Date: 2009-07-09 06:07 pm (UTC)
(First off, I'd like to apologize for not promptly getting back to you after receiving your message. Second, major major kudos for being one of the few left holding up the FFX fandom fort. :D)

I'm terrible at giving good criticism, so I'll keep it short: awesome genfic is awesome. :)

It's hard to write something that everyone can find appeal in; but in this fic, I think you are succeeding. This first chapter is exceedingly well-written, and you've really built another world, an AU Spira with a subtly altered culture to match its alternate history (as opposed to a lot of AU fics where just some situations are changed while the world remains static and seems to resist reflecting these changes). More key indicators that this is a good genfic: I was interested in reading your Isaaru, even though I'm not an "Isaaru fan"; moreover, I'm looking forward to seeing how you write the other FFX characters in this new Spira. Also impressive was how your original characters don't seem out of place (like many do in fanfiction) and are also pleasant to read.

Also ... Auron's (re)appearance was pretty epic. Loved the last line. ;)

Sorry if I haven't made much sense in this review--I have trouble expressing exactly what I think. But know that even from the first few chapters, I can tell this story is a great achievement not only because of what an obvious labor of love it is, but also because of its quality. :) I'll be reading more of this fic in my spare time, trying to catch up on your impressive 29 (!) chapters.
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