Date: 2008-07-13 07:28 pm (UTC)
Hee. I like the flavour you've given Luca. It's like the North America of Spira, all flash and gaud and no history. That amuses me. Oh my and the machina confiscation amuses me greatly, as does the "spheres with Yevon's seal" bit.

Oh, hmm:
"We'll pray for you. And... Markreem! Where'd you learn to coil a line like that, Besaid? It's rope, not a rug!"

I know that Kiryuu is quite the strong personality, but don't you think even she might cringe away from insulting him by saying he's from Besaid given its population's just been utterly annihilated? Maybe, maybe not, just thought I'd point that out.

I laugh. Maroda wants to ban spherecasts because they annoy him.

Oh man. That was . . . priceless. Isaaru shoving the microphone at Auron. I'm sure he'll get dirty looks for a week for that one - not actual verbal reminders of the event. That would be too far beneath Auron's dignity, but dirty looks aplenty. I love his speech too. It's so apt actually, which makes it even more hilarious. It's like Auron is a legendary public speaker too even though he hates it.

Can't wait for more. So glad I read. I have to admit the size was daunting, but honestly, I haven't read a new W.I.P. I liked this much in a long while.
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