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This is for you.


Of course, it would get old really, really really fast. They should've clipped the video after about 20 seconds. [Except then one would miss the fanfare at the end, as I did until someone pointed it out]
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...but I only just saw it.

fail owned pwned pictures
see more Fail Blog

Not photoshopped. Just a fortuitous paint job + a sliding door. Now, the question is, was it on purpose?
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AMV Recommendation from [ profile] paperclipchains which I wish to pass on to the nerd continuum:

[Please to be moving drinks away from keyboard]

FFVII Advent Children fanvid by Driftroot, Bustin' (I highly recommend clicking link to go to YouTube and watch full-sized HQ version. This is the only Fanvid I've ever seen where I had to re-watch it several times with my finger poised over the pause button.)

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Okay, having been busy elsewhere for several months, I seem to have missed all the memes-- including some "It Suck to Be Me" soundtrack from a show I should probably recognize being used by every fanvidder on the planet.

After a quick skim, I've decided I like this version the best...

"It Sucks To Be FFXII"
By: Hikarinyx6590

P.S. Did you notice I had finally posted a new chapter of Love Her and Despair?
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Web flotsam picked up off my flist.
Very, very, VERY FUNNY.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.


Dec. 29th, 2008 06:28 pm
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FFX Fanart
Title: Snowcobo!
Character: Chocobo
Rating: Very G

It was above freezing today, so the snow was wet enough to stick instead of falling apart in puffs of dry powder. Downside: head eventually fell off. It looks like my Snow Auron beheaded it, since he's staring right at it. (See next entry)

Plus...I've compiled links to all the different games' Chocobo theme music -- as many as I could find, anyway -- for your listening pleasure.


Click for more Chocobo photos )

All the Chocobo Music Soundtracks )
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Final Fantasy X Fanart? posted on [ profile] aulu
Characters: Auron and Lulu
Rating: Very G.


(Fake Cut to More Photos)

I did all of Auron; Mom did most of Lulu and then I added a few details. Note the "chopsticks." Photoshop contrast added to bring out details.

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I already spammed [ profile] capslock_ff with too many Balthier's-VA-being-very-silly videos, so I'm spamming my own LJ.

And this one doesn't allow embedding, but you must see this -- MOVE ALL FLUIDS AWAY FROM KEYBOARD:

Oh wait, here's a different Mashup with the same idea, better video editing. For [ profile] logistika_nyx, with love, particularly the Balthier/Fran moment at the end:


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People have done FFVII:AC and even Doctor Who for Discovery Channel's famous viral video, Boom De Ya Da. But until now, no one had done a...

Final Fantasy X Fanvid: Spira Is Just Awesome

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[ profile] owlmoose posted one LaFontain Tribute. I found an old interview with him that's hilarious:

I treasure the internet: we still can't honor everyone in the world for what they do, but at least now when you hear, "Don LaFontaine passed away..." on the news, you can say, "Who? Oh, HIM!" and celebrate a life.

Here's to you, Mr. Voice!

Edit: Oh, here's the GEICO commercial. Heh. I'd heard it on the radio, but I don't watch TV much so I'd never seen it. So utterly random!

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8 icons: FFX/XII (1), FFIV (1), FFVII:OGC(1), FFVII:AC(5)

A completely random and sordid assortment. Some are leftover submissions from an [ profile] ff_eye_candy contest in which the theme was "Surrealism". Guess which. Others were killing-time-while-watching-my-baseball-team-lose-again.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

The Reno icon is my favorite. When I first watched AC, my gut response to it was, "Wow. Countless years of research, technological innovation, and advancements in the field of CGI have made it possible to animate with convincing realism the act of a child sticking his fingers up somebody else's nose."

Credits for textures: [ profile] cattereia, [ profile] tearjerkericons, [ profile] ah_gfx_ahoy, [ profile] sanami276, [ profile] damerel_hz_base


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Last night, I went into the bathroom to deal with acid reflux, pulled out the Prilosec, and was attacked by an earworm of that creepy-ass music from FFVIII with the pseudo-Latin chant. Only it had gone terribly, gastroenterically* wrong:


Random access memory, I say to you:
No love.
*Yes, I realize Imitrex isn't GI-related.
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Dear Unconscious,

While it was somewhat amusing to wake to the hazy image of Susan looking for a highly visible place to write "Here, Kitty Kitty"in Spiran glyphs on an upper panel of Luca (or Dodger?) Stadium, it was NOT NECESSARY to add Ivanova/Kimahri to my mental list of plot bunnies.

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A while back I posted a few "nitpicky issues are nitpicky" questions about FFX on a forum. One of my questions was how young Lulu managed to get out of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth alive after her summoner died, with only Fire, Thunder, Blizzard and Water spells, hardly sufficient in a place with Black Elements and other nasties.

A poster replied that it was due to the scourge of sequels, starting out at level 1 no matter how powerful you were before.

Which set me off:
FFX Secrets Revealed... )


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It's so much easier to do icons than write when it's hot. I've been good about not wasting air conditioning, but it's been 100 outside for two days and I'm cooked.

SOOooo. I come bearing 27 icons: 12 FFX (3 repeats, sorry; they never made it onto [ profile] ff_press), and 15 silly ones for FFVII -- the latter are also posted on [ profile] lolmogz.

Feel free to take with credit; I'd love a comment if you do!


15 FFVII, 12 FFX icons )
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It was only a matter of time...

[ profile] lolmogz

Stop by and add urz.
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I just saw [ profile] cupcakemonster's post about the anagram generator.

This made me spit on the screen.

Final Fantasy = Anal Taffy Sin

Hmmm. Note that each of these generated a ton of alternates; I just list one.

Tifa Lockhart = A Throat Flick
Cloud Strife = Iced For Lust
Lord Braska = Bars La Dork
Quistis Trepe = Queer Psi Tits
Sephiroth = Hipster Ho
Zell Dincht = Chintz Deli
Bahamut = Tuba Ham
Summoner Yuna = Aneurysm Um No
Kimahri Ronso = Armor His Oink
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Hours of mindless fun.

I recommend as a good place to start.

Alternatively, you could freak out someone you don't like very much by saying, "that's funny, all the text has disappeared from your website."

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