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Wonder City Stories

Recently several of us were lamenting the fact that one can post a fanart on Tumblr and get 5 notes from close friends, and then you post a silly ostrich video or a photo of Carrie Fisher and Warwick Davis, and it goes viral. I grumbled about the sordid world of marketing, and [personal profile] heavenscalyx  asked me for tips about marketing Wonder City Stories, her superhero-genre book with an ensemble cast of LBGTQ+ characters, PoCs, and other types of people whom the comics genre tends to underrepresent.

And I didn't have a good answer. Other than plugging it on my blogs (as I am doing here), I don't know. My marketing game is not that strong. I understand enough to know why some things go viral, but I don't know how to make other things go viral. So I've been wracking my brains ever since.

Some ideas... )
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Okay, so. Rina has just finished Final Fantasy X-2 and posted thoughts about it.

And she quoth:

...Granted, this might be because the thing I want most out of this fandom right now is the Crimson Squad and YRP having fabulous adventures on an airship with side helpings of Rikku/Gippal, Paine/Nooj and Yuna/Baralai (also accepting Paine/Rikku), so if that exists in a way that is good, hook a girl up, mmk?

And I know that stuff is out there. I remember it. I've read it in dribs and drabs over the years. Yet when I review my Final Fantasy X/X-2 recs, I'm not seeing much of that.

Still, I have some pointers, and I hope people who know the fandom better will share more recs in comments.

Owlmoose is the Queen of Final Fantasy X-2 and Nooj/Paine in particular, with a little Baralai/Gippal and Yuna/Baralai on the side, and some Rikku/Gippal in there somewhere.  And since this is my own personal blog I don't feel bad about shilling friends. A lot.

The trouble is, I read most of her amazeballs stuff years ago. There's tons. But these stick in my fuzzy memory.
  • Darkness, Dawn, Gen, Paine POV, 1230 words. Paine's first night aboard the Celsius.
  • Where They Left Off, M, Paine/Nooj, 1500words. Much needed gap-filling convo in which Paine and Nooj have a brief confrontation/convo/angersmooch right before B/N/G deliver their speech at the end.
  • The Cat, M, Paine/Nooj. 4300words. I can't remember exactly why this stuck in my memory except that it was a vivid portrayal of their dynamic
  • Separated, T, Baralai/Yuna one-sided. The final battle from Baralai's perspective.
  • Under the Moon, T, Paine/Rikku, 1400 words. Paine aboard the Celsius (not) dealing with past memories of Nooj. (Nooj/Paine is canon. NOOJ/PAINE IS CANON. Er. Well, it is for us.) 
  • Boundaries, E, Baralai/Yuna with Shuyin/Lenne coloring things, 1400 words.
And then she's done some recent 500-word prompt thingies with a few years' more experience in writing. 

SO. What else. WHERE IS IT. It's odd but I don't recall many well-written Celsius or Crimson Squad things.

So, for example, this isn't Gullwings, but it's good: 
  • Jebus Creiss' The Seeker Files, Barthello/Dona (estranged), T, 22K words, A surprisingly good story from Barthello's POV?! with a lot of the other X-2 cast, set 6 months after FFX-2. Extremely convincing and chewy worldbuilding. 
And in a similar worldbuilding vein, KJ created an excellent bridge story from X to X-2:
  • Aftermath, Beclem-POV, 42000 words, picking up the pieces at the end of X, explaining how Beclem met Nooj and the Youth League began, meta on spheres and sphere hunters.
Oh here's one I'd assume would be good because of the author, but I haven't read it, just spotted it while hunting?
  • The Lost Village, T, by astrangerenters. "When Gippal leads a Machine Faction team to excavate a previously hidden town near Lake Macalania, the Gullwings come along for a little fun and treasure hunting."

Hrm. I could go on but it's useless for me to rec stuff I haven't read; you can hunt, too. So I'm instead going to ask people to post recs in comments to this post. 

I will append some addendums. I haven't specifically covered the Gullwings, but I've written in the X-2 timeframe (or an AU version), pulling out things I like and ignoring the rest. 
  • Firstly a large pile of Lucil/Elma drabbles because prior to FFXIII they were the closest I could find to a canon lesbian couple. Headcanons occur. Also smut. Also crack.
  • An Auron/Lulu badfic, Til Death Do Us Part, T, 13K words, in which I indulged in all! the! clichés!  Swashbuckling and Twue Wuv occurs. It's not my best writing, but I bring it up because I started by trying to imagine what would follow the Gullwings once Paine went off with Nooj, and I wound up with Yuna in charge, Rikku and Tidus as her seconds, in a way that lets Yuna and Rikku be awesome and Tidus not be an ass. 
  • Love Her and Despair - among many other threads, there's Captain Gippal, smuggler distributor of merchandise, and a Paine/Nooj, Baralai/Paine sideplot. 
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I'm afraid I tagged on the heels of [personal profile] vieralynn and discovered Get Your Words Out at the last possible second.

I normally shun NaNo because I don't have self-discipline (or ideas for longer fics) and do have chronic health issues. I avoid gift-work exchanges, because I'm always afraid that I'll fail and let someone down.

However, this year, I have two long-form fics I want to work on, and I have definite plans for them. So perhaps this will help me with motivation, although LHAD has foundered for so many years I don't know if I can ever revive it. But I wish I could.

Dreamwidth or OpenID: Auronlu (although my first project is on my Who fandom blog.) I'm still a little uneasy about linking up my different fandom handles, so I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that project. I'll worry bout that when I have something to post.
Livejournal: auronlu but largely moribund
Tumblr: Auronlu
Pledge: 75K Light
Statement of writing goals: 1. Write High Hierophant from start to finish, post. (Right now it's in the planning stages with about 3200 words of draft.) 2. Write and post 100 reviews on VHSWhovian. (This is one fandom project that's going along tickety-boo.) 3. Work on LHAD, using the plot structuring/organization tools I'm learning via Story Engineering.
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There are rumblings that Yahoo may have to sell its internet businesses, including Tumblr. This may be a bunch of empty hoopla. But it's yet another reminder that fandom sites come and go.

Listen. On a still night, you can hear the ghosts of geocities wailing faintly on the wind.

Meeedeee has a tut on how to backup Tumblr on from a blog you own to a private Wordpress blog. I'm giving the tool a test run on my own website, because I've got oodles of space.

That means importing 4500 posts. I'll let you know how it goes. (Note: setting entries private by default is a must, to avoid posting other people's content without permiss. I'm just trying to archive my own meta and liveblog posts.)

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I've been meaning to set this up for a while, but never got around to it. Now and then I was manually copying Dreamwidth posts over to Tumblr and adding cross-links, but that doesn't show a comment count. IFTTT adds that minor but helpful bit of functionality.

So here's what I did.

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Underwear outside of pants: fashion forward, or fashion disaster?
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[click to enlarge]

Yuna’s pilgrimage is a linear journey across a landscape, but the landscape isn’t static. Unknown to Yuna and friends (apart from perhaps Auron), they’re crossing a gameboard, and the boundaries are being redrawn around them.

[[SPOILERS from here on]] Above, I’ve shown the biggest shift in spheres of influence. Before and after Operation Mi’ihen, the Crusaders are nearly annihilated and lose all authority in the regions where they had been the major power.

As we can tell from piecing together various NPC comments, their downfall was engineered by Maester Kinoc. I believe Maester Seymour was not originally a party to Kinoc’s stratagem, but barged in at the last minute and partially usurped it, as I’ll explain below.

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Welcome back, viewers! Before the break, your intrepid news team braved fiends and Al Bhed to bring you a first exclusive look at the devastation wrought by Operation Mi’ihen! 


Now let’s check out the buzz around Luca, the second greatest city in Spira! What lies in store for our marvelous metropolis now that its Crusader defenders have deserted their posts?

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That’s right, viewers, it’s time to step back from the big story, Lady Yuna’s pilgrimage, and find out what’s going in the rest of Spira! Your intrepid reporter won’t be talking to everybody, of course, just some key eyewitnesses who can give us some insight into current events. —Shaami


This broadcast is sponsored by YEVON!

Here’s today’s chief topics of gossip around the Djose Continent:

  • Operation Mi’ihen aftermath
  • With the Crusaders out of commission, who will protect us?
  • Al Bhed: more trouble than they’re worth?
  • What happened to Isaaru?
  • And now, sport...

[Unless otherwise noted, screencaps from my camera, so apologies for quality.]

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Last time year on my FFX Liveblog, Tidus and friends slogged along the Djose Angst Road commiserating with survivors of Operation Mi’ihen. Condescending yet well-intentioned priests mingled with the walking wounded, dispensing healing and absolution, oblivious to their own Maesters’ subtle stage management of the entire fiasco. 


Sorry, no room in FFX for a Floating Continent... will some floating rocks do? [X]


[Ixion mandala & glyph]

Before we flee into the Temple of SPARKY (as my father named Ixion) to escape rampaging hopper monkeys, let me backtrack and add some thinky thoughts about the Luzzu & Gatta arc...

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Okay, so I’m all caught up to where I left off on my old Let’s Play Final Fantasy X liveblog.

It’s been so long since I posted those that I’d almost forgotten some of the themes I was trying to highlight during my playthrough.

Lemme recap some of these themes. [SPOILERS!]
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I meant to start posting meaningful game discussion here after the new year and have failed miserably.

This is one of those times that I may be dead wrong, and regardless, Tumblr discussion is liable to explode in STUPID WAYS even if by some miracle I'm making sense. So. Let me put this on my own blog where people I trust can set me straight or ignore me because it's not your job to educate me.

MAIN THING: When I first saw the all-male cast of Final Fantasy XV, I didn't just roll my eyes at the dudes. I saw white, white, white. And then I questioned myself, remembering that important discussion about how westerners see anime characters as white, when Japanese see them as Japanese. So I rephrased my initial reaction as, "all-same-ethnic-group" (Japanese?) Am I imposing western liberal values on a different culture? Am I failing to pick up visual cues for a more diverse cast? I am not sure, but I'm wary.

In which I probably make asinine racist comments while struggling with representation of race in FF )
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I have unfinished FFVII and FFX Let's Plays, I haven't gotten to Lightning Returns, I was wasting time playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time, and I've fallen hopelessly behind in Final Fantasy fan discussions and game commentary on [community profile] moogle_university . My FFX novella is languishing with the last five chapters in a messy and forgotten state.

What a PERFECT time to start a new game playthrough! 

Zencribnotes on Tumblr inspired me to try Final Fantasy Dimensions again. It's an iPad/Android native Final Fantasy game that came out in 2010.  When I last tackled it, I couldn't fully appreciate how much it was a homage to the early FFs. Now, by golly, I'm going to play Final Fantasy Nostalgia Bingo, because that's the main virtue of this game. 

Posted on my Let's Play Final Fantasy Blog -->

(but feel free to comment here)

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Moogle_university (aka Rina) has been doing an awesome commentary and playthrough of a few games, including just-finished FFX, and I need to catch up on all your awesome commentary huzzah.

Just a FYI for Minty and others who may still be eyeing this blog from time to time. 
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 So, over the past two days, I've watched the classic Who world of text graffiti wall explode into an incredible outpouring of the entire collective mind of a fandom, often with many different people writing simultaneously, and it was hilarious and awesome and eye-rolling and amazing. Every in-joke is there (often in triplicate.) Every meme. Every point of canon contention and discontinuity. Subfandoms. Amazing ascii art. Drabbles. Shipping discussions. Meta discussions. Discussions of the production team and trivia and mistakes. Vile puns. Jokes. Pranks. Touchy-feely comments about fellow fans. People posting their fandom blog URLs and ages and networking and chitchatting about this and that. Polls. More in-jokes. It's just...
Now, Final Fantasy fandom is a good deal smaller than classic Who fandom — they've got a good 30 years headstart on us, after all. We're all scattered to the winds and busy with real life and work and other things. So I don't expect anything on that scale. But I'd love to see what happens if we put our minds to it. Sort of like capslock_ff in the old days but with meta discussions and everything else thrown in, too.

Are you with me? 

Then enough expository banter; GO TO THE FINALFANTASY WORLD OF TEXT and start posting. Stream of consciousness. Anything Final Fantasy. ANYTHING.

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This is a Final Fantasy blog. But it's also a fandom blog. So, here's something that's been distracting me, in a good way, for the past several months. The entire rough draft is finished (around 30K words), but later parts need more spit and polish before posting.

Doctor Who (Big Finish) Fanfiction, Team Five
—> Read it on AO3

Title: “Master’s Thesis” (Chapter 1 of Fiveish)
Fifth Doctor, older!Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Lasarti, and *cough* Matt Herse
Word Count: 2600
Summary: When Nyssa all but hijacks the TARDIS to return home, she discovers an old enemy taking a sinister interest in her family. Tiptoeing around temporal paradoxes means she can’t let the Doctor find out. It’s a good thing she has a friend like Tegan to rely on.
Continuity: Between Heroes of Sontar and Kiss of Death, but you don’t have to have listened to any Big Finish audio episodes to follow what’s going on here.

(photomanip mimicking the CD cover art used for Doctor Who audio episodes)

This was one of my favorite TARDIS teams back in 1980, except that the writers back then were clueless about how to write stubborn and/or smart women. Poor scriptwriting and sexism are usually NOT a problem in Big Finish studio's Doctor Who radio plays of the past several years, reuniting classic Who actors and giving their characters more development and respect than the TV series did. 
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Me and my bizarre shoulder kink. *hides face* I can't remember what possessed me to let slip this personal foible, but I can't really regret the indiscretion, since Flynn-the-Cat keeps catering to it.

Putting this here for ease of future ogling; thank you!

Back: Nyssa and Romana from classic Doctor Who
Front: Lulu and Fang
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by DippyWerewolf on deviantART I can find it later. (Of course, I can look back on her dA as well).

Thank you so much!

...Rikku, Yuna and Lulu playing with each other's hair. And braids, because braiding hair (or having someone else braid one's hair) is fun and soothing.
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I propose that we make 2014 the year of the Mary Sue. This is the year where women writers take our women-driven fandoms and unapologetically write our own wish-fulfillment fantasies, our idealized, heroic characters, our self-inserts and our ways of escaping from the reality of our less-than-ideal lives. I propose that we take the term Mary Sue and treat it just like the name James Bond: A cool, kickass character that all look upon with adoration or fearful respect, who gets to go do exciting things, meet cool people, look fucking hot and awesome all the time, kick people in the face and go back to the hotel for a drink and a fuck. Because female fans, female fandoms, and female characters shouldn’t have to gain permission to be badasses.

~ skadi-again-again

[personal profile] vieralynn has been writing good stuff about (a) the validity of reclaiming Mary Sue and (b) the way a lot of fandom escapism doesn't speak to her because it tends to suit the tastes of white / straight / anglo-american fans.

Incoherent nattering about my own tastes in Mary Sues )
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I keep poking at Infinity Blade, a silly iOS sword-and-sorcery game which is good graphics and cathartic but mindless, as opposed to the ever-growing To Play list:

  • Gone Home
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Dragon Age I & II
  • Finish Let's Play FFVII-FFIX before...
  • FFX / X2 Remaster
  • Lightning Returns
  • FF Tay, Tactics, Dimensions
  • Try P3 again
  • Katamari Darcy which I keep missing because other stuff
  • Replay and do a let's play of Suikoden 5
  • Check on what Cyan's been working on
  • Let's Play FFXII-FFXIII-LR

Which should take me well into the next decade at the rate I play. Whoa.

Infinity Blade is like the Sidequests Before Saving the World portion of an FF game: FIND / COLLECT / FORGE / DEFEAT ALL THE THINGS.

Or just thwack a stone golem with a rolled-up newspaper, depending on one's mood.

(Yes, that is armor made of cardboard and duct tape.

... it sucks.)

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