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It's a tiny detail, but a useful thing to remember for fanfic characterization, and I only just noticed it: Lulu has a habit of knowing people's secrets and keeping them.

-- Yuna's Al Bhed heritage
-- Luzzu telling her about his recruiting Chappu (when Luzzu started to tell Wakka, Lulu tried to stop him)
-- Rikku's Al Bhed heritage from Wakka

Of course, in those three cases, Lulu was trying to prevent Wakka from throwing a conniption. But Lulu also dodged when Tidus asked point blank, "What's... the end [of the pilgrimage]?" She wouldn't give away what Yuna was planning to do, since Yuna was keeping it a secret.

Date: 2008-07-16 03:03 am (UTC)
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Lulu is just amazing like that. I've always had respect for her character and I wish I had more chances to write her. I really love the stories that you and other Lulu-centric writers put out, the the love for her character really shines through.

My best friend and I were actually talking about her today. We were discussing FFX2 and I was like "You know, it's pretty crappy that Square didn't change her character design because I can't imagine wearing a corset is appropreate for child bearing. o.0"

Date: 2008-07-16 07:02 am (UTC)
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I know! And good grief, looks aren't everything, but she'd be gorgeous preggers... talk about an Earth Mother figure. It would be nice to have a beautiful character who wasn't skinny for a change, even if it was only due to pregnancy. Lazy bums.

I was sorry Lulu was out of X-2, but also grateful, because I'm worried what they would've done to her. Anyway, it was easier to explain why Yuna went back to square 1 as far as abilities -- no aeons! -- whereas anyone who had any clue about levelling had Lulu doublecasting ultima and flare.

But on the characterization, I liked her conversation with Yuna in X-2. Wakka was fussing at Yuna for disappearing. Lulu was supportive -- "you needed to get away from my mothering you so you could stretch your wings." Also, I liked the fact that Lulu reminded the girls Wakka was fairly capable of taking care of himself...something she wouldn't have been able to acknowledge at the beginning of FFX.

I wish I wrote Wakka more often. While I am drawn to the Auron/Lulu pairing, I'm extremely fond of Wakka. Oh well, I'll be giving him his due soon in the current saga.

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