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Wakka was very popular in Luca before his retirement! And nobody knows he's alive. I never wrote it out, but in this timeline, Cid came by with the airship and picked up the survivors of the FInal Summoning. That is, Rikku and Wakka, since Auron staggered back to check on the Ronso. Rikku had to do a lot of fast talking to keep Cid from murdering Wakka (who was knocked out, and required nursing-back-to-health). Wakka couldn't face going home with Yuna, Lulu, Kimahri and Chappu gone.

Maester headcanon:

Isaaru: Grand Maester. Unlike Mika, he spent most of his administration travelling around like Emperor Hadrian, checking on different towns and temples personally, which did a lot to repair the church of Yevon's damaged image.

Shelinda: Religious (a job she was far better suited for than Captain of the Guard). Generally stationed in Macalania.

Lucil: Military, replacing Kinoc, but she focuses on the Crusaders instead of the Warrior Monks. Also, what with the big hole in the ground at Guadosalam and the big stretch of nooothing between the Moonflow and Macalania, the Yevon hegemony in this verse is really split into two distinct areas, north and south. So Lucil stays in Luca most of the year and usually communicates to Bevelle by courier.

Baralai: Judicial, replacing Kelk. Also the city administrator of Bevelle, which put him in charge of the warrior monks (with Paine/Juno as a much more plausible Captain of the Guard), gave him access to machina and state secrets, since he's an interesting mix of honorable and devious.
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