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2007-12-07 10:10 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: Love Her and Despair: Map / ToC

Hallo! My journal is a mess of different kinds of Final Fantasy fandom, including fanfiction, game geeking, recommendations of fanart/fanfic/cosplay, and occasional iconmaking (see tags in sidebar). My labor of love is a novella-length fanfic, for which the rest of this stickypost serves as Table o' Contents:

Love Her and Despair is a dark AU sequel to Final Fantasy X answering the question: "What would have happened if Yuna had chosen the Final Summoning?"

Act I: Menace at Sea Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Act II: Operation Mi'ihenChapter 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Act III: Al Bhed Homecoming  Chapter 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Act IV: Assault on Bevelle  Chapter 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33
Act V: Breaking the Cycle  Chapter 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43
Act VI: The Houses of Healing  Chapter 44 45 46 47 48 49

Note: On map below, itinerary of "Isaaru's Pilgrimage" has clickable links to chapters.

Fanvid Teaser )
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2017-07-20 05:11 pm
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FFRK ALERT - bug gives LOTS of goodies

[personal profile] aurenare reports that DeNa's last maintenance run just introduced a bug so that every single relic you pull with the Volume 2 Relic Draw is 5*s (a rainbow orb).

Some are boring — Shared Diamond Shield letting anyone cast Protect as a SB is of limited utility -- but others (Sentinel's Grimoire, Ramza's Shout relic, Terra's Maduin summoning relic and so on) are very nice.

No telling how long before they fix this bug, so I can't promise it's still in effect, but I just picked up a bunch of nice toys.
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2017-07-02 01:01 am

By the way

 I'm trying to catch them, but if I seem to say words that make no sense, please read them aloud. Chances are high that Siri  transcribed something it thought it heard me say which is usually a homonym or something that sounds similar if one is speaking indistinctly. (Sinus infections do not help!)  Capitalization is also a bit odd, since when I stop to correct something it usually capitalizes when I start recording again. And I cannot see the difference between a comma or a period anymore.

When i'm posting in a hurry and forgot to check, when my eyes are fuzzy or when I'm too tired to fight with the insertion point on mobile, I miss mistakes. I apologize! I'm still a perfectionist when it comes to posted fiction, but when it's just a quick post i'm mostly editing to make sure it's comprehensible rather than mistake free. I'm afraid I've hit the "good enough" stage.
It will be easier if/when dreamwidth finally updates to be more mobile compatible; right now the type font for the post entry box is just below my range of vision, and scroll doesn't work properly so I can only see the first screen of what I'm posting. I reported the latter years ago since it affects accessibility to the site on standard iOS, but they never fixed it.

It's such a big mental Leap learning to compose orally rather than by typing. It really does use a different part of the brain. Maybe I will become a better speaker in person if I keep practicing. As it is I'm already reaching for the dictation button every time I post. Someday, I'm going to have to get a new computer; I know modern OS X has voice dictation button just like iOS does.

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2017-06-22 10:32 pm

Note to self: discourse lemmings

Tumblr is such a dumpster fire, but sometimes reblogging can be useful for purposes of finding things later.

Anyway, [personal profile] sarasa_cat  was discussing several problems with Tumblr, including the tendency for misinterpretation, wank or tangents to set off a long reblog chain, partially or wholly unrelated to the original post, and often removed from its context. And by the time the OP can reply to the initial wank and correct any misunderstandings, it's too late: the Discourse has taken on a life of its own.

I described those participating in such a thread as "discourse lemmings." (I was thinking especially of those who react to the posts at the bottom of the reblog chain rather than to the OP.)

A term I'd already forgotten, and it might come in handy, so, there. Free to use.

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2016-12-06 06:16 pm
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Okay things I've learned about FFRK

So I'm not spamming [personal profile] lassarina's  post any more. 

There's two resources that don't renew quickly and are needed a LOT: Stamina and Mythril. Obviously, they want you to pay real money for these, and obviously, we don't wanna. So here's how I avoid doing so.

Nerdy FFRK stuff by someone who came late to the game... )
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2016-11-02 12:33 am
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Writing Update

 Wow, totally forgot to post my [community profile] getyourwordsout  update here last month. I've been in a tailspin since the summer with health problems, family drama, and election stress driving me to "squirrel" with comfort activities -- mostly iOS gaming. 

So I'm behind. 

September Wordcount: 53,023 on the year (creative only) 
  • Creative: 7005 new, mostly good progress made on High Hierophant, a poem for my grandmother's memorial service and a oneshot character study of Nyssa in her post-TARDIS life. 
  • Audio Play Reviews: just 2 audio reviews, 1161 words.
  • No gameblogging.
I had just about caught up at that point, but in October I've been so depressed and dealing with enough pain (plantar fasciitis and back and neck pain plus elbow pain when I write) plus eye problems that I haven't gotten much of anything done.

still, some progress.

October Wordcount: 55133 on the year (creative)

  • Creative: 2110 work on Hierophant
  • Audio reviews : 1618 words for 3 reviews
  • No gameblogging.
I'm going on a trip for two weeks in November, so it's unlikely I'll meet my GYWO totals for the year. I just want to get back to that novella and get another chapter up. Election is really wearing on me; IF ... if.... IF we throw out the biggest part of the nightmare, I may feel less numb.  

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2016-10-30 08:37 pm

Cards Against Final Fantasy

A few weeks ago I created a PG-rated Cards Against Final Fantasy deck for [personal profile] mintywolf 's birthday.

We've played it a couple times so far on weekends. It tends to be fairly impromptu, with one of us posting a "T-30 minutes" announcement on Tumblr.

If you can round up some friends, here's instructions on how to use this deck to play a few rounds online. Also, more screencaps:

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2016-10-29 07:45 pm

If anyone's about Saturday eve

Mintywolf just talked me into Cards Against Final Fantasy . Starting around 7:45 PST.
password "chocobo"

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2016-10-17 05:49 pm
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I've set up the game room for tonight here:

pick a username that will appear in chat, and then you'll need the password: moogle

Come on in if you'd like to test out a silly Final Fantasy card game!

ETA: We're all done. Here's screencaps of the best rounds; click them for full-sized. :)

We'll play again sometime.

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2016-10-16 10:48 pm
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Cards Against Final Fantasy

The official cards in CAH tend to be ghastly and offensive, but the game concept is sound.

With contributions from Mintywolf, I've created a large Final Fantasy themed deck. I've also created a smaller "mundane" deck because sometimes mixing fandom and real life can be entertaining. Both are PG, about the same rating as Final Fantasy games: no sex, no swear words, no offensive humor-at-the-expense-of-marginalized-groups jokes.

We tried to beta test them Saturday, but the third-party server that hosts custom games was overloaded with too many players and kept timing out.

So we're going to try again Monday afternoon. Not quite sure of the time yet, but I'll try to post a half hour warning here and elsewhere before I post the link to the room.

More suggestions for cards welcome. I don't suppose there's a limit, although I haven't checked.
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2016-06-04 10:07 pm

Let's Play Revenant Wings (13) - Ch. 6 - Fran Is Whelmed

Last time on Let's Play Revenant Wings, we scurried around playing sidequests in the shattered remnants of the Skysea. Now, at last, it's time to catch up with the leading man and his long-suffering copilot!

Foulmouthed Moogle: Kupo-po-po! Kupo KUPO! And your chocobo, too!

That's it. That's the game. But just in case you want to read on...


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2016-06-01 03:29 pm

Writing Update

I'm sticking stubbornly to my self-imposed rule that my [community profile] getyourwordsout word count only includes creative work, even though I'm writing a ton of stuff which is not creative.

So. For the first part of the month, I was writing a lot of Let's Play, in which I've gotten bogged down now. Later I had a rash of writing reviews.

May Wordcount: 23,412
  • Creative: 1903 for somewhat-stalled novella + outline for short story contest*
  • Reviews: 10,273 words for 16 reviews (new record!)
  • Let's Play: 11,276 words for Let's Play Revenant Wings (which I need to get back to; I seem to be able to juggle two big projects at a time)
My creative wordcount for the year is 30,278. My total word count (creative writing plus audio reviews and Let's Play posts, which in theory are monetized although in practice neither blog earns much) clocks in at 122,180 so far, and that doesn't include informal fandom posts on Tumblr or DW. 

The novella was stalled for the first 3 weeks of May, but now I've been putting the finishing touches on Act One and the all-important breakpoint when status quo established in Act One explodes, heroes are catapulted into the plot whether they like it or not, and nothing will ever be the same. I'm editing as I go, so I wrote considerably more words than that word count reflects.

*Big Finish is holding a classic Who short story contest this month. The prize is getting your story picked up by its Short Trips audio series, performed by the appropriate classic Doctor Who actor (assuming they're available, but most are willing to read/act a half hour story.) Short Trips are $3 half-hour audiobooks, separate from the full cast, full-sound-effects radio plays. My mind immediately went blank when I saw the contest announcement. I am terrible at writing to spec. 

But I want to do something with the Nyssa and Tegan, the only TARDIS team in all of Doctor Who when the companions were two women BFFs.

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2016-05-14 07:04 pm

Let's Play Revenant Wings (12) - Ch. 6 Sidequests: Turtle Soup

Last time on Let's Play Revenant Wings, we crashed on a paradise island and tripped over a love triangle. Freedom regained, we head straight for the Strahl...

The strahl tucked under a cliff at the edge of an island

...conveniently moored beneath the one sky island we haven't yet visited.

However, along the way, we discover the Skysea wasn't vaporized but scattered like Jenga blocks. These fragments offer a wide array of optional missions for a limited time only, with Espers standing by to take our calls.


Note: I've already posted the next bit if you wanna skip to Actual Plot, but I'll be tweaking that post a bit more to Make It Funnier.
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2016-05-03 07:59 pm

Let's Play Revenant Wings (11): Love Triangle Goes Ping

Last time on Let's Play Revenant Wings, Clan Potholder crashed on a beautiful paradise island. Then the game decided to make up for lack of character development by foisting a half-hearted love triangle on us.

Which caused me to run to the hills and waste a lot of time grinding. But it turns out we won't have to suffer this tedious trope for too long (spoiler), so bear with me as I bear with it.

Battlefield Start
(This screencap is apropos of nothing, except I love the flying jumbo shrimp of doom)


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2016-05-01 12:12 pm

April Writing Update (Happy May Day!)

I continue to be inspired by [community profile] getyourwordsout, even though technically I wrote only one tiny snippet of fic that qualifies for my official creative writing tally.

April Wordcount 521 (35,608 total)
  • Creative: 521 for one flashfic (classic Who, Five/Nyssa fluff)
  • Reviews: 5979 for seven reviews (goal for year: 100 reviews; 37 written so far)
  • Let's Play: A whopping 29,108 for seven entries, not including three nearly-ready drafts.
I'm tempted to start counting my reviews and LP towards GYWO, but I must resist: I signed up to help inspire me towards a creative writing project, so that doesn't count, even though this is a lot of words!

But I feel good about those LP posts, so I'm not gonna beat myself up over it. I just need to finish it and get back to what I was doing!

Oh, and while I'm at it, April fanart. All done in 15-30 minutes.

All Doctor Who, sorry. )
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2016-04-28 10:53 am

Let's Play Revenant Wings (10) - Vaan Loses It

In our last Let's Play Revenant Wings, I predicted we'd fail to save another hugely significant crystal from the Judge of Wings. Boy, was I wrong. It was an island approximately the size of Australia that bit the dust. Also, tomboy and all-around go-getter Filo was put in her place with a well-timed Damsel in Distress mission.

Now that that's out of the way, Clan Potholder can get on with the business of trying and failing to save the world. Go us!

Exhibit A:



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2016-04-24 01:27 pm

Let's Play Revenant Wings (9): There Goes the Neighborhood

Last time on Let's Play Revenant Wings, we took a break from our vitally important mission to enjoy canoodling canoeing around the Skysea, catching some rays at Port Marilith, and participating in Rikken's scavenger hunt. There's always time for sidequests before saving the world, after all.

Then the party wearied of Penelo's reminders that we had a job to do. So now we're back on the Path of Plot Advancement, chasing after rumors of the Judge of Wings.


Bahamut: “Thought you’d seen the last of me!” 


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2016-04-22 06:17 pm

Let's Play Revenant Wings (8): Have Folding Canoe, Will Travel

Last time on Let’s Play Revenant Wings, we caught up with Ba’Gamnan’s old pals, explored our newly-remodeled airship, crafted custom weapons with ridiculous names, and stopped dastardly sky pirates from exploiting and robbing the aegyl. While engaging in some of the same behavior ourselves. Oopsie.

And now it’s time to visit the Skysea on a new and exciting island!

auronlu: Maria, Guy and Minwu fleeing at end of battle, apparently after looting Firion's corpse. "You obtained 36 gil!" (ffii)
2016-04-15 07:35 pm

Let's Play Revenant Wings (7): Backstabbing Bangaa

Last time on Let's Play Revenant Wings, Clan Vaanity continued the hallowed Final Fantasy tradition of letting the villain smash the vitally important thing we were supposed to protect. Oh, and Balthier supposedly died next to a Fran-shaped pile of pixels.

Good times.

Unfortunately, after an End of Act One climax, there is often a lull, and boy does this game want to lull us into a false sense of irritability. So I'm afraid this installment only has a brief segment of plot before Tomaj hijacks the story for airship remodeling and sidequests. I'll warn you when we get there, in case you want to skip ahead. (On the other hand, you'll miss out on what happens when I'm given the power to name custom weapons... see example below).

(On with the playthrough!)

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2016-04-11 05:17 pm

Let's Play Revenant Wings - Ch 3 Finale - Yep, we still suck!

Last time on Let's Play Revenant Wings, Clan Vaanity engaged in a few dubious sidequests that should have earned us the moniker Clan Hypocrisy, and I'm still waiting for an NPC to call us out.

Fane of Tehp Qul on Worldmap

But now it's time to catch up on the Path of Plot Advancement, where major speed bumps await. So let's hurry over to that flag at the Fane of Tehp Qul and get this angst on the road.

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2016-04-04 07:47 pm

Revenant Wings Recap Cont'd: A Study in Sky Pirate Morality

Last time, Clan Vaanity backed up their claims to be "good" sky pirates with an act of selfless heroism, taking oodles of arrows and cactus spines to protect four whole aegyls from evil sky pirates. Even Ba'Gamnan took some for the team, thanks to Tomaj's enslavement gadget whose ethics are la la la I can't hear you I have a continent of hapless natives to save!

Llyud says we need to hurry into the Fane of Something Vaguely Egyptian-Sounding to stop more sky pirates from desecrating the auralith (bigass magical crystal) at the heart of sky island #2. However, Tomaj's notice board has been bleeping at us about sidequests that opened up back on sky island #1.

Tomaj's notice board. Mission one says: Bug Hunt. Bugs. Lots of Bugs. They're crawling all over the Bosco Pampa on the Windward Isles. Antlions, by the look of them. Get down there and squash them, Vaan. It's the only way to be sure.

Should we hurry on to the Path of Plot Advancement? Or indulge in Sidequests Before Saving the World? Well, a little bird told me that Revenant Wings sidequests often evaporate before the next chapter. And the current chapter has the ominous name of "What Goes Up..." Look. I wasn't born yesterday. I recognize an RPG Point of No Return when I see it.

Therefore, I'm going back to Zephyr Island one more time to perform pest control and treasure mop-up duty. I'm sure the evil sky pirates will play cribbage or something until we return.