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 Wow, totally forgot to post my [community profile] getyourwordsout  update here last month. I've been in a tailspin since the summer with health problems, family drama, and election stress driving me to "squirrel" with comfort activities -- mostly iOS gaming. 

So I'm behind. 

September Wordcount: 53,023 on the year (creative only) 
  • Creative: 7005 new, mostly good progress made on High Hierophant, a poem for my grandmother's memorial service and a oneshot character study of Nyssa in her post-TARDIS life. 
  • Audio Play Reviews: just 2 audio reviews, 1161 words.
  • No gameblogging.
I had just about caught up at that point, but in October I've been so depressed and dealing with enough pain (plantar fasciitis and back and neck pain plus elbow pain when I write) plus eye problems that I haven't gotten much of anything done.

still, some progress.

October Wordcount: 55133 on the year (creative)

  • Creative: 2110 work on Hierophant
  • Audio reviews : 1618 words for 3 reviews
  • No gameblogging.
I'm going on a trip for two weeks in November, so it's unlikely I'll meet my GYWO totals for the year. I just want to get back to that novella and get another chapter up. Election is really wearing on me; IF ... if.... IF we throw out the biggest part of the nightmare, I may feel less numb.  

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