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I have been working on Love Her and Despair -- no, really! -- and keep coming across discarded ficbits. Here. All you really need to know, if you haven't read or have forgotten the epic, is that in this alternate universe, Yuna chose the Final Summoning and "the cycle continued."

Words: 300
Summary: Paine and Baralai, then lovers, each realize that the other's heart is taken.
When: ~3 years prior to LHAD
Backstory: Baralai discovers Vegnagun and studies it in secret, trying to learn to control it so that he can keep it out of the wrong hands. He confides in Paine and asks her help.

Discord... )

Words: 500
Summary: Isaaru's backstory for LHAD.

Backstory: All the way back in chapter 2, [personal profile] owlmoose asked me in a reader's comment, "What happened to Mika?" The question unearthed a gaping plot hole. I hastily wrote this out to do some backfilling. It unleashed a bucket o' plot threads that turned LHAD from a half-assed ten-chapter jaunt to a Tolkienian epic. Oops. 

Grand Maester Isaaru's confession... )

Words: 600
Summary: 1000 years after Love Her and Despair, the church publishes a pamphlet to discredit LHAD's story of Isaaru's pilgrimage as apocryphal.
Note: I was going to use these as chapter headers for LHAD. Their real goal was to provide context for a friend who wanted to read LHAD but hadn't played FFX.

Excerpts from Spiran Scripture... )

Word Count: 460
Summary: Gratuitous Auron/Lulu flashback is gratuitous.
Notes: It's not obvious here, but the blue sphere seems to have been an "occupied" sign agreed upon by Besaid's young people hiding midnight exploits from the clergy.

Besaid Temple memories.... )

Okay, I STILL haven't found the piece I was looking for. There's a chunk of a chapter I'm writing now that I first wrote over a year ago. Where'd it go? Why isn't it in my outline? ARGH!
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As you know, I've got a habit of trying to translate all the Spiran inscriptions in FFX. I love me some epigraphy, even if it's just a cipher.

My eye happened to glance upon this Paine poster entitled "Bevelle Underground."

Heeeey, wait a minute.

Written in the pseudo-sanskrit Yevon Script.

Hm. E, yes. L, yes. And the writing says...

Spoilery Spoiler )
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Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 44: "Chrysalis"
Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters:Auron/Lulu, Lucil, Nooj, Paine, Baralai, Wakka, Rikku
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4200
Navigation: Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
Map of Pilgrimage - Links to All Chapters

Our Story So Far: Against all odds, Auron, Isaaru and their allies have not only defeated Sin, but delivered its fayth from Yu Yevon's bonds. And what now? Friends and comrades regroup on Brother's airship.

Chapter 44: Chrysalis )

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Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 40: "Titanomachy"
Final Fantasy X/X-2 Characters: Nooj, Baralai, Gippal, Paine, Auron, Isaaru
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4000
Navigation: Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
Map of Pilgrimage - Links to All Chapters

Our Story So Far: Auron and his allies lure Sin to the uninhabited ruins of Old Guadosalam, hoping that the firepower of an ancient weapon will be sufficient to disable the foe.

Chapter 40: Titanomachy )

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I'm not sure what I think of this one. I blame the prompt. ("Damage" for [ profile] ff_yuri_drabble -- originally posted here)

Title: Anger Management
Fandom:  FFX-2
Pairing:  Lulu/Paine
Prompt: Damage
Rating: R for Random violence and mayhem
Words: 500

Mages and fighters should not spar... )
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Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 36: "Thaw Before the Storm"
Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters: Paine/Nooj, Auron, Isaaru
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3600
Navigation: Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
Map of Pilgrimage - Links to All Chapters

Our Story So Far: Thirteen years after Yuna fell in the Final Summoning, Isaaru's pilgrimage is drawing to an uncertain close. Sin has destroyed most of his aeons, leaving him with no choice but to use Vegnagun, a fearsome weapon from a thousand-year-old war. Meanwhile the victims of Shuyin, a vengeful ghost who forced those he possessed to betray or kill those close to them, must try to move on.

Chapter 36: Thaw Before the Storm )

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