Feb. 10th, 2019

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Today's agenda includes getting the LHAD chapter up, hopefully with artwork because I had two great ideas for it before the adventure of the lost? cat and my trip to the emergency room completely ate my Friday afternoon and evening. (Yesterday I had social events all day.)

I also need to finish at least one portrait for the doctor who con coming up Thursday, start packing, and tidy up the house which has gotten messy again between baking with one functional arm, turning bathroom into cat quarantine area, and my typical messiness when I'm in a hurry and/or getting migraines with no energy to put things away.

Also there is a special Pokémon go event this weekend, which involves trading and/or sending gifts, and since next weekend I will be at the con during community day and will not have time to catch lots of the critter of the month who can evolve into something great, I want to trade all my garbage stats version of that critter to other people for their garbage versions of the same critter, since stats reroll when they're traded. Which means I need to get out this afternoon to do some Pokémon.

I think my goal to get up to 50km in walking this week is gonna have to go by the wayside, which is a pity, as I was up to 34 by the end of Thursday. (Admittedly a bit of that was driving around the neighborhood or parking lots, since I think it counts when moving under 15kph , but most of it was on foot.)

At any rate, that is too much stuff to get done today. Specially since I feel a migraine coming on.

So another day is going to go by in which I do not get to things that I keep saying "I need to get to that." So here's the "keep remembering this until you have a chance to do it" To Do list:

-Mintywolf's Patreon and Dirty Paws project. For some reason I am terrible about keeping up with Patreon when I am on mobile, and I seem to be on mobile most of the time these days
- Rina has recced some fic, including an FFV fic I should definitely read
- Owlmoose says DW takes markup, and I already forget how to activate it, and I also forget most of the commands, but they are easier than typing/dictating html on ipad (Which works with the HTML editor but not the rich text editor). I need to make myself a cheat sheet in the notes app.
- flipping keep up my doctor who DW.
-flipping keep up with my DW friends page.

PS I use Siri dictation more and more, and I don't always remember to go back and see what bizarre transcription mistakes she's made. Even when I do, my vision is 2040, so I miss things. Therefore, if my sentences start sounding drunk, try reading them aloud and imagining what a computer hears somebody saying with a muddy American accent and a slightly stuffy nose. Apologies, but at least the mistakes may be entertaining.
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Title: Love Her and Despair
Chapter 9: "Memorial Gardens"
Final Fantasy X
Characters: Isaaru, Maroda, Auron, Pacce, Elma, Luzzu
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2850
Summary: Journey to Djose. At the Mushroom Rock Crusader Lodge, Luzzu and Auron discuss an old friend.
Navigation: Previous Chapter | Next Chapter
Map of Pilgrimage - Links to All Chapters

Our Story So Far: Thirteen years after Yuna falls in the Final Summoning, Auron has joined Isaaru on a new pilgrimage. A Cult of Sin has arisen, and some now call Sin the Lady, both destroyer and benefactor. Whatever Sin's nature, she seems to be attacking the temples, and Djose may be the next target.

Three days out from Luca, they were approaching the turnoff to Mushroom Ridge. The Highroad had once been a beaten shelf of dirt exposed to the elements and scoured by the wind, but now berms or seawalls shielded it on the seaward side. Out of sight, leaden waves sighed against the rocks. Ahead, a finger from the cliffs arced down over the road to form a flying buttress. Beyond it, the land was transformed.

It was difficult to make out individual shapes in the growing dusk, but swaying dark fronds draped over the arch in a lush curtain. Nodding white flowers as wide as a woman's hand winked between broad leaves. A profusion of plants carpeted the path below, crushed or snapped by the passing prints of travellers, despite which they seemed to thrive: blue blossoms from Besaid and the coral-pink orchids of Kilika, ivy and hibiscus, lilies and irises, even the glassy trunk of a Macalania sapling with glowing seed-pods in the forks of slender stems.

"Yevon," Isaaru breathed, reining in his chocobo and gazing up at the floral tapestry in wonder. "What enchantment is this?"

"Nobody knows," Elma said. "Good thing it's so remote. Even so, we rescue a few tourists from fiends every month. They forget the danger. Speaking of which, be on your guard. Those vines can hide a full-sized iguion. Nasty buggers— their bite can paralyze. We try to keep the path clear up to the lodge, but the plants grow back fast."

She turned into a narrow cleft in the cliff-face which widened into a ravine. Sentries drew back spears and saluted as they passed.

The path was mostly cleared, but creeping vegetation spilled over the lumps and crags of the cliffs on either side. Sea-fog had collected on rocky shelves and dimples along the edges of the winding track. The larger basins held mats of dark-green pads with pale flowers illuminating the shadowy ravine. Glowing wisps of pyreflies spiraled up from their fragrant blossoms.

"I don't believe it," Isaaru said. "Moon-lilies. I thought they were unique to the Moonflow."

"Well, it rains here fairly often now." Elma spoke in a hushed voice. "Folks say it's Sin's doing. Who knows?"

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