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Caught Con Crud from con last weekend but STILL managed to finish drawing for this week (finally)! My painting class has permanently infected my drawing style, but I see glimpses of the artist I want to become — Auron's glasses in that picture are the sort of impressionism I want to be able to do on purpose instead of by accident.

I keep wanting to go back and improve the illustrations for previous chapters (or the one I missed) and not having time. But goodness, the pictures don't really matter save as a way to draw the eye to posts, especially on Tumblr, since The Play's The Thing. And I'm excited to be getting to this act of the story, which in some ways is my favorite, although there are epic things to come.

Pokemon Go keeps throwing events at us, which is helping me catch up on all the things I missed. Latias raids through Monday. Is this critter useful? Am I going to go mad trying to hit it like Palkia and Kyogre? I dunno.

Also today was one of those weird 3-hour field-research-from-pokestops whose reward is one particular new critter. They did it with Feebas a month ago, and now they've done it with... Clamperl? Is that an l or an r? I guess in Japanese it doesn't matter. I caught a few shinies, and thankfully had just enough candy to evolve 2, and they each turned into a random different thing whose name I forgot but they look like earthworm and wingless dragonfly (yikes). The genetics of Pokemon is bizarre.

I can't believe I did that— walked THREE HOURS, although not quickly— with a cold. Seems like the same cold I caught coming back from Utah, mutating and reinfecting me. I am full of phlegm and sound like a frog, sigh. Feel very wilted now but just took hot shower and did mindless pokemon-transfer. I caught 204 total today and collected over 100,000 stardust (there was a 2x stardust bonus during the event for water critters, and I threw starpieces I'd been saving on top of that to boost it even more).

I is SO TIRED. SO VERY TIRED. Must get takeout and stay up a bit longer before collapsing.

But before I forget.

FFRK PLAYERS. LOG IN AND HIT THE FREE RELIC DRAWS. There's two 40x relic draws which are free and guarantee two 6-star relics per draw. Also there's now an option you can set somewhere (?) maybe during relic draw? I forget? to have it auto-sell 1-4* equipment, i.e. anything without a Soul Break or other special enhancement.
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Getting sick and then starting a new fibromyalgia medication with NASTY SIDE EFFECTS during the adjustment period ate my November, and now the festive season is upon us, when I visit my relatives for two weeks and have to find Multiple Presents for them. Good news is of the side effects have gone now except for excessive sleepiness which makes writing challenging.

Also, hilariously, it's induced a ton of Pokemon Go because I can fight off the urge to nap by walking. Except then my hands hurt if I catch too many mons. Last week I cracked 50km for the first time, which is huge, since I was barely walking last March.

Back in Final Fantasy land:

I'm mourning that the Tumblr snafu has thrown Mintywolf's wonderful Lulu & Yuna magnum opus (graphic novel) out of order, flagging perfectly innocent pages and then tossing them to the front of her blog when they passed appeal. It's still in the correct order on the DeviantArt mirror.

The great edit of my FFX novella, Love Her and Despair, finished before I got sick. I have made headway on following chapters, but it's still not done. This worries me but not unduly. It's the main creative project i have on deck now, other than various bits of art. I've been able to do a lot of it on iPad, which is great because it means I can take it with me. Also I've bought myself a bluetooth keyboard to help.

I'm still playing FFRK, but not as consistently. I'm not enamored of their OC inserts into FF storylines, although the retro graphics versions of FFX, FFVIII and XIII are *adorb*. Also, it's fun replaying III, which has always charmed me for its innocence. I'm slowly banging on 3* magicites, having yet to break through 4*. I tend to focus on augmenting characters' sphere grids, mastering new soul breaks and upgrading/combining the best weapons.

Apparently giving characters new abilities and making them stronger is one of my favorite bits of RPGing? I notice I do the same thing in PGo; I'm always working on improving my favorite critters after painstakingly identifying those with the best base stats (not necessarily the ones experts say are the best fighters).

The Tumblr upheaval is annoying, especially because I can't seem to wean myself off the site. There's too much Who community and other communities still remain there. But we've seen it all before. This Vox article is worth a skim.

I've expected this ever since Yahoo bought it, but I kept hoping the incompetent programming would continue to go hand in hand with benign neglect.
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[personal profile] aurenare reports that DeNa's last maintenance run just introduced a feature so that you're guaranteed multiple relics with each draw.

Some are boring — Shared Diamond Shield letting anyone cast Protect as a SB is of limited utility -- but others (Sentinel's Grimoire, Ramza's Shout relic, Terra's Maduin summoning relic and so on) are very nice.

No telling if/when they'll fix this, so I can't promise it's still in effect.
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So I'm not spamming [personal profile] lassarina's  post any more. 

There's two resources that don't renew quickly and are needed a LOT: Stamina and Mythril. Obviously, they want you to pay real money for these, and obviously, we don't wanna. So here's how I avoid doing so.

Nerdy FFRK stuff by someone who came late to the game... )

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