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2017-07-20 05:11 pm
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FFRK ALERT - bug gives LOTS of goodies

[personal profile] aurenare reports that DeNa's last maintenance run just introduced a bug so that every single relic you pull with the Volume 2 Relic Draw is 5*s (a rainbow orb).

Some are boring — Shared Diamond Shield letting anyone cast Protect as a SB is of limited utility -- but others (Sentinel's Grimoire, Ramza's Shout relic, Terra's Maduin summoning relic and so on) are very nice.

No telling how long before they fix this bug, so I can't promise it's still in effect, but I just picked up a bunch of nice toys.
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2016-12-06 06:16 pm
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Okay things I've learned about FFRK

So I'm not spamming [personal profile] lassarina's  post any more. 

There's two resources that don't renew quickly and are needed a LOT: Stamina and Mythril. Obviously, they want you to pay real money for these, and obviously, we don't wanna. So here's how I avoid doing so.

Nerdy FFRK stuff by someone who came late to the game... )