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 [personal profile] owlmoose suggested Meta December, and I'm all for it. But having not played Dragon Age yet (woez!) I'm still stuck back in my old fandumbo. 

Which means...FFX. And since I'm flailing at ideas for meta, here's a thing. Squeenix is going to re-render FFX in PS3-quality graphics, RealMYST-ish, so that we can wander around a lot more freely (camera control, yes, please!) and brainwash a new generation of fans.

Spira is by far and away my favorite rendered virtual world, despite its now out-of-date graphics; I love its supersaturated colors and wild landscapes with great love. It's the sort of world Catherine of MYST would've written, in contrast to her analytical lab experiment husband, who would've come up with Cocoon/Pulse. People who read my fanfic know I wallow in FFX landscapes like Tolkien getting all purple prosaic on Helm's Deep. So I will buy HD FFX just for the sake of exploring, although I love this game for many other reasons.

I'm not sure what kind of gameplay tweaks will be added to FFX HD. But here's my question. What would you love to see in the upscaled version of FFX? New gameplay? New graphics? 

And what do you hope they'll leave alone?  Or do you not care? And, for that matter, would you bother to get FFX in PS3/Vita quality graphics, or is it "been there, done that?" 

Personally, I'm hoping against hope they will remaster the sound. There was a lot of clunky editing to synch voices to lip-flaps and (I'm guessing) file sizes. Some of it was actors trying to lip synch, with ghastly results, but some of it was processing, and that could (and must) be fixed. 

Of course, voice junkie that I am, I also wish for an original-Japanese option. Except then we'd lose Matt McKenzie, and the original-Auron voice isn't as good. And the original-Rikku has a scream that could shatter glass -- one would have to play the Thunder Plains with the sound muted-- so whasername Bubbles the PowerPuff Girl is a definite improvement. But the original Yuna and Tidus are infinitely better (except, sadly, in the laughing scene), Elma is sooooo much better, and Lucil's is also one of those catnip voices that makes me roll around in a puddle (unlike poor Elma, her American dub is excellent, but different). 

Fooey, here I am talking about superficial things when I really want to pick people's brains about what they liked, or don't like, about FFX enough to want to play a new version of it.

(Let's set aside "Squeenix should make new games instead of rehashing old ones," please. I believe they just lost tons of money on XIV and are struggling to do something to refill the coffers. As much as I love X, I'm quite happy for them to do a 10 anniversary remake.) 

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I am sure I've shared this before, but every now and then I have to go back and watch this again, a trailer for a now-ancient 3D remake of 1993 MYST, with a VA by my all-time favorite video game character:

And TOTALLY SPOILERIFIC TO THE ENDING OF RIVEN (MYST's first sequel) -- this doesn't make as much sense if you didn't suffer through 2 whole games before finding and rescuing this person... but I was ready to "tear down the sky" as Fang says by the time I finally found the code to her prison cell:

Anyway. Just having a Catherine Fangirl moment. I think a few people on my journal might like her.

And by the way, if you still own an old copy of RIVEN and have Mac OSX, here's a fan emulator that lets you run it. Use the v0.8 version for OSX.5, or the v0.9 version for OSX.6.

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