Date: 2007-12-15 07:55 pm (UTC)
please forgive any grammar oopsies, this hasn't been touched or beta'd in a looooooong time.

The evening was warm, as was typical in Besaid, but not overwhelmingly stifling. Stars began to peek out from the curtain of dusk that was beginning to take the blue sky. The reddish-yellow sphere of the sun blazed like fire against the mirror of water it sank into on the horizon. Colors of purple and orange hues radiated outward and those who watched the bright orb fall out of sight could not remember a more beautiful sunset in all their memories. Remembrance was all that would come with the darkness falling upon the tiny island.

To savor the essence of the night, all of Besaid came out to enjoy the enticing climate and spend their time with family and friends in the village. The cries and laughter of children filled the night as the final glows of the sun disappeared, only to be replaced with warmth and radiance of the bonfire in the middle of village common. The long shadows of Besaid’s people danced along the walls of the temple, standing silent and cold as the stones of its making. Besaid Temple of Yevon, a pillar of the strength to those who scampered about below, stood prominently above them as a striking silhouette.

Beautiful banners of varying colors and shades adorned the temple’s walls and streamers blew slightly in soft, ocean breeze. The festival was but a few days away and it had become the biggest event on Besaid over the course of three and ten years. It was the day of High Summoner Yuna’s defeat of Sin and all on Besaid would remember it with the festival in her memory. Tales were told as the youngest of the children around the fire asked to hear again about the one who had brought the Calm they had been born into. Like her father, Yuna struggled through many misfortunes and still faced the evil spawn of hellish devilry. Yet, she had been so young to sacrifice so much for others. This forfeit of life had to be held high and worshiped to prove truth and faith could still reign through the most sinful of times.

However, the carefree cheerfulness emanating from Besaid’s inhabitants, along with the safety of the temple nearby, distracted them from what they had worried about returning for some time. The sky above became illuminated as bright as day and many began to wonder what it was that brought this change so suddenly. Holding their hands over their eyes all looked up in wonder to view what it was that brought the sun back so quickly. What once had been curious awe, hastily evolved into panic and fright.

Screams ripped through the quietness of the night as the massive fireball crashed down upon the temple from the heavens. Masses ran from their homes as several more flashes of light rained downward with the spheres of flame that crashed through the roof and walls of the temple, pounding away at it without mercy. The raining ash and blazes continued, now igniting the jungle around them and the huts closest to the temple.
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