Date: 2008-12-15 05:20 am (UTC)
ext_79737: (emptiness)
Bless you. I'm always warring with wanting you to read, because I so love to see your reaction, with not wanting to be a pest, especially since you have SCHOOL and all! I know you'll read sooner or later. :)

> I forget, do they know he's unsent? If not, I suppose they're about to find out?

Nobody here knows that Auron is unsent. Elma and Maroda have so little experience in that area that it would never cross their minds. Rikku and Isaaru have a little knowledge of unsent through experience or training, but still, there were enough other things going on here, just as when Lord Jyscal appeared, that they might miss the warning signs.

In FFX, there's a few times where Auron gives himself away to us the players, but the party is too distracted by other things happening to notice the telltales. While I like to think Lulu figured it out and just didn't say anything, in canon, Tidus is the only one that explicitly knows before the game's end. Yuna is clearly startled, so if even she is taken by surprise, I'm assuming it wasn't as obvious to the party members as it was to us.

> Lulu and Yuna, trying to go at it alone. So very them. Yuna's been known to wander off on her own like this, and Lulu's determination and intelligence would only encourage her, I suppose.

Lulu also was known to go off on her own in the game. She goes back to the Farplane several times (or at least she's always there if you stop by Guadosalam). Also, of course, Lulu went on the pilgrimage with Lady Ginnem trying to KEEP Yuna from going on pilgrimage-- in fact that was why Chappu signed up as a Crusader; Lulu went off with Ginnem while he was still alive, and he was worried about her.
So Lulu is quite capable of taking risks on her own. For a long time she tried to stop Yuna from doing that, but she says in the game, "Yuna follows her heart." "All we can do is protect her along the way...until the end." So once Yuna's determined to go forward, Lulu would follow. Small wonder she's the one who immediately offers herself for the Final Summoning.

>But oh, Auron. It seems it's getting harder and harder for him to face his past. Brings to mind him slashing the ghost of his younger self on their first tour of Zanarkand. Or had they not made it that far, in this Universe?

No, they hadn't, though it may still have happened in this version. In canon, Auron's slashing of his younger self happened when Yuna's whole party went to the Dome and faced Yunalesca. In this version, only Lulu, Yuna, and Auron made it that far. He may or may not have seen that "echo" of himself in this story. Whether or no, I definitely had that scene in mind when writing this-- it's the one time during the game when you see his composure crack, when confronted with the ghosts of the past, the friends he loved, and his utter impotence to save them.

This is the parallel moment.

You or [ profile] owlmoose remarked at the start of this story that my Auron is surely far more weary and discouraged, after thirteen more years of hanging on by sheer will. What's behind him are TWO failures to break the cycle. As far as this Auron knows, the only force proven to destroy Sin is the Final Summoning (the Al Bhed machina certainly didn't work at Operation Mi'ihen), and Yunalesca is invincible. So for all his convictions that there must be some other way, Lulu's plan failed, and I'm not sure he has enough info to form a better one.
On top of which, Isaaru isn't the summoner Yuna was (especially without his aeons), and Maroda/Pacce are nice guys but a downgrade from Wakka/Tidus/Lulu/Kimahri. That's part of why Auron was so determined to see Wakka and Rikku-- he knows they're tough cookies. But they refuse to help this time.

"This pilgrimage is going nowhere."

If Auron despairs, he's lost. And when he sees Yuna and Lulu on that sphere, going to their deaths just as Braska and Jecht did... ow.

Incidentally, I don't think Auron knew all of what was on the sphere...he found them just before he interrupted Lulu, so he didn't hear most of what they'd said.
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