Re: This is, as usual, wonderful!

Date: 2009-05-28 07:14 pm (UTC)
ext_79737: (butterflies)
Phew! I'm glad you were able to follow the plot, despite all these extras from X-2.

There's actually a tiny smidgen of Auron in X-2, but if you don't play out this long elaborate mystery sidequest, you'll never get it. There's a sphere recording filling in where Auron was in FFX when Sin dropped everyone off in the desert. Evidently he found Gippal before he caught up with the rest of the party. It's short, but pure Auron: YouTube Recording -- jump to 5:00 to get to the Auron & Gippal scene (

As for one unsent possessing another, I really don't know, any more than I know whether Auron could become a Final Aeon. The only clue I've got is that when Jsycal came out of the Farplane gates in FFX, Auron started swatting at pyreflies and collapsed in obvious pain (he was in back; everyone else was watching Jyscal and apparently didn't notice). But Yuna was sending Jyscal at that point, so he may simply have been fighting the sending. Auron probably has to grit his teeth and hang on with his fingernails every time someone does a sending near him.

I guess in a way, the fayth are like unsent spirits, and Yu Yevon could possess them. So... probably. But canon doesn't explore anything quite that twisted. :)
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