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A few weeks ago I created a PG-rated Cards Against Final Fantasy deck for [personal profile] mintywolf 's birthday.

We've played it a couple times so far on weekends. It tends to be fairly impromptu, with one of us posting a "T-30 minutes" announcement on Tumblr.

If you can round up some friends, here's instructions on how to use this deck to play a few rounds online. Also, more screencaps:

How to Play Cards Against Final Fantasy Online
  1. Go to and pick the server with the fewest connections.
  2. Scroll down and click "Take me to the game!"
  3. Create a temporary username for yourself (only lasts for this game session).
  4. Click "Create Game" at top.
  5. Create a password for your game/chatroom unless you don't mind random strangers joining. Click outside the box to set it.
  6. In the chatroom area, type /addcardcast VKM5J to add my Cards Against Final Fantasy deck.
  7. You may want to throw in a few "normal" cards for incongruity's sake. I've made a PG Cards Against Vulgarity deck, 5-letter code E9USZ, or you can browse Cardcast for other people's custom decks (or build one). 
  8. Optionally, you can tweak game settings (timer's a bit quick -- 8 seconds? -- so you may wanna bump it to 1.25x the default time).
  9. Copy the URL at the top of the game/chatroom page; this is temporary.
  10. Give the URL and the password you chose (case-sensitive) to friends.
  11. When you've rounded up 4-6 players, hit start!

More screencaps of recent hands: [ Larsa's Micropig ] [ Hypothermia ] [ coeurl fleas ]

Note: You can buy a printed copy of my CAFF deck, but I made TOO MANY CARDS and Cardcast charges a LOT for printing costs, sorry.

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