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Some gamers are using a PS2 emulator to create stunning (and occasionally jaggy) screencaps of FFX. They don't have much anti-aliasing, which can look harsh, but also makes for crisp, high-detail screenshots with the higher-poly models.

Here's a thread on a Russian forum with a lot of FFX screenshots.

Muggy, this is where I found the super Lulu screenshot. Click to enlarge -- check out the eyelashes!

ETA: Actually, I'm not 100% sure whether these are snaps from the PCSX2 emulator, or whether these are screencaps of FFX playing on the PS3. Here is another thread that's definitely PCSX2 FFX screenshots, but you have to register for the forum to click on the thumbnails and get the full-sized versions.

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Renmiri of FFproject extracted an Auron/Lulu clip I've been trying to get for ages to go with the [ profile] ship_manifesto essay I never finished. You've already seen it, I just wanted to have the particular exchange in a self-contained snippet since it fairly well illustrates the way they interact -- saying a lot by saying a little.

I've always been curious why they didn't fix the soundtrack lag -- it's often a second too slow. After they went to all that trouble to lipsynch!

Ren is also doing 3D model rips for us and posting screencaps. The Chappu, Braska, Auron and Jecht caps came from here. Lots more where those came from, including Yuna's mom,whom I always wanted a better look at.

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I see that as a design element it occasionally adds zing to icons. I am not sure why. I also have a vague feeling that the emperor has no clothes. Tiny text delivers no content and merely serves as another kind of texture, so why is it so "cool", so popular? I wonder if it is really delivering some sort of subliminal message that the aliens are coming to destroy the earth and we must all bow down and worship the Vorlon god Boojie. What gives?

FFX Fonts

Nov. 19th, 2006 01:44 am
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Thanks for reminding me, [ profile] muggy_mountain!

I found 3 old Final Fantasy X TrueType fonts on a Deviantart community here: Spiran, Al Bhed, and Yevon glyphs.

Slight problem: I think they're old PC TTF1 style fonts. Mac OSX can handle that, but Photoshop 6 isn't reading them correctly.

My cumbersome solution was to write the text I wanted at a fairly large size in TextEdit, take a screencap, and then plop that into a Photshop layer set to Multiply.

Does anyone have a PC TTF --> honest-to-gosh postscript font converter? My 15-year-old TTFontConverter freeware is hanging in Classic mode... can't imagine why! :/

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Ah, google images turns up the most magical things sometimes.

On a Czech site, concept art for FFX.


And a Few more from a French site.

I was trying to find a good graphic of Djose Temple to add to Lulu's journal, since I've apparently decided she's got Atrus' ability to illustrate her field notes. You DID see my Myst-like image of her journal in the last entry, yes?

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[ profile] cygna_hime asked what I use for pictures/bases. I've been meaning to give away trade secrets fer a while, so let me do that.

Most exhaustive source: [ profile] vg_footage, an absolutely complete video playthrough of FFX.
The advantage is that it has everything. The disadvantage is that it's small size and compressed file format, so the majority of screencaps are a little too small and fuzzy to be usable. Also, one has to make one's own screencaps. I have made a little file of over 500 Auron/Lulu screencaps from it.

I use them sometimes (my "she hit me", "you're the one running" and "no matter how dark the night" icons, for example), but mostly I scour online archives for larger-sized screencaps.

Favorite screenshot archive:
FFWorld, because it has more large-size screencaps of game play (as opposed to FMV) than anyone else. Also it has FMV caps under "images", so it's one-stop-shopping.

Favorite FMV screencap archives:
FF Spirit
FF Shrine

And if I can't find what I need there, I poke around on somewhat hit-or-miss sites:
RPG Gamer (mostly gameplay)
FF Insider (Mostly gameplay, only goes thru Kilika, useful for Rikku & Al Bhed sequence)
Blue Laguna (Mostly FMV)
Moby Games (A few FMV)
Warcry (Utterly random)

Google image searches are also useful. Now and then I still find a good picture (e.g. "blitzball") that I don't on any of the bigger archives.

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Below are ALL the resources I use for icons -- textures, brushes, gradients, etc. Many thanks to these folks!

First I have to give extra special thanks to two icon resource makers who got me started...
[ profile] meleada / (The majority of my masks/borders are hers)
bruno's honeypot / (Sadly, website no longer exists)

Here's my favorite sources for FFX screencaps:
Blue Laguna Cutscene Archive
Random Russian Fan Forum

Now here's all the other icon resources I use...

B&W Masks/Frames:
[ profile] creamuts @ [ profile] mutsie_brushes
[ profile] dj43
[ profile] arisubox
[ profile] rough_draft___
[ profile] neke @ [ profile] ecenoci
[ profile] minutes_of_me
[ profile] closeriedelilas
[ profile] mkstarr_icons
[ profile] latexandleather
[ profile] phlourish_icons
[ profile] sanami276 @ [ profile] ownthesunshine
[ profile] david_lucena
[ profile] miss_snoopy25
[ profile] lemonrocket

[ profile] alvalette
[ profile] agent_sniper @ [ profile] rockneziss
[ profile] aysha_aka @ [ profile] chocoaka
[ profile] bleeding_marble
[ profile] fabi7 @ [ profile] rule_my_world
[ profile] colorfilter
[ profile] tove_91
[ profile] pink_raz0r
[ profile] misarte
[ profile] onlyabreath
[ profile] samelthecamel @ [ profile] camelgraphics
[ profile] sixtysixheavens
[ profile] blanca_icons
[ profile] __aznglitter @ [ profile] kiyomizu_icons
[ profile] erniemay
[ profile] damerel_hz_base
[ profile] _iconographer
[ profile] marishna
[ profile] realproof @ [ profile] stormfronticons
[ profile] skybound2
[ profile] unwritten_icons
[ profile] esqaire

Blobs, Lines, Accents, Small Brushes:
[ profile] arisubox
[ profile] contradictz @ [ profile] carbon_paper
[ profile] david_lucena
[ profile] emoico
[ profile] starlit_designs

Colored Textures:
[ profile] cattereia @ [ profile] cynicallyxsweet
[ profile] teh_s0njanator
[ profile] tearjerkericons
[ profile] _iconographer
[ profile] noniq
[ profile] bea_lost @ [ profile] coloured_skies
[ profile] coy_dreamer
[ profile] below_blues
[ profile] bubbles001
[ profile] cdg
[ profile] insanefray
[ profile] starlit_designs
[ profile] erniemay
[ profile] neke @ [ profile] ecenoci
[ profile] sanami276 @ [ profile] ownthesunshine
[ profile] thor_i_lover
[ profile] terempaty
[ profile] webgoddess
[ profile] xxpyrography
[ profile] lookingglassf1
[ profile] autoplay

Colored Patterns:
[ profile] innocent_lexys @ [ profile] infinite_muse
[ profile] meathiel @ [ profile] icons_by_mea
[ profile] white_lilie @ [ profile] paper_art
[ profile] sunako_o
[ profile] cm_colourimetry
[ profile] arisubox
[ profile] astarte59 @ [ profile] fading_coal
[ profile] cdg
[ profile] theoicons
[ profile] offbeat_upbeat
[ profile] marishna
[ profile] rubyna
[ profile] easysoaring
[ profile] hymnah
[ profile] manah / Shatterheart

[ profile] ah_gfx_ahoy
[ profile] amethystia100
[ profile] colorfilter
[ profile] fabi7 @ [ profile] rule_my_world
[ profile] astarte59 @ [ profile] fading_coal
[ profile] erniemay
[ profile] hybridmagic
[ profile] icons_of_isis
[ profile] piemin

[ profile] ennife
[ profile] masquerade_arts
[ profile] amandacus
[ profile] amethystia100
[ profile] vampirereverie @ [ profile] coven_icons
[ profile] justmi
[ profile] weapon_icons
[ profile] durumii

Community where I've discovered the bulk of these...
Resource-Sharing Community (textures, brushes, tutorials): [ profile] icon_extras

And this page is great for stock photos, although I don't use them much for icons:
Where to Get Free Web Graphics

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