Date: 2007-12-15 07:56 pm (UTC)
Fleeing was their only option of escape as Besaid’s inhabitants ran toward the beaches and ocean. Horror greeted them once more as colossal waves crashed on the shore, rushing toward them with an unseen force that was not of nature. The pummeling of the ocean’s tides became fierce as it tore and smashed against the cliffs and hillsides of the island. Hands and fingers clung for dear life to anything solid as the waters swelled around them, drowning all that they knew and built. The strength of the undertow and waves was too much for many and all some could do was cry helplessly as loved ones were swept out to sea and swallowed by the emptiness beyond.

You wear the skin of evil that another fallen friend also had borne. So the same in appearance yet so different than he. Yet, here I find myself again in the retelling of the story. Our story.

A dark figure watched stoically from the docks being thrashed but by strangely calmer waves than those that battered the island. In the winds that picked up, a red cloak snapped wildly from the unmoving form who could hear the echoes of sorrow and death carrying along the air. From behind dark-tinted lenses, his gaze moved to just beyond the reefs of the island where a shadowy hulk loomed ominously near the carnage being wrought. As if it were suddenly tired with the slaughter it had evoked, the creature turned away and taking with it the fury of the once angry sea. Stopping for a moment, it turned in the direction of the lone figure on the dock, as if knowledgeable of the single person who had observed all that had been done. With a final bow of its head, it dove below the surface and out of sight.
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