Re: Another wonderful chapter...

Date: 2008-11-29 02:26 pm (UTC)
ext_79737: (Auron2)
Yep, you got it! Wakka blames Auron for everything that happened at the end of the last pilgrimage -- not entirely fair, since Yuna and Lulu made their own choices, but at several points in the story (the game) Auron pushes Yuna to keep going on the pilgrimage, when he could've discouraged her.

And of course there's the added twist that Wakka's afraid Auron will inspire the kids -- the way he used to inspire Wakka -- and plant some seed of thought that they want to grow up to be legendary heroes... or summoners.

As for Rikku and Cid, if you talk to Wakka right before the final battle with Sin in the game...

Wakka: There's something I want to say before the fight. (Turns to Cid) I...uh...I guess I didn't know anything about the Al Bhed. Didn't know anything. Didn't want to listen to anything. I was a big jerk. So, I...Well, uh... (Half-slumps, half-bows) I'm sorry, ya? Please forgive me.
Cid: Don't let it bother you. Hey, I'm guilty of hating those durn Yevonites, myself! Well... There's a lot of folk in this world--some of 'em good, some of 'em bad. That's all there is to it.
Rikku: I'm feeling all warm inside.

Which is not to say Wakka and Cid wouldn't have a few knock-down shouting matches, because they're both buttheads, but I think they respect each other after that.

Also, if you watch closely in the sequence when the Guado attack Rikku's Home, Rikku turns to Wakka for comfort and he puts his arms around her and says "Rikku!" in a tender, comforting way that I had in mind above when he calls her name. He keeps saying, "Damn those Guado... what are they thinking?"
There's a few scattered interactions between Wakka and Rikku after that where you see him clumsily trying to offer the hand of friendship and make up for his earlier behavior. I think he knows Rikku's right there listening when he apologizes to her father at the end.

Wakka does a ton of growing up over the course of the game.

A lot of Auron/Lulu writers also see Wakka/Rikku as a possibility.
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