Date: 2008-07-13 05:08 pm (UTC)
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Whoops! My seventh grade Latin teacher tried to break me of misplaced antecedents, and I still make the same ol' mistake.

In fact the antecedent to "the latter" was "Yevon's blessing" as opposed to "ill luck," but I forgot I had 3 antecedents not two there. Let me change that to "the blessing" to make it clear. Thank you!

As for Lulu projecting a memory of Yuna at Kilika, yes, that's cheesy. I'm afraid in some ways I'm making Lulu a Mary Sue: her powers as Sin are a little over-the-top. Control of the elements, yes, destruction, yes, but I'm taking some liberties in other ways she's able to impact her environment.

Then again Squaresoft has the funky dream sequences and things that are never quite explained, or are such a small sample size that we don't know what we're seeing. For example, I've always been intrigued by a minor detail of the Luca Tournament, that when Lulu, Tidus and Kimahri rescued Yuna from the Al Bhed, Lulu casually tossed a piece of ball lightning up in the air and made it stick to the sky as a beacon to tell Wakka "we've got 'er."

Or, for another example, how is Lady Ginnem, who's been unsent long enough to act like a fiend resistant to Sending, able to summon Yojimbo?

Which just goes to show that these characters' abilities (and flaws) are not completely described by stats and the sphere grid.
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