an impotent rage, Glinda instructs Dorothy to leave Munchkinland, the one place where the WotW can't harm her, to seek out the Wizard of Oz, who will be able to send her back to Kansas FOR REELZ.
  • So Dorothy is sent out on a quest where, sooner or later, the WotW will catch her, and then it will be To the Death for one of them. (But the ruby slippers, Glinda says, grant some protection to Dorothy, so WotW is the more likely victim). 
  • Surprise! The Wizard of Oz's price for help is that Dorothy must kill the WotW. (Well, really, to steal her broom, but as the Scarecrow says, the only way is to kill her.) Suspicion: Glinda is pulling the wizard's strings, too.
  • So, after Dorothy has pulled off the assassination, it turns out that Glinda lied; the wizard can't really send Dorothy back.
  • Glinda says, "Ha ha, actually, you didn't need to go on this hero quest at all; you just needed to tap your heels to go straight home." Which she knew all along, but said she didn't tell Dorothy because "she wouldn't have believed me."
  • So now the other witches are dead, the wizard is discredited and flees the country, and Glinda has the reins of power! All shall love her and despair! Bwaahahaha! (And I suppose we hear nothing of the Witch of the South because she has wisely gone into hiding.) 
I still like Tin Man's take on Oz better than any other (and I should watch it again... loved Zooey Dewhatsit in that before she became a star, go me). But I also like the above interpretation, since we all sensed even when we were kids that Glinda's beautiful:good::ugly:evil BS was a pile of carp. 
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I have no idea if this will work. On the YouTube copy of this video, the icons let you hop to that game's battle theme. Also, here's the victory fanfares.

I really love all the music in III.
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1. Breath of Fire III, the origin of my dear old Spoo and friends, is available on PSP. Once again, I almost wish I had a PSP, but luckily I have a back-compatible PS3 that will still play the original 1997 game.


Admittedly, Nina did have several Distressed Damsel moments, but she had so much pluck that I almost never noticed. (Or maybe it was my whole Utena side coming out; I love game scenarios wherein I get to play the Prince Saving the Princess, despite knowing that it sucks to be the Rose Bride. At least in FFXIII the trope has been Utena-fied so that it's a woman saving a woman, be it sister or girlfriend, but it's still pretty rough for whoever's stuck in the dress, er, crystal.)

I'm not sure how many friends would enjoy BOFIII, as it's from the era of FFVI/VII with PS1 game mechanics, but I have always found the characters and light fantasy angst charming. I'm grateful to [personal profile] akycha for putting me onto it.
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I've been playing Final Fantasy III on iPad. I didn't realize that the original had ever been released in English, although apparently it must've since this playthrough shows it. Adorable 8-bit goodness:

Nintendo DS Remake of FFIII has given the characters personality, dialog, a dash of humor with letters being sent to you from NPCs via Mognet, some backstory and relationships, and FFIX style graphics. It's the same music if you listen closely, rearranged by Uematsu for a richer sound system:

The iPad (same as Android) graphics are brighter, clearer, and larger, but otherwise the same as the DS:

But the music sounds so, so much better on iPad:

I woke up with this running through my head and didn't even mind the earworm. I lurve me some Uematsu.

Like most early 8-bit games, we get the standard 3 guys, one tomboy gal mix, with Refia the smith's daughter a decent enough character (needs a little more development, as do they all, but her personality is clear enough). Arc -- ginger lad with freckles -- is charmingly non-buff and has a pen pal relationship going with a prince which would've gotten a lot of slashfic if this game were better known.

I am reminded that FFV's party started out with the standard 8-bit gaming 3 guys, 1 gal party, but quickly morphed into 2 guys, 2 gals thanks to some cross-dressing shenanigans, and wound up as 3 gals, 1 guy. Did anyone else ever notice this?
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I still have to play Dragon Age, so I found myself reading this great meta-essay with one eye shut to avoid spoilers.

However, this is one of those good fandom essays that deserves readers and maybe responses. So for anyone who's played these games, I recommend:

Religious Reformation in Dragon Age II and Final Fantasy X by Willow Wood, who does good fandom research/meta from what I've seen.

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