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<Overshare>I never could figure out what people meant by "kinks."

I have finally discovered two in myself.

1) Magic. I love sensual/empathic descriptions of being connected to, channeling, using magic, particularly elemental, nature-derived magic. I used to sit out on my porch and watch thunderstorms...even hurricanes...roll in. I wrote gobs of bad poetry about the way the wind would move through the forest, the flare of the lightning, the rain sheeting down, the way these 150-foot oaks and maples would bend and move like muscles of some enormous beast. I'd call in the storm, call on the elements, call on my OFCs and dragons and unicorns and phoenixes and all that archetypal crap. I had no idea what I was doing, I just...did it. Rain on my skin, snow on my face... I loved it.
Later I fell head over heels in love with Hawaii after watching the volcano erupting, the lava creeping down the hills at night. And even now, I have a guilty pleasure in watching wildfires. I love experiencing earthquakes. "Hi, Mom!" Yeah. Heck, that's probably why the old MYST/RIVEN series hooked me so much: the landscapes were numinous.
I think nearly every piece of erotica I've written involves the elements -- magic or water, or at least a very present forest -- in one way or another.

2) Hair. Braids. I miss getting my hair brushed by someone else. Maybe it's because my scalp is about the only part of me that doesn't hurt. Anywhere else, the touch is a) pleasant but I'm having to block out accompanying aches and pains (not necessarily the spot being touched, but arthritic back, hips and knees make just about any position uncomfortable) or b) easing pain, which is not quite the same thing as stimulation. Also, I just love long hair. Especially braids.

Which, of course, explains why I'm permanently stuck on Lulu.
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